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Salvation as Govt. Entitlement

Moonbattery highlights a little hypocrisy among liberal Christians:

If liberals have their way, Christianity will be ushered into oblivion by a leftist fifth column opposed to its fundamental precepts. Rowan Williams has enthusiastically embraced this role as head of the moribund Church of England. Closer to home, we have Obama's commie "spiritual advisor" Jim Wallis, who at least keeps us amused with the shamelessness of his hypocrisy. Here he is on Stephanie Miller's moonbat radio show, denouncing libertarians as "un-Christian" for not embracing government intrusion, right before declaring that "you can't challenge people's … faith because they disagree with you on a policy option."
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John Hetman said...

These are easy chair Christians and they are many, but pretty harmless to the Faith beyond the damage that they do to the gullibly idealistic. It's kind of Christianity-lite and has certainly infiltrated the Church to no small extent. But it only thrives when the general populace is also pretty comfortable. If the recession deepens, these guys are yesterday's news. Not unlike our forebearers of faith in ancient Israel.

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