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Jen F. Is Indignant

Jen F. is one of the best writers in the Catholic blogosphere. She is always worth a read:

A while back my husband and I were leaving a party at a rural house, and we had to walk in the dark to get to our car. It was a moonless night, and as the glow of the house receded into the background along with the sounds of the party, darkness closed in. Our car was maybe a quarter mile away, but even at that short distance we had trouble finding it. I could sense the dense woods nearby as I stumbled along the gravel drive; some predator could be staring at me right now and I'd never know it. We eventually decided that my husband would go get the car and come back and pick me up. I felt my way over to a tree to lean against while I waited, and he went forward, disappearing into blackness.
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