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Jen F. Gets All Melodramatic

Jen F. has a way of nailing those little moments in life and appreciating them. Take a look:

The other day I was out for a jog, and the stunning song Now We Are Free from the Gladiator soundtrack came on my iPod (you can listen to it on Youtube here). I was so moved by the music, I slowed to a walk to focus it.

It was interesting how my perceptions of my neighborhood changed when I watched them with a soundtrack, so to speak. On my way out I'd seen a woman watering the plants in her front yard; I thought nothing of it. Now, on the way back, with the music playing, it seemed so heroic that she was creating something beautiful for God and her family by so carefully tending to her marigolds and daylilies. The entire scene suddenly seemed like something out of a sweeping epic.
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