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I Give Up on Michael Steele

John Hawkins gives up on Michael Steele:

When Michael Steele ran for the Senate in Maryland in 2006, the Rightroots fundraising group that I led enthusiastically supported him. Then, when Steele ran for RNC chairman, I backed him for that, too. There were a lot of qualified candidates who could have done a good job: Saul Anuzis, Ken Blackwell, Katon Dawson -- but, I thought Steele would be the best man for the job. After having Mike Duncan as RNC Chair, a guy who seemed to be hiding from the press all the time, I thought it would be great to have a guy with a lot of charisma, who seemed to get it, as our next RNC chairman. Here was a man with new media savvy, who could help out with minority outreach, who could get the hidebound RNC back on the right track.
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