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Crisis Leads To 3rd Secret Questions?

From Michael Brown

The news that high Vatican officials played roles in aspects of the current abuse crisis (however indirect the roles may have been) could cause skeptics to cast a new look at the third secret of Fatima -- one of the greatest mysteries of the Twentieth Century.

The reason is simple: these officials were also involved in the preparation, interpretation, and public revelation of that famous prophecy, which some still doubt was revealed in full, as too abuse cases were shielded from full public perusal.

We don't think that's the case. We believe it was revealed in full. Moreover, there is absolutely no reason to believe that high Vatican officials ever did anything untoward in priest-abuse cases.

But if nothing else, it has provided fodder for those who wish to revisit assertions that the Fatima secret was never revealed in full and who long have believed that it may have had to do precisely with a coming Church crisis or scandal.

Those notions are put forth most poignantly by Italian journalist Antonio Socci, who...

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