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Vandals Steal Mojave Cross

Hmmm. The ACLU and a bunch of thugs had the same agenda. Who'd a thunk it? Gateway Pundit has the story:

Horrible. Vandals tore down the 76 year-old Mojave Cross just days after the Supreme Court ruled that the religious symbol could remain atop Sunrise Rock.
On April 28th the Supreme Court ruled against the anti-Christian ACLU when they decided that the Mojave Cross did not have to be taken down.
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Brian said...

Hmmmm. It seems that we don't know the motive of the vandals yet. We don't know whether the vandals had any particular sympathies with the judge who wanted to ban the cross. The people who stole the sign from Auschwitz were, if I recall corretly, irresponsible thieves who wanted to sell it for money. Could it be the same type of people here?




Finally, take a look at some eliminationist rhetoric right there in the comments.

"If caught, put the vandals in a muddy rat infested trench in the middle of France, shower them with machine gun bullets, mortars and mustard gas. If they survive the first ten minutes, interview them on MSNBC, then throw them back in the trench for two years."

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