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Object to Prosti-tot Culture?

Little girls in skimpy clothes gyrating and we're the ones with the problem? Jenn Q. Public thinks otherwise:

Decked out in flashy burlesque costumes, five dancers mouth sexually suggestive lyrics as they writhe and shimmy across the stage. The audience hoots and hollers as they gyrate to Beyonc's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)."

If you've seen the viral video then you already know: these YouTube sensations are just eight and nine years old.

The sight of a talented youth troupe thrusting their hips in shiny red hot pants prompted many commentators to condemn the parents and teachers involved. But not everyone was on board. In a Salon column last week, an infuriated Ada Calhoun ripped into critics for their "hysteria" and "moral panic" over the YouTube clip. And the icing on her lily white cake of predictability? If you criticize the video, you're a racist.

But let's start with Calhoun's first beef with those of us who find the video disturbing. "Can we stop yelling at young women to put their clothes back on?" she asks.
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Anonymous said...

And what is the Catholic Church teaching our little children when it openly supports adulterous parents in remaining together after their unsuccessful attempt to nullify their VALID marriage was declined by the Roman Rota? And when they were encouraged to do so by Catholic priests? And when the Bishops support it as well?

I do not see how encouraging the destruction of abandoned spouses and valid marriages is any less harmful than this case. Rather they are part of the same problem, but those like myself who point that out are a problem, too.

Being that clergy are involved in what I am speaking of, however, makes it much, much more scandalous and harmful! But it is OK because the Catholic Church says it is OK!

I wonder how Bishop Fisher and Thomes More would have viewed what is practiced today in the Catholic Church on a daily basis, where those of us defending our valid marriages are made the ENEMY........by the Catholic Church itself!

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