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What Parent Would Allow This?

Wow. LarryD is a lot nicer than I would be about this video of nine year old girls dancing. So instead of saying things myself I'm going to let LarryD take over.

Having two sons, I'm grateful I never had to deal with any of this. The only things missing were some poles. Incredible.
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LarryD said...

Thanks for the link, Matthew.

I'm really interested in hearing what you would say...

matthew archbold said...

There would've been a lot of cursing and randon accusations at the children's parents, the dance teachers, the bus driver who took them there, the outfit makers, anyone who attended and didn't throw rotten fruit at the teachers.

That was my initial reaction.

LarryD said...

That's kinda what I thought.

I think the name of the dance school is the Jenna Jameson Center For Degenerate Dancing.

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