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Palin Stalker Blames Palin

Wow. This guy is nuts:

Left-wing, hack writer Joe McGinniss is showing signs of instability. Like a wife beater, he's now blaming Sarah Palin for being alarmed and upset that he -- well known as her literary stalker -- has suddenly appeared as her new next door neighbor.

McGinnis has, wife-beater-like, been quoted by the Washington Post that HE is the one "offended" by Palin's portrayal of HIM.
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Secrets of the Sistine Chapel?

I'm surprised that some albino monks haven't killed everybody who learned the secret. Or maybe they're working on it and we're all in danger. This is a pretty cool story though from Catholic.org:

According to two scholars, the artist Michelangelo hid some secret messages inside his artwork in the Sistine Chapel, far from the eyes of Pope Julius II and countless religious worshipers, historians, and art lovers for centuries -- inside the body of God.
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Salvation as Govt. Entitlement

Moonbattery highlights a little hypocrisy among liberal Christians:

If liberals have their way, Christianity will be ushered into oblivion by a leftist fifth column opposed to its fundamental precepts. Rowan Williams has enthusiastically embraced this role as head of the moribund Church of England. Closer to home, we have Obama's commie "spiritual advisor" Jim Wallis, who at least keeps us amused with the shamelessness of his hypocrisy. Here he is on Stephanie Miller's moonbat radio show, denouncing libertarians as "un-Christian" for not embracing government intrusion, right before declaring that "you can't challenge people's … faith because they disagree with you on a policy option."
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The Sestak Timeline

Director Blue lays out the incriminating events of the Sestak job offer:

The contradictions between Congressman Joe Sestak's account of a job offer and the belated, official White House response are, in a word, stunning. The controversy isn't dying down and it won't be going away. In fact, I suspect it has only just begun.
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Judgementalism Isn't Bad?

Hermeneutic of Continuity thinks sometimes judgement might actually be a good thing.

Judge not, that you may not be judged. For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again. (Matt 7.1-2)
How often do we see this verse quoted in response to Catholic blog posts? Criticise the public actions of a politician or a high-ranking ecclesiastic and you can be sure that someone will say that you should not be "judgmental". Should bloggers cringe in shame at failing to observe the teaching of Our Lord in the Sermon on the Mount? I think we can reasonably take a deeper look at this.
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Is She Smarter Than a 3rd Grader? No.

I've come to accept my stupidity in the face of fractions. Sherry is fighting it. Good for her. Funny stuff.

Yesterday, I couldn't help my 4th grade son resolve a word problem. Now granted, it was on fractions and it was a word problem, but I have to admit, I thought I'd still be something of an asset at least until actual middle school.

My older children long since lapped me in academics. They're doing cool down runs around the track and waving me bravely on as I try to just finish the assignments. They've been very supportive but they don't ask me for help anymore.
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Nothing Apocalyptic About This At All

Catholic Jedi Academy doesn't think this is a coincidence, huh?

OK, I'm trying not to be too apocalyptic here, with all that's going on in Europe and especially Greece, but this is a little freaky. A road in Greece had to be closed down because it was overrun by frogs.
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Fr. Barron and Scott Hahn on Gnosticism

I could listen to these guys all day. They've forgotten more about theology than I'll ever know. Check out this video. Continue reading>>>

This is Lunacy

Now police offiers will not only have to defend shootings (which they should) but now they'll have to defend where they shot them. Soon, you're going to have pols lecturing officers that they should've shot the bad guy in the hand:

Let's see, how could moonbat bureauweenies make the job of police officers even more difficult and deadly, guaranteeing that anyone sensible bails out of the profession at the first opportunity? Here's an idea:

City cops are livid over a legislative proposal that could handcuff the brave officers involved in life-and-death confrontations every day — requiring them to shoot gun-wielding suspects in the arm or leg rather than shoot to kill, The Post has learned.
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Palin Builds a Fence

Another classic Palin story.

Sarah Palin Builds Giant Fence to Protect Her Family From Stalker Journalist…
See, border fences do work…
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We Really Going to Bail Out Unions Now?

It's nice to be a Democrat donor, huh?

Had enough massive federal bailouts? Our rulers in Washington haven't. Next come the outrageously lavish and clearly unsustainable pension plans unions receive:
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Christie Takes on Teacher

Wow. A teacher complained that she wasn't getting paid enough. Christie told her to find another job. Weasel Zippers has the story:

Christie’s getting dangerously close to Superman status. Note: These teachers try and paint him as the bad guy when in fact the Dems have bankrupted the state so he’s forced to take drastic measures…
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Nun Chases, Catches Thief

Nun on the run. (Come on. How could I not?) Deacon's Bench has the story:

It happened in Pittsburgh:
A nun and local school principal chased down a would-be wallet snatcher Tuesday afternoon, said police.

Channel 11 News has learned that the principal of Sacred Heart School in Shadyside chased after a man who took a mother's wallet outside of the school.

Diocesean officials said the mother left her car running as she went inside the school to pick her son up.
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Arwen on Adding

Arwen talks about the fear of having another child and the fear of never having another child. Great piece:

Did I tell you guys that my sister is pregnant? I can't remember if I did.

Anyway, she is, and about to start her third trimester. Daniel and Matthew's baby sibling is due in mid-August, and I'm rooting for him or her to be born on the 23rd. Branwen would rather the baby come a little early, but I'd love to have my nephew or niece share my birthday.
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Rifqa Bary Diagnosed With Cancer

This is terrible news from American Thinker:

There has been a terrible development in the case of Rifqa Bary, the teenage girl who fled from her home in fear for her life after her devout Muslim father found out she had become a Christian. According to Rifqa, who is now in foster care in Ohio, she has been diagnosed with advanced uterine cancer.
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Media Moves in Next Door to Palin

This is highly creepy and way out of bounds. Check out Hot Air for this story:

Most of the media’s obsessive coverage of her is to her advantage, and she’s plenty shrewd enough to know it. It raises her profile, which sells books and kicks up buzz for her speeches and Fox appearances. And even when the coverage is nasty and unfair, as it often is, it’s something she can take to her supporters as further evidence that they’ll never give “true conservatives” a fair shake.
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Captain America Now Captain England?

Government supported unions are destroying industries and now they even made Captain America move to England. Warner Todd Huston has the story:

California's Democrats have forced the upcoming Captain America movie to be filmed in England. Why would that be, Buckey? Because it's just too expensive to film the movie in California because of the Democrat's punitive taxes.

For Yahoo Movies, Mike Ryan asks a seminal question: Should We Now Call Him 'Captain England'? In his lament, Ryan worries over the U.S. film industry as movies and TV shows flee America, specifically California, for the cheaper production rates of Canada and England.
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WaPoHearts Kumbaya Christians

The Gormogons don't like how a liberal columnist seems to believe that the only good Christian is a liberal Christian:

E.J. Dionne is the Washington Post's gift that keeps on giving. Take a gander at his op-ed column in today's WaPo.

