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Sestak: White House Offered Bribe

Joe Sestak is running against Specter and he's admitting that the White House offered him a job to get out of the race but then somehow talks about dirty Republicans. If this guy had any integrity whatsoever he'd stand behind his word and name names but he's being a good Democrat lapdog and not biting the hand of his master. Moonbattery has the video:

Yet all the fault lies with "right-wing Republicans like … Arlen Specter"! Seeing is believing:

Benedict Arlen is not even a Republican anymore, much less right wing. But Dems may come to regret inviting them into their roach nest, as he has scraped up enough integrity to show some curiosity about the flagrant violation of federal election law the Obamination Administration committed by offering Sestak a bribe to stay out of the Pennsylvania Senate race.
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