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Darn! Cross Dressing Day Cancelled

The school which tried to make boys dress as girls is saying they were misunderstood. Warner Todd Huston doesn't think so.

I hate it when the Old Media gets all mad at me, and stuff. But, here is the vaunted AP scolding me for "skewering" a grade school over the story of the canceled cross-dressing day that was to be held at the Maude Wilkins School in New Jersey.

On the morning of April 12 I came across a story posted on my FaceBook page by an incensed mother of a grade school boy from the Maude Wilkins grade school. She was upset that her school had planned an event for women's history month wherein students would come to school dressed as a famous woman from history, or dressed in representative historical women's fashion from American history… yes, they even expected the boys to dress as women.
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