See, Mr. Dionne believes conservative Christians could learn a thing or two about Jesus from being more like -- you guessed it -- liberal Christians. There's so much wrong with Mr. Dionne's logic that it's difficult to know where to begins, so we'll just start at the beginning.
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Soiled by Stains of Elders Or Something

I know. I know. American children are racist. And it's all because we're racist. OK? Got it. But The BlogProf has some questions:

Virtually every picture of Leonard Pitts Jr you can see online have him wearing glasses (appropriately, tinted glasses). After all his columns, it's possible that those glasses are actually racial prisms through which Pitts views the world, and that the problem is not his physical vision but rather what he perceives in it. That is, he sees racism everywhere. No exceptions. Last week, I was very critical of a CNN race 'study' that they painted, and Pitts glommed onto like stink on a skunk, apparently showing a picture of racism (Video: CNN goes into full-bore race-baiting mode).
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Adrienne's a Bit Glass Half Empty Today

Adrienne thinks the country may be past the point of no return. (Psst. I actually think we're so far past it that we can't even see the point of no return from here)

It used to be said that California was the trend setter for the country. Last I checked, Callie was dead flat broke. Florida is in pretty poor shape, and The Blog Prof, expert on all things Michigan, gives us the facts on what's going there (it isn't pretty) Granholm's $billion 21st Century Jobs Fund declared a total bust by the liberal Detroit Free Press.

While chatting with my doctor's wife a few days ago she said, "It's time to think outside the box." No, actually it's time to get rid of your box all together.
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CNN Doesn't Need Facts or Evidence

They ignored John Edward's extramarital affairs for over a year but some bloggers with a violent record says he had sex with a Republican but offers no evidence and it's a story. Newsbusters has the disgusting story.

The press routinely flogged itself in the Bill Clinton years for being too quick to acknowledge when women suggested they'd had affairs or been harassed by Clinton. They would have been extremely slow to relay a cheating allegation with no details or proof. So why are national media outlets repeating an unproven adultery allegation....and against a woman? When the guy has a domestic violence record?
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Yeah, I've Got Your Robot Doomsday Here

Oh a robot that crawls, jumps, climbs...AAND LEARNS!!!!! You know me, I'm not one to predict some kind of robot doomsday. I've only written like 50 posts about it but I get a little freaked when robots learn, especially when they look like giant frog/spiders. Just insert mandibles of death and you've got the groundwork for a robot apocalypse. Check out the vid at Viral Footage:

Fascinating new robot navigates difficult terrain and learns as it goes. Hold me, I'm scared.
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NY Times Columnist/Fascist

NY Times Columnist Tom Friedman fantasizes that America could be China for a day just so Obama could really get things done. You know, because the speed with which Obama is destroying America is just way too slow. Moonbattery has the column's snippets:

New York (Waste of) Times columnist Thomas Friedman was back at it again on "Press the Meat," openly fantasizing about an America that would work so much better as a one-party Communist dictatorship like the People's Republic of China, whose murderous autocrats Friedman considers "reasonably enlightened."
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Cranky Con on The Pill

Cranky Con takes on a libertarian's view of The Pill:

It’s a good thing that the Corner retains its resident libertarian gadfly, Andew Stuttaford. Where else would we get enormously insightful commentary such as this:
The fiftieth anniversary of the contraceptive pill seems to have provoked some grumbling around this fine Corner. I appreciate that some folk have religious objections to contraception. Those objections are what they are. As a practical matter, however, it seems to me that the development of the pill has been an enormous boon
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My Most Favoritest Graduation Evah

As Gateway Pundit says "Good for them" booing that gender studies professor lecturing students about how racist they all are:

Good for them!
Only a horrible liberal hack would lecture Arizona students about perceived “racism” at their commencement.
Unfortunately, for open-border-supporting crackpot Professor Soto, this group of graduates were not the little leftist clones she thought they were…
They booed her selfish agenda-driven speech:
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A Good Story About Notre Dame

This one got to me. I remember when my brother was suffering from cancer he received a call from former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz. It meant so much to my brother and the entire family. So this story had me from the start. The South Bend Tribue has the story:

After the last teardrop fell and the search for normalcy kick-started, perhaps futilely so, the phone call pierced the temporary numbness.

Literally minutes after saying good-bye to their 26-year-old son at Calvary Cemetery in Sioux City, Iowa, Randy and Nancy Barker received yet another in-your-face reminder of just how alive the legacy of their late son, Cole Jacob Barker, truly was.

Cole did eventually succumb glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer on May 5 — if you can call it succumbing. He was given three-to-five months to live by doctors after the persistent headaches Cole suffered in the fall of 2004 were revealed in mid-November of that year to be the result of a tumor in the frontal lobe of his brain.

He was a senior at Notre Dame at the time, but had to drop out of school to undergo surgery.

"When Cole first died, I said I didn't ever want to go back to Notre Dame," Nancy said, her voice crescendoing with emotion, "because when I miss him really bad, I pretend he's there."
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Check This Out

Great moving video at Patrick Madrid's place:

Wouldn't it be great to be back in North Platte for ten minutes?
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Steele "Uncomfortable" with Rand Paul

The leader of the Republican Party sometimes forgets he's the leader of the party and not there just to sell his book or make himself look good. How long are we going to allow him to criticize the party every chance he gets:

The leader of the national Republican Party said Sunday that he is “uncomfortable” with civil rights views held by his party’s Senate hopeful Rand Paul of Kentucky but stopped short of condemning the outspoken candidate.

“I can’t condemn a person’s view,” Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele said on ABC’s “This Week.” “The people of Kentucky will judge whether that’s a view that they would like to send to the Senate.”
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Brilliant! The Arizona Bill Sing Along

You've got to see this video. And did it really say that it was paid for by the Governor?

I wonder if Obama has read it yet?
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Chris Christie Must Have Set a Record Here

The man continues to impress. Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a bill just two minutes after it passed. Newsbusters has the video:

Almost instantaneously, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) vetoed a just-passed tax hike. Thus far Christie has stuck to his conservative guns in a not-so-conservative state.
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Out: Flag Pins. In: Demagogue Bracelets

The Democrats will do anything to keep the borders open and unprotected. Anything:

Capping off a week wherein Democrats in Congress cheered and gave standing ovations to a foreign leader denigrating our country from our own house floor and the head of ICE said he won’t do his job because Arizona is yucky, now comes denigration jewelry!
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Don't Get Cocky, Tea Partiers

A sobering post from Troglopundit.

So I’m reading Milton and Rose Friedman’s “Free to Choose” because it’s one of those books everybody says you should read, and I come across this passage:

The United States remains a predominantly free country – one of the freest major countries in the world. However, in the words of Abraham Lincoln’s famous “House Divided” speech, “A house divided against itself cannot stand…
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Mexican Prez Slams US. Congress Applauds

Disgusting. Lori Ziganto has the story and the disturbing and saddening vid:

Unprecedented, indeed. But, not surprising, given that our own President has done nothing but the same. I’m wondering if Calderon at least read the Arizona bill first, before demonizing an American state. That would actually be unprecedented, amongst our alleged leaders, at least.

President Obama, for once, forewent bowing. Not to worry, though! The Democrats in Congress picked up his slack and went one further. Standing ovations!

For a foreign leader bashing an American state. From our own House floor.
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Immigration Chief Refuses to Enforce Law?

I knew that judges could make up laws but now the federal government can decide which laws it wants to enforce and which it doesn't? This is madness:

ICE Chief Says He May Not Process Illegal Immigrants From Arizona… So now Obama administration officials are going to pick and choose where and what laws are enforced? This is insane…
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The Universe Changed and Nobody Noticed

File this under "very very dangerous."

