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Parish Defies Bishop on Gay Pride Parade

You've got to wonder if there will be any consequences to this. Check out Pewsitter's story:

St. Francis Xavier parish in New York City is defying Archbishop Dolan’s request and planning to participate in the “Pride March” scheduled for June 27.

According to informed sources, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, wrote Father Joe Costantino, SJ, the Pastor of St. Francis, to say he would not like to see any group participate in the Pride March under the parish banner. In spite of this directive from the Archbishop the LGBT ministries and their family and friends hand out brochures about the Church of St. Francis Xavier encouraging participation in the event.
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Rick said...

Must be gay himself.

Anonymous said...

he is

John Hetman said...

Father Cosantino is promoting sick, sad and sinful behavior in this most blatant act of disobedience to Archbishop Dolan. When Christ spoke of millstones for those who cause scandals, it is precisely people like Fr. Joe whom He had in mind.

Anonymous said...

I would love to fly into NYC this weekend and march with this parish in the parade. I wish more Roman Catholic parish's would understand Christ's love for ALL persons.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Your comments indicate that you have fallen victim to a common logical fallacy.

Nobody denies that Jesus loves all people. Of course he does.

You seem to be suggesting (wrongly), that, because Jesus loves all people, that means that anybody can do anything they want without consequences. Unconditional love does not mean a free pass for all sinful behavior. We know that Jesus loves thieves, but nobody suggests that it's okay to be a thief just because Jesus loves them. The same thing applies to homosexual behavior. Nobody denies that Jesus loves homosexuals exactly as he does heterosexuals, but that doesn't mean it's okay to engage in homosexual behavior. Think about the issue a little bit using your power of logic and rational thought (the intellect is a wonderful gift God has given us), and you'll see the logical, factual error in your thinking. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Where would Jesus be? He would be eating with tax collectors and sinners. So, I guess he's be marching and inviting God's people to come back to church.

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