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Bible Belt Would Be Better Without God

A Christian writer at On Faith thinks the Bible Belt would be so much better without all that God stuff or something. Newsbusters has the story:

It seems when John Lennon sang "Imagine" (aka. The Worst Song of All Time) he was talking about ... Denmark. That must be the point of a curious piece on The Washington Post's ever-more ironically named "On Faith" blog.

In an article titled "One nation Under God and a lot of stress," Alyce M. McKenzie, professor of homiletics at the Perkins School of Theology, was quite taken with her son's description of life in Copenhagen, where he'd studied for a semester. She furnished a laundry list of admirable aspects of Danish society - mostly the usual stuff American liberals cite to illustrate Europe's superiority:
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Jimbo said...

Oh the Danes and their perfect world! Kobehavn, Tivoli...everyone gorgeous...it's pretty much Oz. But then again, ignorance IS bliss!

The author of the (original) article is correct in one respect. Most Danes seem hardly to have a care in the world (other than their oppressive taxes which they NEVER stop talking about).

Yes, they are happy UNTIL God is brought up. In that way, the author is correct; that God "makes" them unhappy. But this is true only because human beings separated from God (as many of them are), are living an unnatural life. There is a void and a deep longing that can be mostly suppressed by the world. "God talk" just churns that up and then...they have problems. I'm reminded of the line from the movie the Matrix. For them, thinking about "God-stuff" becomes, "...Like a splinter in your mind..." As Francis Thomson's described, God pursues us as the "Hound of Heaven" whether we want it or not. And, sometimes we don't want it.

I lived in Denmark and dated a die-hard Danish anit-theist who very nearly converted to Catholicism. The toughest day in her life was after she and I discussed a philosophy class she'd had. 5 hours later, her world started to shatter as she realized that it was ILLOGICAL to not believe in God. Some years later, she experienced a very special and personal gift from God in a Cathedral after making her first sincere prayer. The experience was joyful and overwhelming but it also left her completely miserable. Why? Because in that moment, she was shocked and utterly enthralled to suddenly FEEL God's love for her, she knew it was real. But, she knew it meant she had to change her WHOLE life! He didn't change it for her. He still wanted her to come to Him. Yes. That's tough stuff when you live in Oz. (Okay-except for the flying monkey's.)

We don't believe because it is easy to believe, or follow because it easy to follow. We believe because it is the Truth. We follow because He is the Truth.

Who was more stressed out? Noah and his family as they tried to hurry up and get that Ark done? Or the happy people frolicking around them singing the Smurf theme song?

As "Fernando" would say, "It is better to look good than to feel good." Well, sometimes it is better to be RIGHT than to feel good.

And...we are. And, maybe we don't. Tough!

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