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An "Up!" Themed Engagement Shoot

This isn't your typical CMR link. It's kind of girlie so I'll blame Pat for this one. But the first five minutes of the Pixar movie "Up!" are so great that I'll overlook the fact that I'm sending you to pictures of an engagement photo shoot. Check it out at Betty Beguiles' blog. It's really well done. I won't tell anyone.

Am I the only married gal that occasionally dreams of the wedding I would plan if I had it to do all over again?

It's not that I would change a single thing about the wedding I already had, it's just that I might like to have another wedding (to the same boy, of course) so that I could use all the ideas I've collected since my special day back in 2001. I guess that's not really allowed, though, is it? What a shame... ;)

Anyway, I happen to have stumbled upon one such inspiring idea just this afternoon. First things first, though. You have seen the Pixar movie, Up, haven't you? If not, you simply MUST watch this:
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Betty Beguiles said...

Aw, I like to see you getting in touch with your feminine side, Matthew (er, Pat). ;)

Thanks for the link! :)

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