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Mom of Preemies on Fetal Pain

Melissa Clouthier has something to say about fetal pain:

I have written about this before, from a very personal place. My sons were born at 24 weeks, could feel pain, and felt pain more than the doctors and nurses wanted to admit. Not long after my son left the NICU, the hospital changed a policy on heel sticks (given repeatedly and daily without anesthesia) because they were so painful to the child.
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Wendy in VA said...

Our 4th child was born at 26 weeks gestation almost 5 years ago. Thankfully, our NICU used numbing cream for heel sticks, shots, etc. I was horrified when one of the nurses told us she could remember when anesthesia wasn't used for surgeries on preemies. :o(

I'm guessing preemies may not be treated as gently as our daughter was after Obamacare kicks in...

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