We have just created the synthetic genome and inserted into cell, where it works. In short, artificial life. To be sure, it's not "making a cell from scratch" since word is that God told the researchers, "Make your own damn proteins, Golgi complexes and mitochondria."
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It was a North Korean Missile

Uh-oh. This story at The Foundry is worrisome:

The South Korean government has concluded that a North Korean torpedo caused the March 26th sinking of a South Korean naval ship, killing 46 sailors. South Korea and the US will now advocate a strong response to North Korean complicity in the sinking of the Cheonan but stop short of advocating a military retaliatory attack. Instead, Seoul will curtail – if not sever – economic engagement with the North, review its military posture, and augment naval forces and sensors along the Northern Limit Line.
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Fr. Z Takes on Angry Priest

This is a great takedown by Fr. Z:

Long-time readers of WDTPRS may remember that we have on at least two other occasions looked at the musing of Fr. Pat Wissman, pastor of St. Catherine Mission in Bolivar, MO in the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau. Fr. Wissman wrote some of the dumbest things I have ever read, as a matter of fact, which you can review here and here.

It seems Fr. Pat has moved beyond dumb to angry and hateful.
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Poor Obama Couldn't Find Oily Birds

Poor Obama couldn't find any oil covered birds to take a picture with. Weasel Zippers has the tale of woe:

I’m shocked Rahm didn’t break out a couple of quarts of 10W-30 and do it himself…

(Independent)- Barack Obama’s media advisers were quite distressed when the President travelled down to the Louisiana coastline last week to make his first on-the-spot statement about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Their distress was caused by what they didn’t discover, rather than what they did. Despite their frantic requests, no photogenic dying oil-covered birds could be found to form a backdrop for the Presidential tirade as he weighed into BP.
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Not Evil, Just Stupid

Monty at Ace of Spades believes that most pols are acting out of stupidity rather than mu-hu-hahahaha kind of evil. I hope he's right. Not sure he is though. I think there's a little mu-hu-hahahaha going on in D.C. I'd like to be wrong:

I think one of the most terrifying moments of my life happened during my childhood when my mother drove me home from my grandmother's house one night. My grandmother watched me during the day while my Mom was at work. One night she was very late coming by to pick me up -- hours late. When she did finally arrive, she was drunk. My grandmother pleaded with her to stay for the night, but she insisted on going home and taking me with her.
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FEMA Asks Christians to Remove Shirts

Jesus did tell us that if someone asks us for our shirt we should give it to them but I don't think this is what He meant. Moonbattery has the story and video:

How else can the Obama regime offend the faithful and drive wedges between Americans? Here's one way:

Angela Lott and Pamela Wedgeworth, who are sisters, told The Associated Press that the FEMA worker videotaping the cleanup on Saturday in the small town of Ebenezer asked them to do on-camera interviews but requested that they change out of their T-shirts because of a Salvation Army logo.

"He said, 'We would like to ask you to change your shirt because we don't want anything faith-based,'" Lott said Tuesday.Lott said she asked him why he didn't want to feature faith groups. "All he said was, 'We've done that hundreds of times,'" Lott said.
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Aussie Pol: Confession Should Be Reported

A Senator in the Australian government wants priests to be forced to revela confessions in certain circumstances. What could go wrong?:

INDEPENDENT senator Nick Xenophon has called on the Catholic Church to remove the sanctity of the confessional for child abuse cases.

The South Australian senator yesterday said it was wrong, in light of complaints that the Archbishop of Adelaide, Phillip Wilson, mishandled and covered up alleged sexual abuse by clergymen in the 1970s and 80s, for the confessional to be exempt from mandatory reporting laws.
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Oh It's On. Wesley Smith vs. Peter Singer

Wesley Smith takes on Peter Singer over "robot rights" and human exceptionalism. Absolutely worth a read:

Back in December, Peter Singer and Agata Sagan wrote a piece in the Guardian arguing on behalf of robot rights. I took exception here as SHS, my headline being, “Robots Will Never be People and Should Never Have Rights.” Singer and Sagan have now taken exception to my exception in the humanist magazine, Free Inquiry (no link), with “No Rights for Robots? Never?”
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Gore's Depressing Commencement Speech

Funny vid in a completely unfunny and uninspiring Al Gore-ish way:

The Goracle Gives the Most Depressing Commencement Speech Ever…

Global warming . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah . . . gushing oil . . . blah . . . blah . . . I’m not rich enough . . . blah . . . blah . . . you’re all going to die . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah . . .
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The Other McCain Takes on The Pill

The Other McCain wishes an unhappy birthday to The Pill:

The 50th anniversary of The Pill — oral contraceptives were first marketed in May 1960 — has resulted in a good deal of thoughtless journalism. Gail Collins spins a wondrous myth of The Pill as the pharmaceutical sunshine of a sexual-scientific enlightenment. The Associated Press calls The Pill “America’s favorite birth control method,” which is not true:
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An "Up!" Themed Engagement Shoot

This isn't your typical CMR link. It's kind of girlie so I'll blame Pat for this one. But the first five minutes of the Pixar movie "Up!" are so great that I'll overlook the fact that I'm sending you to pictures of an engagement photo shoot. Check it out at Betty Beguiles' blog. It's really well done. I won't tell anyone.

Am I the only married gal that occasionally dreams of the wedding I would plan if I had it to do all over again?

It's not that I would change a single thing about the wedding I already had, it's just that I might like to have another wedding (to the same boy, of course) so that I could use all the ideas I've collected since my special day back in 2001. I guess that's not really allowed, though, is it? What a shame... ;)

Anyway, I happen to have stumbled upon one such inspiring idea just this afternoon. First things first, though. You have seen the Pixar movie, Up, haven't you? If not, you simply MUST watch this:
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Jen F. Is Indignant

Jen F. is one of the best writers in the Catholic blogosphere. She is always worth a read:

A while back my husband and I were leaving a party at a rural house, and we had to walk in the dark to get to our car. It was a moonless night, and as the glow of the house receded into the background along with the sounds of the party, darkness closed in. Our car was maybe a quarter mile away, but even at that short distance we had trouble finding it. I could sense the dense woods nearby as I stumbled along the gravel drive; some predator could be staring at me right now and I'd never know it. We eventually decided that my husband would go get the car and come back and pick me up. I felt my way over to a tree to lean against while I waited, and he went forward, disappearing into blackness.
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Fear of God

Roman Catholic Cop doesn't believe God changed all that much 40 years ago. We did.:

Last night during night prayers, , I happened on verse that kind of caught my eye. It's from the 111th Psalm and says, "To fear the Lord is the first stage of wisdom; all who do so prove themselves wise." Fearing the Lord? Do we do that anymore? I mean, "fear of the Lord" is SO pre-Vatican II when we seemed to be look at God through the eyes of the Old Testament--vengeful, angry . . . wrathful. Doesn't the Psalter know that this is 2010 and being afraid of God was taken out of the church in the 1960's? Why are we still praying this psalm. Now we see God as some sort of weak hippie, sitting around and singing "Kum-by-ya" and pondering the mysteries of the universe.
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Tea Party 1, Specter 0

Specter says he's the only one who can stand in the way of the Tea Party, according to Weasel Zippers:

As voters considered his fate throughout Pennsylvania, Sen. Arlen Specter warned on Tuesday that without him Democrats may not be able to fend off a tea party “takeover.”

