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NYC Middle School: Religion is a Disease

Weasel Zippers has this awful but increasingly typical story:

NYC School Teaching Middle Schoolers Religion is a “Disease”…

But don’t worry, liberal bias in the classroom is just a myth…

(NY Post)- God is dead? At a top Brooklyn middle school, He is.

Just when you thought the separation of church and state was more than an option, like paper or plastic, the matter has been settled at MS 51 in Park Slope. And the lesson falls on the side of atheism.

“RELIGION,” a sheet from English class, handed out to eighth-graders, is provocatively titled. The typewritten paper presents some 20 quotes that can be described as anti-God, coming from philosophers from Kierkegaard to Schopenhauer. Even a “Yiddish proverb.”

“Religion is a disease, but a noble disease,” reads the first quote, attributed to Heraclitus.
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Anonymous said...

Glad that the parents actively fought, and that the fight was recognized by a Dept. of Ed. official. Silence is not an option.

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