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What the Lost Hiker Learned

Great find by Patterico. Read it for the last line especially.

Last week I posted on a Houston woman who lost all her limbs to a ravaging infection but neither she nor her husband doubted her will to live. This week’s inspiring story details an Austin hiker and nature-lover’s will to survive after he became lost in the Big Bend:

“Merritt Myers spent two days eating cactus and praying for rescue.
On the canyon floor, the 33-year-old Austinite walks to the far end, hoping to see the river. Instead he finds himself standing atop a sheer 70-foot cliff. He scrambles back to the ledge he’d just jumped from but finds the canyon walls too slick and steep to climb. His heart pounding, he searches the V-shaped canyon for an exit, a foothold, a less than deadly incline. He finds nothing. He screams in frustration. He is trapped.
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