“What you see happening across the country is that the tea party organization has taken over,”Specter said in an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.
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Twelve Espoused to Christ

Beautiful event with pictures at the Catholic Key:

The ancient Latin ceremony bore all the hallmarks of a wedding. There were rings, flowers, vows, even a reception with a wedding cake. Only this wedding had twelve brides and each of them were draped in a funeral pall symbolizing their mystical death to the world and to themselves.

On May 15 at Old St. Patrick’s in Kansas City, twelve sisters of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles made their perpetual profession of vows and were espoused to Jesus Christ.
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Uh-oh. Commencement at Catholic Schools

Cardinal Newman Society has the latest news on commencement speakers at Catholic colleges:

At least nine Catholic colleges and universities in the U.S. have invited spring commencement speakers and/or honorary degree recipients whose public positions and actions are clearly at odds with fundamental Catholic teachings, The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) announced today as part of its annual commencement review.
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You Might Have a Big Family If...

Funny and true post from Eric Sammons on having a big family:

One of the distinct features of many practicing Catholic families is its size. In my Catholic homeschool group, our family – with five children – hovers around the median in regards to family size. But how do you know if you have a “big family?” Here is a guide to help you:

You might have a big family if…

1) You don’t park your van, you dock it.

2) When you go out for a family walk in the neighborhood, you need a traffic cop.

3) Even your parents ask you “are they all yours?”
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Everyone Needs a Smackdown

Amy Giglio thinks she needs a smackdown:

What made you do this? You are flowers who shed no perfume, but stench that makes the whole world reek." St. Catherine of Siena, writing to three Italian cardinals who supported the anti-pope during the Great Western Schism.

Ah, St. Catherine of Siena. I love her. She knew when to let people have it, even the pope.
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How Would China Deal With Illegals?

A great take on this story from Van Helsing:

You've probably heard about Obama's representative Michael Posner apologizing to communist China for the human rights abuse committed by Arizona in passing SB 1070, a very mild attempt to enforce federal immigration law. It makes you wonder how the totalitarian thugs running China would deal with an invasion by millions of Mexicans. Their reaction to the swine flu outbreak last year offers a clue:
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Newborns are Not For Wimps

Rachel has some tips on how to get through the crazy and wonderful newborn months.

Things are a little challenging around my home right now. I mean, in general things are wonderful. But with a six-week-old and an almost-three-year-old, when things are tough, they are really, really tough.

This morning has been one of those challenging kinds of mornings, and it comes on the heels of one of those kinds of weekends. When you get too many chunks of challenging times in a row, it starts to feel relentless. When will things calm down, I ask myself. Will I ever feel “in control” again?
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A Little Obama Irony

Pundette shows off the hypocrisy of the current administration. How long is the media going to accept this?

Obama is ill-equipped to celebrate freedom of the press. And he showed it yesterday at the signing of the Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act.

The president refused to answer questions following the signing ceremony, though, in the spirit of the occasion, he did acknowledge the press's freedom to ask them, tee hee.
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Where's the Coverage of the "Fat Report?"

Melissa Clouthier believes the media is protecting Michelle Obama by not reporting on her "fat report."

Howard Kurtz wonders why the media isn't covering Michelle Obama's fat report when the media love Michelle Obama.

It's because the media loves her that they're staying quiet. Why?

First, it reinforces the whole image of a nanny government poking into every aspect of every person's life. The media knows how this sort of thing plays. They don't want Michelle to be viewed like Chief-Scold-In-Charge (which she is) so they remain mute.
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Senate Candidate Lies about Military Service

Wow. This guy was actually winning the Democrat primary until it was discovered that most of his resume was actually just made up. Gateway Pundit has the story:

Democrat Senate Candidate from Connecticut comes under fire for being complete fraud.
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What the Lost Hiker Learned

Great find by Patterico. Read it for the last line especially.

Last week I posted on a Houston woman who lost all her limbs to a ravaging infection but neither she nor her husband doubted her will to live. This week’s inspiring story details an Austin hiker and nature-lover’s will to survive after he became lost in the Big Bend:

“Merritt Myers spent two days eating cactus and praying for rescue.
On the canyon floor, the 33-year-old Austinite walks to the far end, hoping to see the river. Instead he finds himself standing atop a sheer 70-foot cliff. He scrambles back to the ledge he’d just jumped from but finds the canyon walls too slick and steep to climb. His heart pounding, he searches the V-shaped canyon for an exit, a foothold, a less than deadly incline. He finds nothing. He screams in frustration. He is trapped.
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Horror Story In China

Reader be warned. This story is gruesome. Fr. Z has the details.

AN aborted baby declared dead by doctors in south China’s Guangdong Province cried before he was due to be cremated, but died hours later as doctors refused to treat him. [Wasn’t this the position of Pres. Obama when serving in Illinois and then in the Senate? Wasn’t it his position that babies who survived abortions should be denied any help so that they would die?]

A mortuary worker at Nanhai Funeral Home in Foshan City said the baby cried and scared him as he was about to throw the coffin into a furnace, Information Times reported today.

He opened the box and found the seven-month fetus moving, but apparently choking on some cotton wool in his mouth, the report said.

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Libs Form Fake Tea Party

Politics at its worst. Check this out by Warner Todd Huston:

Every Democrat I know likes to act as if it were the GOP that fights dirty. Of course, every time I ask them for an example they just stare back blankly at me -- I know, it's their normal state, but this question gets particular blankness. On the other hand, I can give reams of evidence of the left doing all it can to win by hook or crook, and it's usually crook. From ACORN, to constant use of the race card, to changing rules in the middle of the game both at a local level as well as a federal level, as well as the leftist's prosaic hypocrisy of double standards, we can all name a dirty trick from the left. Well, as if you needed another one, there is a new dirty trick being perpetrated by the left in the great state of Michigan.

There a Democrat Party group is registering a "new" party that its calling the "Tea Party." Yeah, imagine that! Where do you think they got the idea for the name, eh?
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It's Global Cooling!!! Again.

Climate Depot has the remarks of a geologist who is saying that we should all be worried about global warming:

A prominent U.S. geologist is urging the world to forget about global warming because global cooling has already begun.

Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook's warning came in the form of a new scientific paper he presented to the 4th International Conference on Climate Change in Chicago on May 16, 2010. Dr. Easterbrook is an Emeritus Professor at Western Washington University who has authored eight books and 150 journal publications. Easterbrook's full resume is here.
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Apple Says No to iPorn

I found this interesting at Serviam!

The “which is better” debate between the iPhone and Android is rather heated. And while a techie might not consider a lack of porn applications relevant to the debate, I do and salute it. Inside Catholic shares pieces of a recent interview from Mr. Apple, Steve Jobs.
So where should you go to get naked people on mobile phones? The Android. “Folks who want porn can buy and [sic] Android phone,” says Jobs.
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Sarah Palin at the NRA

Sounds like Sarah felt very comfortable at the NRA. Jim Geraghty has the story:

So which great voice of the American heartland did Sarah Palin draw upon for her speech to the NRA? Abraham Lincoln? Will Rogers? Barry Goldwater?

