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Female GOP Official Beaten For Palin Pin

Remember. The right wingers are the violent lunatics. Gateway Pundit has the story:

The governor’s office said Monday that Allee Bautsch suffered a broken leg and her boyfriend suffered a concussion and fractured nose and jaw in the alleged incident.

A Republican activist and her boyfriend were savagely beaten in New Orleans on Friday for wearing Sarah Palin pins.
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Rick said...

The Democrats are godless so, what do you expect? If they can slander about being called the N word or encourage baby killing because of the cost of raising kids then beating up political opponents will be a virtue to these animals.

Craig said...

She wasn't wearing a Palin pin and the fundraiser was being protested by anarchists, not democrats.


Plus, Jindal says protesters weren't involved in the incident.

Rick said...

Actually the link stated "...the statement from Jindal’s office says they are “not aware of any evidence that the individuals involved in the altercation were protesters.” That's different from saying "protesters weren't involved" because they could have been.

Roland said...

They may not have actually been wearing Palin pins, but this seems beside the point. Allee Bautsch is Jindal’s Finance Director and thus a high profile person ubiquitously seen with and campaigning for the Governor and other high profile Republicans. The SRLC had been in town for days, and Democrat and other Leftists had been protesting and stalking prominent Republicans like Allee throughout the event. That this well known and highly visible Republican activist could only be recognized by her stalking attackers as connected to Jindal and or the SRLC if she wore a Palin pin is ludicrous.

I do not understand the gaming from Jindal’s office.

The political nature of this savage attack is obvious; and confirmation has been received directly from the NOPD.


This is a truly heinous crime of political intimidation by Democrats and other Leftists. This nice young couple was just working hard for a Governor and the ideas that they believe in at SRLC, and the Democrats and other Leftists beat them so severely that their surgeons estimate a three month recovery.

Take a good look at those pictures and ask yourself: Can you ever again see any Democrat or other Leftist public figure that has not owned that their own broke Allee and Joe's bones, condemned the attackers and their cohorts, and apologized without also seeing these pictures in your mind and thinking that they are just a little complicit?

I never will!

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