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Gas Guzzling Hypocrisy

Code Pink, which started out as an anti-war group is now going green. And they're wasting all sorts of gas to prove it. The Blog Prof has the story:

Commie-fest is occurring in Detroit right now, something that Detroit News' Nolan Finley calls the 'leftist cavalcade:' "The forum is a hootenanny of pinkos, environuts, peaceniks, Luddites, old hippies, Robin Hoods and urban hunters and gatherers. In other words, a microcosm of the Obama administration." Code Pink of course is part of the action. Their effort appears focused in part on non-existent global warming. Thus, they traveled to Detroit from hundreds of miles away, including co-founder Medea Benjamin who resides in New York and spends a lot of time in California, to denounce the former GM brand Hummer. They actually buried one.
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