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Bp. Trautman Speaks Very Slowly

Bishop Trautman speak very slowly so that us dunces will understand. Latin bad. English better, bad English even better.

I was leading a group discussion on the merits of the renewed liturgy of Vatican II when John, a middle-aged businessman, commented, “I can’t imagine my life without the liturgy; it strengthens me each week—but I never understood the Mass until we had it in English.”

Some in the group said the liturgy was why they became Catholic; others said the liturgy was why they stayed in the church. All of these individuals had experienced the power of the liturgy to transform lives. That liturgy is about to undergo a face-lift with a new translation of the texts for the Mass.

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John Hetman said...

His Excellency should have this condition of his looked after asap. It's disturbing to see a man so obsessed with promoting cheapened, irreverent language.

Paul said...

Well, take heart. He's in a distinct minority amongst people who care about the issue.

...Oh, and he's also wrong!


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