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Obama Blames Oil Mess on Tea Partiers

Obama's blaming the oil spill on tea partiers and Republicans. Really. Check this out:

Blame is the name of Obama’s game. Apparently, Obama never heard of fellow Democrat Harry Truman’s saying, “”The Buck Stops Here”…

(Politico) — President Barack Obama said Friday that some members of Congress should share the blame for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
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John Hetman said...

This man is aiming to topple Pee Wee Herman as the biggest jerk of the last half century. He just spews imbecilities and his groupies lap it all up.

Mack Hall said...

John, you should apologize to Pee Wee at once! At once, do you hear!?

Boonton said...

Actually his point is absolutely right. The 2008 campaign wasn't a million years ago. The platform McCain and Palin were running on was 'drill baby drill' and it was working when gas prices were over $4 but then the financial collapse happened and all in the sudden oil dropped like a rock. But since then Palin has been pushing the 'drill baby drill' line hard to the delight of the Tea Partiers even bashing Obama's pre-spill opening of some more drilling as not enough.

But I guess we're not supposed to notice things like that and just pretend the past didn't happen. Oceana is our enemy, it has always been our enemy!

Paul said...

he platform McCain and Palin were running on was 'drill baby drill'

Actually no, it wasn't, the drill baby drill stuff was just the mocking name given to the McCain/Palin energy by Joe Biden. But then again, you're probably one of the brainiacs who thinks Palin actually said that she can see Russia from her house.

Also, Obama was kvetching about the supposed lack of regulatory oversight leading to the drilling disaster, but the reality is that government intrusion in the energy sector is what led to the need for deep sea oil drilling in the first place. But I guess such nuances are a little bit too complicated for someone who just wants to make a cute point.

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