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This Confession Was Brought to You By...

I was hoping this was a joke but it's not. This is actually quite bad. LarryD has this shameful story:

Go to any major city, and chances are a sports arena bears the name of a local corporation that paid significant money for the rights to naming the stadium. Here in Detroit, we have Ford Field and Comerica Park. It provides revenue for the franchise, and the company gets huge exposure while establishing a strong community presence. Once inside the stadium or arena, you see numerous other business logos scattered around - like on the outfield walls, or around the concourse, and so forth. It's expected and part of the consumer culture in which we live.

But in a church???
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Arizona May Lose All Star Game

I get so tired of liberaly bullying. Moonbattery has the latest threat to Arizona's immigration law:

Moonbat insanity has reached the point that Yahoo Sports is actually running a poll asking if the 2011 MLB All-Star Game should be yanked out of Phoenix to punish Arizona for its tentative step toward enforcing federal immigration law. Naturally the default vote is for Yes. Cast your own vote here.
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Can She Afford to be a SAHM?

Maggie wonders if she can afford to stay home with children. This is a problem many families deal with, including ours.

Today I am wondering- can we afford for me to be a stay at home mom?

I want to be a stay a home mommy to as many kids as God wants to give us. I want this with every fiber of my being. While growing up I had many career dreams- teacher, actress, and Olympic swimmer. When I got out of high school my career dreams were half-hearted. As I got older and my heart longed to be a part of a good marriage and to have children of my own, my dreams turned from career to devoting my life to my husband and growing family.
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Kathryn Lopez interviews Sister Prudence, a philosophy professor. It's great. Check it out:

In his New York Times column this month, Nicholas Kristof wrote about “A Church Mary Can Love.” If you didn’t read the column, you might not be shocked to learn its contents: He’s not that into the Vatican, and he doesn’t think the Blessed Virgin would be either. He’s more into a priest who reportedly told him that he “would build a condom factory in the Vatican to save lives.” However, Kristof also wrote something sensible: “I’ve come to believe that the very coolest people in the world today may be nuns.” Amen. And in the following interview with Sister Mary Prudence Allen, I think you’ll begin to see why. Sister Prudence is with the Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Mich., an order with a special focus on health care. Sister Prudence is also a philosophy professor and a published author, having written the two-volume The Concept of Woman and contributed to The Foundations of Religious Life: Revisiting the Vision (a compilation from the other “nuns” in the health-care debate, the ones who stood by the bishops conference’s objection to the abortion provisions in the legislation — and by Catholic doctrine on the most innocent human life).
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China Killing Dissident and Selling Organs?

Secondhand Smoke calls China a "monster state." I'm with him.

If these stories are true–and I believe they are–China is a monster state. I have previously covered credible charges that Falun Gong prisoners are killed and their organs sold, stating that while there was not enough proof for a “conviction” beyond a reasonable doubt, the evidence would certainly justify a “search warrant,” thus compelling, it seemed to me, concerted international investigations.

That hasn’t happened. Now, new charges have been leveled that not only are Falun Gong still being preyed upon and their organs sold, but so too are Tibetans and other dissidents.
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Why the Anti-Christian Fervor from Elites?

Why do modern elites sneer at Christianity? It has to do with authority and objective truth, says Mark in Spokane:

Here's Christopher Hitchens' younger, wiser brother Peter Hitchens on what's fueling the anti-Christian animus among the elites in the Anglosphere world:
The types who run our country and its culture actively hate the idea that there’s an absolute right and wrong because it gets in their way. They think they are so good that they can do what they like. They loathe the thought that there’s a law above them, however high they get. And here, in our post-Christian, post-democratic society, we begin to see what this means in detail.
It all comes down to the basic rebellion against authority that has characterized modernity, particularly since the 1960's. Non serviat and all that.
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Quiet Euthanasia

Euthanasia is so pervasive right now that it almost goes on unremarked.

"Hundreds of thousands of patients are killed in the world each year in this manner, and no police or district attorney will act to investigate or prosecute."

These are the alarming words of Ron Panzer, founder and executive director of Hospice Patients Alliance, an organization dedicated to preserving the original mission of hospice care and exposing the pervasive problem of "quiet euthanasia" in the hospice industry.
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Safe, Legal and...More?

