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China Killing Dissident and Selling Organs?

Secondhand Smoke calls China a "monster state." I'm with him.

If these stories are true–and I believe they are–China is a monster state. I have previously covered credible charges that Falun Gong prisoners are killed and their organs sold, stating that while there was not enough proof for a “conviction” beyond a reasonable doubt, the evidence would certainly justify a “search warrant,” thus compelling, it seemed to me, concerted international investigations.

That hasn’t happened. Now, new charges have been leveled that not only are Falun Gong still being preyed upon and their organs sold, but so too are Tibetans and other dissidents.
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John Hetman said...

Pretty chilling story ...would be right out of the Third Reich if we also hadn't aborted 50,000,000 children in the United States since 1973. And what
has been happening to their small bodies in the last ten years or so? I am sure that the "good" Germans did not want to know who were in those freight
trains that rumbled past their homes and churches with the voices of crying people. Did they? Do we want to know the fate of the young souls that meet
death a thousand times each day at the Planned Parenthood abortuaries? Can adult harvesting here be far behind given our current political system if it
isn't there already?

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