No, actually . . . Jeff Foxworthy. Really.
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You've Got to be Kidding

This administration must believe American is the worst place in the world. Jay Nordlinger of The Corner has this disturbing story:

We, the United States, have been having human-rights talks with China. Our side is apparently led by Michael Posner, an assistant secretary of state. I will quote from an Associated Press report:
Posner said in addition to talks on freedom of religion and expression, labor rights and rule of law, officials also discussed Chinese complaints about problems with U.S. human rights, which have included crime, poverty, homelessness and racial discrimination.

He said U.S. officials did not whitewash the American record and in fact raised on its [their?] own a new immigration law in Arizona that requires police to ask about a person’s immigration status if there is suspicion the person is in the country illegally.
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An Inadequate God

The Rosy Gardener talks a bit about atheism and humility:

I think it’s pretty natural to wonder – Why would God create a whole garden and say, “Eat fruit from any tree but that one.” The tree has the rather intriguing name of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And really, it’s hard to say that knowing about good and evil is a bad thing. But I’ve realised lately, from both reflection and a fantastic video from Father Barron I’ll link at the bottom, that it’s not about the knowing.

It’s about trying to be a god. Who alone knows all, understands all, encompasses all? Who alone defines what is right and what is not? God alone. And when we reject God, and try to do this for ourselves, we are not rejecting the idea of divinity, but styling ourselves as a god.
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Kim Shares Her Parenting Wisdom

I thought this parenting list by Kim was a good one. Sums up many of my parenting thoughts as well. I especially like #7.:

This week's Quick Takes involve me sharing my Mommy wisdom. Here are seven things I wish I could tell my 31-year-old self, when I embarked on my parenting journey.

~ 1 ~
Don't worry too much about any one phase the kids are going through. Nothing lasts more than three or four months anyway.

~ 2 ~
Less stuff. Really. Especially toys.
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Planned Parenthood's Misleading Numbers

I'm shocked to learn that abortion giant Planned Parenthood may not always be telling the truth. David Schmidt from Live Action has the story:

Planned Parenthood likes to talk about how only 3% of their services are abortion.

A simple example of how they come to this calculation would be Planned Parenthood aborting 3 children and giving out 97 condoms. They would say that out of 100 services, 3 or 3% were abortion when in reality the significance and cost of the 3 abortions is much higher than 3% of their efforts.
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Soldier Who Lost All 4 Limbs is Inspirational

This is an amazing video. Weasel Zippers has the story.

Sooner or later it had to happen – a soldier losing all four limbs and yet surviving. It happened to Brendan Marrocco on Easter Sunday of 2009 in Iraq, when his vehicle tripped a roadside bomb.
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What Parent Would Allow This?

Wow. LarryD is a lot nicer than I would be about this video of nine year old girls dancing. So instead of saying things myself I'm going to let LarryD take over.

Having two sons, I'm grateful I never had to deal with any of this. The only things missing were some poles. Incredible.
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A Tough Pill to Swallow

Jenna Bonner, a med student, begins a series on the health risks asssociated with The Pill:

Have you ever wished that someone would just sift through the mountain of scientific data out there regarding the risks and benefits of oral contraceptive use and just give you the bottom line? HA! Yeah, me too. While I have yet to find the time to pull off that monumental task, I am attempting to use my knowledge base and resources to do some digging and bring you the highlights (or lowlights, as it were).
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Americans More Pro-Life for 2nd Year

Ed Morrissey has the latest numbers which should be very encouraging to pro-lifers:

Last year, Gallup showed that Americans had become more pro-life than pro-choice for the first time in their polls. One year later, Gallup reached the same conclusion of a poll of adults. The pollster tends to reflect more on political polarization as a driver for the trend, but there may be other elements at play:
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Ick! Regular People!

You know, I'm starting to think that the elites aren't all that fond of regular people. Check this out:

Much of the animosity we've witnessed directed at the Tea Party over the last year has come from political and cultural elites who find regular people disturbing, if not downright disgusting. The peasants, according to elites, are prone to temper tantrums and just don't get how things work in the sophisticated political world. That same attitude was on display this last weekend following the primary defeat of Sen. Bob Bennett.
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Pope Benedict to Bishops in Fatima

Father Z has the transcript and adds his own comments:

The Holy Father gave this talk to bishops in Portugal.

When the Holy Father gives talk, it pertains to all of us, in this digital, interconnected age.

When the Holy Father entrusted priests to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart he included all priests.

When the Holy Father addresses some bishops, he is addressing all bishops.
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We Have Kagan's College Thesis

I never had any doubt Kagan was a socialist but Red State has her college thesis which they say proves it:

BREAKING: We Have Elena Kagan’s College Thesis

This proves Elena Kagan is an open and avowed socialist. The woman declares that socialists must stick together instead of fracture in order to advance a socialist agenda, which Kagan advocates.
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Father of 6 too Busy for Congress?

Couldn't you also argue that because he has six children he has even more reason to run for Congress? American Papist has the story on a particularly low political attack:

This political attack is pretty low. Can a Catholic father of six handle the responsibilities of public office?

Ms. Buchanan, who is competing with Keith Rothfus in Pennsylvania-4’s GOP primary next Tuesday, doesn’t think so.
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Dora's Not Potty Trained!!!

Funny story about potty training from Sherry:

This isn't what you think. I haven't plunged into a gnostic or relativistic way of being. I've merely learned what constitutes gospel to a three year old. Like most heretics, I learned by running afoul of her professed orthodoxy. My daughter loves Dora the Explorer and I have promoted and enabled this love via daily showings when I want a few minutes off to make a list and gather my thoughts for the day.
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Cast Your Vote for Mother Teresa

For those keeping score at home Chinese communists=good. Mother Teresa=bad. Our Sunday Visitor has the story:

The owner of the Empire State Building is refusing to light up the famed New York tower with blue and white lights in honor of Blessed Mother Teresa on August 26, the 100th anniversary of her birth, when the U.S. Post Office unveils a stamp commemorating her life. If that doesn't sound that outrageous to you, keep in mind that this is the same building that was bedecked in red and yellow light in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Revolution.
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A Real Housewife of Wisconsin

A great interview by Kathryn Lopez of Rachel Campos-Duffy:

The self-help aisle is generally one I’m not drawn to. Not because I don’t need help; heaven knows I do. But I know there’s no wheel-reinventing to be had. So I’m headed for classics — spiritual and otherwise.

Which is why a book like Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood, by Rachel Campos-Duffy — which will wind up in the self-help section, if we’re lucky — is so welcome. The author is looking to preserve that which many prominent women — and men — ran away from for all too long, and have paid a price for losing. And she is living, breathing credibility: a young, Catholic, Hispanic mother of six. Who — for a pop-culture reality check — was once on MTV’s The Real World (she and her husband met at a Real World reunion, as it happens) and was almost a co-host of The View (she has been a guest co-host).
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This Guy Is Gonna Run Medicare?

Did Dr. Donald Berwick miss a memo? These are the things you talk about in the White House, not in public. Check this out:

Here is Obama's pick for Medicare czar, Dr. Donald Berwick, explaining how the ideal medical system should act. He is speaking to a British audience in 2008 about how wonderful their national health care system is. He applauds them for choosing their system over a "simpler, less ambitious, less troubled plan than the NHS; you could have had the American plan. You could have been spending 17% of your GDP to make health care unaffordable as a human right instead of spending 9% and guaranteeing it as a human right."
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What Would You Cut?