I always wondered how long they'd be comfortable with saying the "rare" part of "safe, legal and rare." It seems they're fed up with it...about now. Check out Moonbattery:

The next time some lefty spouts the meaningless slogan, "No one is really pro-abortion, we're just pro-choice," remember this:
"Do we dare admit that increasing the number of abortions might be not only good for women's health, but also moral and just?"
The writer --- Aimee Thorne-Thomsen of the Pro-Choice Public Education Project --- claims women should be encouraged to have more abortions, and that "women and want them to have access to all the information, services and resources necessary to make the best decisions they can for themselves and their families."
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Feel Good Story of the Day

This is pretty remarkable. After a game 7 loss Caps player Brooks Laich stopped to change the tire of a woman on the side of the road. Check out the DC sports Bog:

Mary Ann Wangemann and her 14-year-old daughter Lorraine were already in a fairly poor mood Wednesday night. The Washington Capitals -- the first sports team they had rooted for together, the team that prompted 49-year old Mary Ann to begin painting her face before games and to sign up for a season-ticket waiting list -- had been eliminated in Game 7 of the NHL playoffs. The season was over.

A lot of people weren't sure quite how to react to this loss. When you put a lot of emotion into something -- even something as silly as a sports team -- and you can feel sort of empty when it goes away.
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Anti-Catholicism, Again

This is a great piece in the Weekly Standard. I urge you to read it:

The day the Antichrist is ripped from his papal throne, true religion will guide the world. Or perhaps it’s the day the last priest is gutted, and his entrails used to strangle the last king, as Voltaire demanded. Yes, that’s when we will see at last the reign of bright, clean, enlightened reason—the release of mankind from the shadows of medieval superstition. War will end. The proletariat will awaken from its opiate dream. The oppression of women will stop. And science at last will be free from the shackles of Rome.

For almost 500 years now, Catholicism has been an available answer, a mystical key, to that deep, childish, and existentially compelling question: Why aren’t we there yet? Why is progress still unfinished? Why is promise still unfulfilled? Why aren’t we perfect? Why aren’t we changed?
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Christian Libertarianism

I'm an Andrew Klavan fan. I just got into his books a month or two ago. Here he has a very interesting post here which I'm not done thinking through but you may want to take a look at as well about Christian libertarianism.

Over at our much beloved Big Hollywood last week, filmmaker Leigh Scott had some thoughtful and entertaining comments on Kick-Ass, a movie he liked and which I haven’t seen. He says it’s a libertarian film and, as a side note, goes on to discuss what he feels are the differences between libertarian conservatives and Christian conservatives:
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3,218 Nights

Great story from Danielle:

This has got to be the sweetest story I have read in a long time.

Jim Brozina, a single dad and a school librarian, made a pact with his daughter Kristen. At first they set a goal of reading aloud together for 100 nights in a row. They did that easily. Then they went for 1,000 nights in a row. When their “read aloud” streak finally ended, he had read aloud to his daughter Kristen for 3,218 nights (and some days) in a row.
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Suzanne's Brush with Death

Suzanne reminds us that death can happen anywhere anytime.

I had a brush with death today.

I was driving about 50 mph with two kids in tow this afternoon when a car from the oncoming traffic veered over the yellow lines into our lane. I saw it coming and had the wits to steer onto the shoulder as this car continued to veer, nearly hitting us, but passed behind. I watched in my rear view mirror as that car slammed into the guard rail and then was redirected sideways into traffic.

As I heard the crunch of metal hitting metal I yelped, "Holy cow!"
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Police Arrest Potential Criminals Now?

This is disturbing. Weasel Zippers has the story:

Oregon man had his house surrounded by SWAT, arrested, guns confiscated, forced to take mental evaluation. . . One problem: He NEVER committed a crime
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Why 2010 Will be Bigger than 1994

Patrick Ruffini of Next Right is liking what he sees shaping up electorally for Republicans this year. I really want to believe him:

I might be setting myself for a healthy serving of crow on November 3rd, but I get a distinct feeling that the GOP may be headed toward to a seat gain in the House of epic proportions -- somewhere over 50 seats and well above the historical high point for recent wave elections (the 50-55 seats we experienced in elections like 1946 and 1994).

