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Scientology's Forced Abortions?

This video at Big Hollywood is pretty disturbing:

A St. Petersburg Times investigation found their experiences were not unique. More than a dozen women said the culture in the Sea Org pushed them or women they knew to have abortions, in many cases, abortions they did not want.

Some said colleagues and supervisors pressured them to abort their pregnancies and remain productive workers without the distraction of raising children. Terminating a pregnancy and staying on the job affirmed one’s commitment to the all-important work of saving the planet.
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Tina said...

The point we're missing is that these allegations are just that, allegations. I am all for giving everyone a fair chance to explain themselves. While I am not a scientologist, I do not believe it is fair to make conclusions, while it is not true that the Church of Scientology has abortion as part of their Org policy. Let's give the church a chance to speak out and respond. The church's official response is here - http://bit.ly/9o78pi

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