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Chris Christie for President?

I'm not there yet with Christie but lots of people are really really impressed with him and are already talking about a possible presidential run. I think I still have to be convinced he's seriously pro-life and pro-family. Liberty Pundits is (are?) asking why isn't Christie getting the buzz?:

We dig the guv here at LP. And the prognostication, pro and con, about a possible 2012 candidacy is popping all over the place.

Glenn Reynolds says we could do worse (and probably will). Conservative American likes Christie’s blunt, direct talk. Winning attributes of a presidential candidate depend keenly on those of his (or her . . .) predecessor. Blunt, direct talk may not fly in every quadrennial contest, but in 2012, after four very long years of professorial obfuscation and liberal double-speak, the freshness of classic American plain talk might be just what the doctor ordered.
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Anonymous said...

I live in New Jersey and thought this gentleman would be a good choice. He is using the same tactics as the president, as in Saul Alinsky, since he was once a Democrat I believe he could be a wolf in sheep clothing. He is pitting one group against the next and tells what group he intends on coming after next. Most here feel we should have voted in Lonagan instead!

Anonymous said...

I live in NJ too - think he needs more time, though if he continues on his current path I think he'd be ready by 2016. He's cut all of Planned Parenthood's state funding and I believe he blocked their Federal funding (but I could be wrong on that fact so would need to double check). Right now he is in the process of ridding the courts of activist judges and opening up school choice options. He also reallocated "Global Warming" money for more important items - bonus! Is he's using Alinsky tactics? Yes, to weaken the unions - fighting fire with fire. I don't think Steve Lonegan would have been as effective in making change. I think the trick of Christie's effectiveness in NJ is that he DOESN'T focus on the "cultural issues." And he doesn't need to; just moving back to basic conservative principals and starving the Left of money works wonders!!! This could work at a national level.

Anonymous said...

I am the first poster. As a Catholic I am not a conservative or liberal I am a Roman Catholic and we should never take the human person out of the mix. We can never use Alinsky tactics as ends do not justify the means. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. He has done some good things yes, with his potty mouth and treating people as though they were not important I take issue. Most here are very unhappy with him. We talk about getting behind Loagan next time.

Anonymous said...

Robin, you've spelled Steve Lonegan's name incorrectly twice now - interesting - I'm sure he still appreciates your support though.

Unlike obama, Governor Chris Christie has never used foul language in public or given anyone the finger - perhaps he is not presidential material. We can never use Alinsky tactics... what? That's like saying we can never use bullets in a war. The NJEA is nothing but a greedy power hungry thug which serves neither the teachers nor the children of NJ. Christie is doing a great job making the citizens (and teachers) of NJ aware of that fact. As a Catholic, pro-life, state worker I support what Christie is doing.

Anonymous said...

This is why I don't post much sorry I spelled a name wrong! Check out You tube, but to me the Governor saying pissed in public is a potty mouth, I am sorry but as a Catholic I can't treat others the way Chris Christie
does. Oh you are a state worker wait until he gets to your group, he already told the road department they are next. Oh and by the way don't complain about the President's tactics if you think they are okay from another side!

David L Alexander said...

My, my, but our imaginations are active with this one.

Christie is not running for president anytime soon. He's still a young man, and he's the type who won't leave the job until he's finished, unlike some other very popular governors we all salivate over.

Meanwhile, a guy is resolute in his convictions, and doesn't care who knows it, and we attribute that to him reading "Rules for Radicals" when he thinks no one's looking? Get a grip! And enough of the potty mouth issues. He's not running for bishop, and besides, I didn't hear any righteous indignation when a certain very popular blogger introduced the term "bats**t crazy" to the Catholic blogosphere. Hell, even I don't use that term, and I could make a sailor blush.

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