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FEMA Asks Christians to Remove Shirts

Jesus did tell us that if someone asks us for our shirt we should give it to them but I don't think this is what He meant. Moonbattery has the story and video:

How else can the Obama regime offend the faithful and drive wedges between Americans? Here's one way:

Angela Lott and Pamela Wedgeworth, who are sisters, told The Associated Press that the FEMA worker videotaping the cleanup on Saturday in the small town of Ebenezer asked them to do on-camera interviews but requested that they change out of their T-shirts because of a Salvation Army logo.

"He said, 'We would like to ask you to change your shirt because we don't want anything faith-based,'" Lott said Tuesday.Lott said she asked him why he didn't want to feature faith groups. "All he said was, 'We've done that hundreds of times,'" Lott said.
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