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Steele "Uncomfortable" with Rand Paul

The leader of the Republican Party sometimes forgets he's the leader of the party and not there just to sell his book or make himself look good. How long are we going to allow him to criticize the party every chance he gets:

The leader of the national Republican Party said Sunday that he is “uncomfortable” with civil rights views held by his party’s Senate hopeful Rand Paul of Kentucky but stopped short of condemning the outspoken candidate.

“I can’t condemn a person’s view,” Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele said on ABC’s “This Week.” “The people of Kentucky will judge whether that’s a view that they would like to send to the Senate.”
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Amy Giglio said...

I can see why Steele would be uncomfortable with Rand Paul's The Civil Rights Act is one reason why Steele is even able to be the chair of the Republican party. The fact is that many Americans disagree with Paul. Maybe I'm dense, but I don't see why Steele would have to defend Paul's remarks at all.

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