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School Refuses Pledge of Allegiance

A student in Massachusetts wants the Pledge of Allegiance said in his high school and Weasel Zippers reports that the school refuses and the kid has been called a "Nazi" and "fascist:"

Arlington High School Junior Sean Harrington has made reciting the Pledge of Allegiance the cause of his high school career. Last night, though he brought a dozen supporters to the School Committee Meeting, his request for daily recitation failed to gain School Committee approval with a 3-3 tie.
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Anonymous said...

Massachusetts -- I fear what the lad's CCD class is like.

-- Mack

Anonymous said...

Though Arlington and the surrounding towns are largely liberal, his CCD class probably isn't all that bad. The Arlington MA Catholic parishes, we belong to one, are pretty good places to be as far as Catholic teaching goes ...oddly enough.

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