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Christie Takes on Teacher

Wow. A teacher complained that she wasn't getting paid enough. Christie told her to find another job. Weasel Zippers has the story:

Christie’s getting dangerously close to Superman status. Note: These teachers try and paint him as the bad guy when in fact the Dems have bankrupted the state so he’s forced to take drastic measures…
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federoff9 (better make that 10) said...

I really wouldn't want any of the foul mouthed commentators on this story teaching my children either! How pathetic. Their vocabulary is so limited, I wouldn't doubt they were the products of government schools! Teachers DO deserve respect. Most people DO think of them as babysitters. (I'm a former teacher, my husband is a school administrator)
How many times do we homeschoolers hear "Wow! I could NEVER spend all day with my kids! I'd go CRAZY!" Yet, they expect teachers to spend all day with their crazy children!

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