Not sure this will amount to much but hey, I'm just glad this is the conversation right now being started by Eric Cantor. Check out the vid at Adrienne's Catholic Corner and tell Cantor what you'd like to see cut from the federal budget:

Eric Cantor's "You Cut" Site. Will it make a difference?

Probably not, but it's a good way for Americans to begin to grasp the enormity of our problems.
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Confused, Chilling Cold-Blooded Woman

The Anchoress has this chilling video. If you have any doubt what we're up against in Islamic extremism, check this out:

This young woman is confused about many things.

Horowitz: Will you condemn Hamas?

Chilling Young Woman: Would I condemn Hamas?

Horowitz: …as a terrorist organization, a genocidal orga -

CYW: Are you asking me to put myself on a cross?

An interestingly phrased answer that hints at cultural confusion. The Muslim young woman is a Jew-hater who alludes to the possibility of suffering a martyrdom most-identified with by Christians, should she declare her beliefs.
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The "Obligation to Die" Movement

Patrick Madrid worries that the "right to die" is becoming the "obligation to die."

I've been warning about this for years in my lectures on global aging, about how what we currently know as the "right to die movement" is steadily morphing into what soon will be soon be the obligation to die movement, which will increasingly target old people and others whom our sick society deems to have "outlived their usefulness." Authors such as Peter G. Peterson (Gray Dawn) and Ken Dychtwald (Age Wave), Patrick Buchanan (The Death of the West) and Wesley Smith (Forced Exit), have been ringing the alarm bells for years (much louder and more eloquently than I have been, to be sure), though it doesn't seem like many are paying attention to what's coming.
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Co2 Effects on Plants Ain't What U Think

Check out this vid at American Catholic that is surely making wacko environmentalists...even more wacko:

Time Lapse Evidence Shows an Increase in Carbon Dioxide Does Not Harm Vegetation. Atmospheric CO2 is not a pollutant.
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Uh-oh. I Agree With Ahmadinejad

I agree with Ahmadinejad. Ick. I feel like I have to take a shower. Check out Weasel Zippers for the story:

Iranian Madman Ahmadinejad Says UN Sanctions ‘Not Worth a Cent’…The little rodent is absolutely right. The UN is a pathetic joke…
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Pope: Forgiveness Doesn't Replace Justice

Sheila at the Inforum blog has the latest words from Pope Benedict.

Big statement by Pope Benedict, who answered journalists questions on the plane as he traveled to Portugal, a now familiar habit of his on these journeys. They’re spontaneous encounters, Benedict and the press, and always yield interesting thoughts and sound bites. This one had a bunch of them…
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Fr. Filas and the Man on the Shroud

Good Jesuit/Bad Jesuit links to a piece on the coins allegedly over the right eye of the man on the shroud:

One of the most controversial ongoing issues in Shroud research has been what the object (if any) is over the ana­tomical right eye of the Man of the Shroud. If it is a coin, as many have contended, many questions and objections arise: how can it be identified; what is the nature of the formation process; why would a coin be placed over the eyes of a dead Jew; when was it first noticed; what scientific studies have been done; if it is an image of an identifiable coin, what are the implications for better understanding the nature and the mystery of the Shroud?
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Military Medal For ‘Courageous Restraint’?

This administration might really be crazy. Weasel Zippers has this confusing and head-shakeable story:

They want to award our military for not fighting, not protecting themselves, not protecting the lives of their brothers in arms…

A proposal to grant medals for “courageous restraint” to troops in Afghanistan who avoid deadly force at a risk to themselves has generated concern among U.S. soldiers and experts who worry it could embolden enemy fighters and confuse friendly forces.
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Bill Gates Funding Male Contraception

I don't hold out a lot of hope for procedural male contraception actually having any effect on anything in that men will lie and say they've had something done when they actually haven't. Newsflash: Men looking to casually hook up will lie to casually hook up. Mary's Aggies has the story:

The reason why women have contraception and men don't is because men didn't want the side-effects or the responsibility - including the fact that women died while being experimented on. So, male researchers stopped experimenting on men and switched to women.

Now, we are getting new research on male contraceptives and the Gates Foundation is funding research into it, because they think men and the surrounding culture are "ready for it".
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Planned Parenthood's Mother's Day Card

Nothing says "Thanks, Mom" like ponying up some bucks so other mothers can kill their babies. Cassy Fiano has the story:

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, and I’m sure most of you spent it with your mothers or remembering them if they’ve passed. Maybe you gave flowers or chocolates or just spent some time with her. Maybe you gave donations to Planned Parenthood in her honor.

Wait, what?

It’s a little difficult for people who were victims of abortion to purchase their mother a gift for Mother’s Day this weekend. But Planned Parenthood apparently thinks moms want donations made to the abortion business in their name from those lucky enough to not have been aborted themselves.
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For the Left, the Best Belief is Unbelief

The left is pretending to fret that they don't know Elena Kagan just like the right. It's a sham. Melissa Clouthier tells you why:

Last week, I had a thought-provoking discussion with S.E. Cupp about how liberals want to take God out of public discourse. She said something that's had me thinking: "Liberals are not comfortable with fixed value systems."

That discussion got me thinking about Elena Kagan and some complaints from the left about her. They all ring hollow because we all know, at the end of the day, she will be supported pretty much no matter what, by Democrats and leftists.
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Freely Accepted

Death. Life. Our job is to accept it. A very pregnant Mary from the Domestic Apologist thinks on this:

Clear the way! My precious little in-utero child, already ahead (ouch, bad pun) of the game for having his or her head down in the "vertex" position, has taken to using my bladder as a pillow for said noggin, leaving me scrambling (or really walking in a form best described as the eight-month gimpy waddle) for the restroom, yet again. Soon after, I exhale loudly at my work desk, breathing through what feels like a corn cob trying to escape through my belly button. Hello, sweet baby knees.

But like the vast majority of pregnant mothers, I'd assume, I treasure these trivial pains. They make visible (or physical) the once invisible reality of the miracle the Lord worked through my marriage: the creation of new life.
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Blue Families Better Than Red Ones?

Jay Anderson is a little ticked at Ross Douthat. OK. More than a little:

Okay, I'll admit it. Something about Ross Douthat just gets under my skin. So, I don't know if I'm reading his latest NY Times piece with an open mind or not. Probably not.

So, I ask you to please read what he has written and tell me whether I'm justified in being even more ticked off at Douthat than usual:
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Growing Fatherlessness

I think what Gerard Nadal is saying here is that a two parent family isn't optimal. Can you imagine?

A recent Pew Research Center Report on the rise in children being born to single mothers is sobering, to put it mildly. From the report:

Another notable change during this period was the rise in births to unmarried women. In 2008, a record 41% of births in the United States were to unmarried women, up from 28% in 1990. The share of births that are non-marital is highest for black women (72%), followed by Hispanics (53%), whites (29%) and Asians (17%), but the increase over the past two decades has been greatest for whites—the share rose 69%.
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Rise of the Nag-ocracy

Pundette thinks Lucky Charms will only be the first victim. Who's next? Count Chocula?

