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Media Ignores This Sex Abuse Scandal

Moonbattery sees that all abuse cases aren't equal in the media's eyes:

The media works itself into a lather over sexual abuses in the Catholic Church which --- abominable though they were and horrific though the church's handling of them was --- occurred 20 or 30 years ago. These cases have already been litigated, the guilty have been punished or are dead, and the church has paid hundreds of millions to the victims. Most importantly, the church has cleaned up its act, which is why current cases of abuse are far more rare than what happens in, for example, the public schools.

Or the halls of Congress, for that matter. A Democrat Congressman, Eric Massa, resigned under a cloud of scandal, but you won't hear even 1/1000th of the media hype of his recent scandal as you will about Catholic Scandals from the Disco Era.
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