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Why the Anti-Christian Fervor from Elites?

Why do modern elites sneer at Christianity? It has to do with authority and objective truth, says Mark in Spokane:

Here's Christopher Hitchens' younger, wiser brother Peter Hitchens on what's fueling the anti-Christian animus among the elites in the Anglosphere world:
The types who run our country and its culture actively hate the idea that there’s an absolute right and wrong because it gets in their way. They think they are so good that they can do what they like. They loathe the thought that there’s a law above them, however high they get. And here, in our post-Christian, post-democratic society, we begin to see what this means in detail.
It all comes down to the basic rebellion against authority that has characterized modernity, particularly since the 1960's. Non serviat and all that.
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Brian said...

Actually, what I see is a misguided attempt to build a better and more just world as well as a mistaken notion that Christianity is retarding a better and more just world. Moreover, I invite you to read comments from the likes of Joe and Andrew to sense what liberals REALLY think.

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