Michelle Obama and her Task Force on Childhood Obesity recommend that the government, through the FCC, the FTC, the FDA, and the USDA, put pressure on food advertising aimed at children. Because parents, under irresistible pressure from their kids, who are manipulated by irresistible cartoon characters, find it impossible to feed their kids responsibly.


For now it's all voluntary. Michelle Obama's plan is to nag and pressure the entire country into submission:
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Vandals Steal Mojave Cross

Hmmm. The ACLU and a bunch of thugs had the same agenda. Who'd a thunk it? Gateway Pundit has the story:

Horrible. Vandals tore down the 76 year-old Mojave Cross just days after the Supreme Court ruled that the religious symbol could remain atop Sunrise Rock.
On April 28th the Supreme Court ruled against the anti-Christian ACLU when they decided that the Mojave Cross did not have to be taken down.
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May Laity Be Critical of Priests?

Who gets to criticize? Fr. Trigilio answers you?

The Catechism teaches us that scandal is a serious sin

2284 Scandal is an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil. The person who gives scandal becomes his neighbor's tempter. He damages virtue and integrity; he may even draw his brother into spiritual death. Scandal is a grave offense if by deed or omission another is deliberately led into a grave offense.

2285 Scandal takes on a particular gravity by reason of the authority of those who cause it or the weakness of those who are scandalized.
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Biden: Right to Ban Military from Campus

This guy is second in command to be President. Scary. Weasel Zippers has the incriminating vid:

Absolutely unacceptable for the man who is one heartbeat away from being Commander in Chief to defend tossing military recruiters off a college campus…
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Santorum Endorses Fiorina

Rick Santorum at National Review

I am endorsing a fellow conservative who is running for the U.S. Senate in the hotly contested Republican primary race in California.

Carly Fiorina is a solid conservative who has solid pro-life values. She will support and defend Americans’ Second Amendment rights, and she has been outspoken in her opposition to the higher taxes and big-government policies championed by President Obama and his Democratic allies in Washington.

Carly Fiorina has earned significant...

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Gov't Installing Chips to Ensure Recycling

Government installing mandatory chips? What could possibly go wrong? Weasel Zippers has the latest government ovverreach in the name of the environment:

This is a complete waste of time, energy, money.

Big Brother . . . We Are Watching You From The Curb (insert evil laugh here).
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Teacher Bans American Flag

Pretty soon this will be school policy around the country I'm sure. Gateway Pundit has the video:

And, so it begins…

A California teacher banned a student’s US flag picture that she drew for art class.
She said the US flag picture with “God Bless America” written on it was offensive.
The same teacher praised a picture of Obama drawn by a different student in the class.
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Presidential Chemo-Phobia

Large scale experimentation of large swaths of population for some reason...SCARES THE HECK OUT OF ME!!!!!! Check out a recent report:

The newly published President’s Cancer Report puts this quote in bold type:

“I believe it is time for a new human experiment. The old experiment is that we have sprayed pesticides which are inherent poisons . . . throughout our shared environment. They’re in our amniotic fluid . . . They’re in our mothers’ milk. What is the burden of cancer that we can attribute to these poisons in our agricultural system? We won’t really know the answer until we do the other experiment, which is to take the poisons out of our food chain, embrace a different kind of agriculture, and see what happens.” -- Sandra Steingraber, biologist and author of the book Living Downstream: An Ecologist Looks at Cancer and the Environment.”

Unfortunately, Dr. Steingraber’s ignorance of biochemistry and agriculture is breathtaking.
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This Disgusts Me

Nancy Pelosi says its cheaper to treat teens for drug use than to stop drugs at the border. Right Wing News reports:

What would Democrats want with a secure border? The millions of unskilled Third World peasants poring across are the only hope they have of getting elected in the wake of the Obama catastrophe. As for the mountains of drugs being smuggled in, the Speaker of the House says it's cheaper to treat teens for drug addiction than it is to stop the drugs before they get here:
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Don't Mention the War

The Weekly Standard thinks Obama's doing "earmuffs" every time there's talk about Muslim extremism:

On Saturday, May 1, a crude car bomb composed of gasoline canisters, propane tanks, fertilizer, and fireworks failed to detonate in Times Square. A nearby T-shirt salesman saw the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder-turned-bomb start smoking. New Yorkers are reminded endlessly: If you “See Something, Say Something.” The vendor did. New York City police and FBI agents swarmed the vehicle, the bomb was disassembled, and 53 hours later a Pakistani-American man named Faisal Shahzad was in custody.
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Consequences Of Delayed Child-Bearing

Melissa Clouthier writes:

The Washington Post reports some very interesting demographic information: Women are having children older and there are more women over 35 than teenage women having babies. What will this mean?

Here's their guess:
The statistics reflect far-reaching changes for women in society, affecting their decisions on when to marry and start families. The average age for marriage has been rising, as has the share of women who have attended college. Women with more education often delay marriage and childbearing while they complete their schooling and establish careers.
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Disgraceful Leaking

This is a disturbing but of news from The Corner.

As I explained in this post last evening, there seems to have been no good reason to file the arrest complaint against Faisal Shahzad publicly, and to have done so in a way that showed he was cooperating. All that does is alert co-conspirators that they've been compromised and should think about fleeing and destroying evidence.

It turns out that I didn't know the half of it. This comes from an NPR report (and thanks to Greg McNeal for bringing it to my attention):
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Now That'd Be Taking One for the Team

MSNBC suspects that the law enforcement officer who was shot earlier this week by a drug smuggler crossing the border allowed himself to be shot to accrue support for the Arizona bill. Wow. Check out the video at Newsbusters:

On Thursday's 11AM hour on MSNBC, anchor Tamron Hall described "growing controversy" surrounding the recent shooting of an Arizona sheriff's deputy by illegal immigrant drug smugglers and noted how: "The Pinal County sheriff released the 911 tapes the injured deputy made, in response to what he called 'growing speculation' that the shooting was staged."
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51 Best Mark Steyn Quotes

Mark Steyn is a great columnist. John Hawkins, who I'm convinced never sleeps, collected what he considered Steyn's best quotes of last year. Check it out:

Mark Steyn is one of the best columnists in the business and he's also eminently quotable. So, with that in mind, I decided to put together a list of his best quotes from his 2009 columns. Enjoy!
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Apartheid in Ann Arbor?

Wow. The most amazing thing in this story is how the Principal really doesn't get what he did wrong. Why doesn't he get it? Because it made him feel good to do it. Seriously. Moonbattery has the story:

When I was an Undergraduate at the University of Michigan, opposition to racial apartheid was a trendy political cause. Ironically, apartheid is now an official policy of the Ann Arbor public schools. An Ann Arbor Elementary school recently had a field trip that white students were not allowed to participate in.
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Jen F. Wants to Sparkle

Jen F. wants to sparkle. Not like Edward Cullen or anything. In a Catholic way. Go read her if you want it explained.

A few weeks ago I found myself heading into the perfect storm of social awkwardness. I was going to a party hosted by a group of people I hadn't seen in a long time. Last time I checked, none of them were religious, many were atheists, and a few harbored a serious dislike of traditional Christian beliefs. My husband was supposed to go with me but our babysitting fell through, so I was heading out alone.
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CBS Affiliate Threatens Republican

The CBS affiliate in Chicago just threatened not to cover the Senate race unless the Republican candidate stops saying mean things about the Democrat. Big Journalism has the story:

Reporting on politics, “The Chicago Way.”