All in all, I don't think a 70 seat gain is out of the question.
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Iguana Attacks a Wedding

This is a pretty funny video at Viral Footage. When a bride and a groom are cutting their cake they get a surprise and icky guest:

Iguana to bride and groom: ME WANT CAKE!
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Supreme Court: Cross Can Stay

The Supreme Court says the now famous cross can stay. Hot Air has the story:

There’s no Establishment Clause exception for de minimis violations, but if there was, this would be a prime candidate. The cross is five feet tall; it’s located in a desert; it’s been there for decades with no complaints until recently; and it’s designed as a war memorial. In fact, the land on which it sits doesn’t even belong to the federal government anymore. Congress transferred it to the VFW years ago precisely in order to avoid a church-and-state challenge. The risk that anyone’s going to stumble upon it and feel the heavy hand of government nudging them towards Christ is, in other words, remote.
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Nanny State Bans Toys from Happy Meals

Wow. Cassy Fiano has the story of a county that's really bought into the whole Nanny State thing.

I have such fond memories of Happy Meals. Not today’s Happy Meals, with all of the crazy toys that are marketed towards whatever craze or fad is in at the moment, but the Happy Meals you used to get when I was a kid. Those were the days. You would pull up to the drive-thru, and they would ask if you needed a girl Happy Meal or a boy Happy Meal. Boys usually got miniature racecars, and girls usually got some kind of miniature Barbie. And you got this special box and everything. My brother and I didn’t get them all the time, but when we did, it was a treat. It wasn’t just the toy, it was everything.
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Stairway to Heaven

David L. at the Pontifical Mass:

Yesterday, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception was the setting for a Pontifical Solemn High Mass, according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, the first Traditional Mass to be celebrated at the Main High Altar in nearly half a century. I was there to assist at the altar as one of several dozen altar servers, gentlemen of all ages. My particular role was that of a "paten bearer" -- one who assists a priest in the administration of Communion. A liturgy of this scale required sixteen of us in that role.
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What Happened to Transparency?

No press conference in ten months? Lies? Leaks? Where's the transparency?

I think Americans know now that the "transparency" that Obama promised during his campaign was simply a soundbite. In fact, Pres. Obama's reluctance to be open with the White House Press reveals that Pres. Bush was actually the transparent one in comparison.

Day-to-day interaction with Obama is almost nonexistent, and he talks to the press corps far less often than Bill Clinton or even George W. Bush did. Clinton took questions nearly every weekday, on average. Obama barely does it once a week.

Obama hasn't done a full press conference in 10 months. He prefers sit downs with selected reporters.
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Silly and Kinda' Scary

This would be so much sillier and fun to watch if these two countries weren't nuclear powers. You've got to see this at Ace.

Indian and Pakistani Border Guards Take Turns Trying to Out-Lunatic Each Other
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Don't Mess With Texas

I can't imagine too many governors doing this. Good to know there's some out there.

Texas Governor Rick Perry shot and killed a coyote that was menacing his daughter’s Labrador Retriever puppy:

“On this particular morning, Perry said, he was jogging without his security detail shortly after sunrise.

“I’m enjoying the run when something catches my eye and it’s this coyote. I know he knows I’m there. He never looks at me, he is laser-locked on that dog,” Perry said.

“I holler and the coyote stopped. I holler again. By this time I had taken my weapon out and charged it. It is now staring dead at me. Either me or the dog are in imminent danger. I did the appropriate thing and sent it to where coyotes go,” he said.
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Christmas in April?

Christmas in April? LarryD has the story:

To be a Christian means to be counter-cultural, to stand out from the crowd. To live one's life so radically different, full of joy and peace and grace, such that other people notice and become drawn to Christ as a result.

But there's a right way and a wrong way in being counter-cultural. The right way is to stand up to the world and make the necessary sacrifices inherent with living an authentic Christian life. The wrong way is to run up the white flag and take the easy way out, while still claiming to be Christian.
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Whose Protests Are More Violent?

