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Captain America Now Captain England?

Government supported unions are destroying industries and now they even made Captain America move to England. Warner Todd Huston has the story:

California's Democrats have forced the upcoming Captain America movie to be filmed in England. Why would that be, Buckey? Because it's just too expensive to film the movie in California because of the Democrat's punitive taxes.

For Yahoo Movies, Mike Ryan asks a seminal question: Should We Now Call Him 'Captain England'? In his lament, Ryan worries over the U.S. film industry as movies and TV shows flee America, specifically California, for the cheaper production rates of Canada and England.
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Steven Cornett said...

Isn't that a jurisdictional or territorial violation of superhero territory; the reason being that there is a Captain Britain who is the guardian of England in the Marvel Universe.

And no, I am not kidding as Wikipedia indicates

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