The Illinois Senate race is shaping up to be a high-profile and influential campaign that will have national implications. Not only because Illinois is the most populated state in the mid-west, but also because the seat up for grabs is President Obama’s former seat. If Republican candidate Rep. Mark Kirk, were to win the seat it would be seen as an enormous PR loss for the White House.
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The Year of the Black Republican?

32 African American Republicans are running for Congress, according to Ordered Liberty. How long until they're accused of not being black enough?

32 African-American Republicans are running for Congress. According to this NY Times article, it's the largest number of black Republicans to run for federal office since Reconstruction: Black Hopefuls Pick This Year in G.O.P. Races.

This is a very good trend and I hope it holds up.
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Another Dem Bites the Dust

Awww. Another senior Democrat is too scared to run for reelection after voting for Obamacare.

And yet another Democrat, who threw himself on the proverbial grenade by voting for the health care bill, drops out. David Obey (D-WI) is the latest health care suicide bomber to call it quits. I just hope he’s not expecting 72 virgins. This is particularly painful for the Democrats, since Obey’s name lent itself so well to their modus operandi: Obey! (or be called racist tea baggers).
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Hoop Shooting Dupes

I am now officially rooting against the Phoenix Suns in the playoffs. Check out what they and their star player are saying at Moonbattery:

I live in Phoenix, yet my favorite basketball team is whoever happens to be playing the Phoenix Suns (unless it's Dallas). This is due to the relentless moonbattery of guard Steve Nash, a Canadian who insists on ramming his ultra-left ideology down fans' throats at every opportunity.

You can hardly turn on a TV in Arizona without seeing commercials featuring Nash hurling his basketball at the heads of those who won't get with the program on environmental issues.
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Whoopi: Kill Babies Now or Kill 'em Later

I find The View interesting (not enough to actually watch it) because I'm amazed at the number of people not offended by nearly everything that comes out most of those women's mouths. That kinda' scares me:

Whoopi Goldberg Worries: Fewer Abortions Will Mean More Parents Kill Their Kids Later…

So she’s for murdering the child while it’s inside the womb but against it on the outside? Oh yeah, that makes sense…
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The Pill: Science Meets Morality

The Pill, says Med student Jenna Bonner, is handed out like candy without thought of consequences or morality:

To many, this debate may seem trivial – a tired argument from right-wing conservatives that like to split hairs over abortion. I once shared this view, to be honest. It was a convenient stance to take, but at the end of the day it was not grounded in science or logic, but in fear and naivete.

Starting on the Pill was liberating. I was young (younger than I care to admit), in love and having sex, but the agonizing wait for my monthly reassurance was wearing on both our nerves. The Pill was a simple solution to a serious potential “problem”. Within a month’s time I was finally able to put that pesky issue of fertility behind me, and go on enjoying my sexual freedom without a care.
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Justin Bieber is Just Like Obama

This is pretty funny stuff at the Weekly Standard. I think I like it mainly because Justin Bieber has become one of the main banes of my existence these past two months as his horribly repititious song plays on Disney Radio every twenty minutes. And Obama? Well, I think you know how I feel about him.

Everyone's being hard on tween pop star Justin Bieber today because he's caught in an interview not knowing what the word, "German" means. But Biebs shouldn't get discouraged. He could be President of the United States someday!
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If Celibacy Caused Abuse

The Curt Jester has some great thoughts on much needed laws if you take as a given that priestly celibacy causes abuse:

Because of the priestly abuse scandals we so often hear that the problem is priestly celibacy. That not having sex causes you to abuse children and teens. That it is unhealthy and unnatural for us not to have sex.

Well if they truly believed this then we need a whole new set of laws.
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MSNBC Host Wishes Bomber Was Tea Partier

Note to wacky liberals. What Contessa Brewer said today is the kind of thing you think but don't say out loud. Right Wing News has the audio and the transcript:

This morning MSNBC's Contessa Brewer appeared on the Stephanie Miller radio show, a small syndicated left-wing talker, and during her appearance she expressed her "frustration" that the Times Square bomber was a Pakistani terrorist instead of a white person. Apparently Brewer had hoped that a new Tim McVeigh perhaps coming from the Tea Party movement would turn out to be responsible for the attempted bombing in New York instead of just another boring ol' radical Islamist terrorist.
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The Blog Prof presents evidence that the Obama administration is a thugocracy.

Video of violent right-wing rhetoric: "we will keep a boot to the throat." Oops. Did I say right-wing violent rhetoric? I meant Robert Gibbs, who uttered that remark more than once now. The remark comes at the 2:02 mark of this AP video:
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Chris Christie Shakes Up the Judiciary

Governor Chris Christie is really shaking things up in New Jersey. Almost every day I read something he's done that surprises me. Now he's shaking up the judiciary. Kathryn Lopez has the story:

The latest from the non-nonsense governor of New Jersey:
Once again showing that he means to shake up Trenton, Gov. Christopher J. Christie declined on Monday to reappoint a sitting justice to the New Jersey Supreme Court, instead appointing someone who he said would show the restraint that was missing from the court.

The justice, John E. Wallace Jr., became the first one to seek reappointment and be refused by a New Jersey governor since the current State Constitution was adopted 63 years ago.
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No! It's Nothing Like 1984. Nothing at All!

Wow. Who thought this was a good idea? This commercial from Pennsylvania's Department of Revenue is downright creepy:

Imagine how scary it would be if you fell asleep in front of the TV and dreamed you were in a totalitarian science fiction dystopia, then woke up to this:
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NY Governor May Pardon Illegals

What could possibly go wrong with this?

This comes just days after some one tried to blow up Times Square . . .
ALBANY, N.Y. — Gov. David Paterson on Monday said he will create a panel to help selected immigrants with criminal convictions avoid deportation under “harsh” federal laws.

Paterson said New York would be the first state to create a “pardon panel” aimed specifically at investigating requests of legal immigrants facing deportation because of a past convictions. Paterson said he would pardon immigrants who meet criteria such as rehabilitation and a lack of danger to society.
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Waxman Attacks Vitamin Industry

This drives me crazy because Waxman is simply doing the bidding of Big Pharma and attacking the vitamin industry. This is crony capitalism at its worst. Warner Todd Huston has the story which has wrongly been largely ignored:

Nothing says Washington crookedness like a congressman slipping a clause into a bill that has absolutely nothing whatever to do with the main purpose of the legislation. Here we have just another cynical, corrupt bargain made in Washington D.C. with the effort of Henry Waxman (D, Ca) who slipped a little clause into the Wall Street "Reform" bill that is little else but an attack on the healthfood industry. This provision would give Congress more control over all health supplements and vitamins in America and likely lead to many of these businesses shutting their doors.
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Just What We Need - Stronger Unions

What about recession do these people not understand. Warner Todd Huston says the federal government may be doing something incredibly stupid right now. Well, another thing stupid.

Senator Chris Dodd (D, Conn.) wants to give unions more power in the boardrooms of our nation's businesses. In essence, Dodd wants to force corporate boards under the thumb of unions by federal fiat.

Carefully hidden in Dodd's new regulations are provisions that give new powers to board members, powers aimed at giving unions more say in the operations of businesses from the inside through investments of pension funds.
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