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Review of "The Perfect Game"

From Leticia @ Catholic Media Review

When is the last time you saw a great baseball movie; the kind which inspires you to go outside and play ball? How about a rags-to-riches story about the underdogs who made good despite bigotry, poverty, and family drama? When is the last time you saw a film which made your heart swell with pride about being a Latino or belonging to the Catholic Church? Would you believe there is a film out there like this? And that this film stars Cheech Marin, as Padre Esteban, a devout, old-fashioned priest?” This would take a miracle”, you say, well, in this film, Padre Esteban says “Sometimes God gives us the ability to make them.”

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Leticia said...

Thanks for posting this, I hope Catholics make this one a blockbuster, it deserves to be!

Kevin in Texas said...

Just saw this film, and it truly is excellent. Deserves to be seen by Christians everywhere!

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