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Maggie on the True Presence

You can understand what the True Presence means in your head but not feel it, if you know what I mean. Maggie tells us her journey from misunderstanding what the Eucharist was to understanding but not caring to being blown away. Check it out:

I have mentioned before how naive I used to be regarding the teachings of the Catholic Church. I'm not kidding here, folks. When I was in high school, I believed that the little white circle called communion (the word Eucharist was far from my vocabulary at that point) was a symbol of Jesus. I actually believed that was what the Catholic Church taught.

I wonder how I could have possibly come to that conclusion, because now when I go back to my hometown, the priest (who is the same priest I had in high school) talks frequently about Christ's true presence in communion. How could I have missed that in high school? Sigh... I think I remember how. During the homily my mind would often wander. "I can't wait to go to home to take a nap. I wonder what my boyfriend is doing. I wonder what is for lunch. What outfit should I wear tomorrow? Shoot, I have a quiz I need to study for. I can't wait to take a nap. I can't wait to talk to my boyfriend, it's been 10 hours since I've last talked to him. I can't waaaaaaaaaait to take a nap!" Before I knew it the homily was over and it was time to stand. When we would get in line for communion I thought it was just like any other part of the Mass, like the sign of peace or the offering. No biggie, nothing special.
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