It's laughable how the media handles the lefty protests differently. Check out Hot Air for the video:

Via Hengler, come for the side-by-side video comparison, stay for the lefty ranting about Fox News bias and Emanuel Cleaver being deliberately spit on, even though Cleaver himself long ago began inching away from that allegation. Note, too, how the Narrative has subtly changed: Previously the storyline was that those darned tea-party wingnuts could erupt in violence at any moment and now it’s shifted to “sure, both sides are mostly peaceful, but…” More narrative-killing immigration protests, please!
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Dems Hid Damning HHS Report

Pundette's a little ticked. Memo to Pundit: Don't hide anything from Pundette. But here Pundette isn't sure that the most transparent administration ever is living up to its name:


As you may recall, the story was that Congress went ahead with the ram-through, declining to wait for Medicare's Office of the Actuary's report on the costs of the bill.
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Education Secretary's Sudden Turnaround

The BlogProf does a great job of connecting the dots that the lazy old MSM isn't willing to do anymore:

Funny what a dose of reality can do to good intentions. This should be yet another wake-up call for Michigan, and perhaps all 50 states, that they need to choose between supporting public schools and public education as the two are diverging rapidly. Last year, I wrote a post shortly after Arne Duncan took the job of Secretary of Education: Duh! - DPS fails kids, fed school chief says. In that post from February 14, 2009, Duncan had this to say about Detroit Public Schools, the poster child for the need for vouchers:
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Jewish Pro-Lifer Converts

We love conversion stories. Francis Beckwith has a great post about a very recent convert:

My wife, Frankie, and I were humbled to be among those who were present at the Mass in which our dear friend Hadley Arkes was received into the Catholic Church. It took place on the afternoon of Saturday, April 24, in the chapel of the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C. His sponsor was Michael Novak, a dear man who truly lives the Gospel of Our Lord.
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Most Pro-Life Snack Ad...Evah

You've got to see this commercial:

I think this might be the most pro-life ad I’ve ever seen—and it’s advertising a snack.
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OK House Overrides Ultrasound Veto

The Oklahoma Governor's veto of the ultrasound bill was overridden yesterday. Check out Weasel Zippers for the story:

The Senate votes on overriding the veto tomorrow. I hope they vote to pass this. Watching an ultrasound is an amazing experience. You literally get to see the face of GOD . . .
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Pope vs. Skynet?

Dom at Bettnet says the Pope is saying we have to put our soul into the internet. As John Connor said, "You are the resistance."

Pope Benedict on Saturday, in an address to participants in a Vatican conference on new media, asked bloggers to give the Internet a soul.
“Without fear we must set sail on the digital sea facing into the deep with the same passion that has governed the ship of the Church for two thousand years. Rather than for, albeit necessary, technical resources, we want to qualify ourselves by living in the digital world with a believer’s heart, helping to give a soul to the Internet’s incessant flow of communication”.
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Sestak: White House Offered Bribe

Joe Sestak is running against Specter and he's admitting that the White House offered him a job to get out of the race but then somehow talks about dirty Republicans. If this guy had any integrity whatsoever he'd stand behind his word and name names but he's being a good Democrat lapdog and not biting the hand of his master. Moonbattery has the video:

Yet all the fault lies with "right-wing Republicans like … Arlen Specter"! Seeing is believing:

Benedict Arlen is not even a Republican anymore, much less right wing. But Dems may come to regret inviting them into their roach nest, as he has scraped up enough integrity to show some curiosity about the flagrant violation of federal election law the Obamination Administration committed by offering Sestak a bribe to stay out of the Pennsylvania Senate race.
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I Give Up on Michael Steele

John Hawkins gives up on Michael Steele:

When Michael Steele ran for the Senate in Maryland in 2006, the Rightroots fundraising group that I led enthusiastically supported him. Then, when Steele ran for RNC chairman, I backed him for that, too. There were a lot of qualified candidates who could have done a good job: Saul Anuzis, Ken Blackwell, Katon Dawson -- but, I thought Steele would be the best man for the job. After having Mike Duncan as RNC Chair, a guy who seemed to be hiding from the press all the time, I thought it would be great to have a guy with a lot of charisma, who seemed to get it, as our next RNC chairman. Here was a man with new media savvy, who could help out with minority outreach, who could get the hidebound RNC back on the right track.
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Dog Leads Troopers to House Fire

This is a pretty cool video at Viral Footage. And another reason dogs are so much better than cats. I never once heard of a cat saving the day. Check out the vid...Continue reading>>>

Peggy Noonan's Church History

Great article in the American Spectator.

Peggy Noonan is usually so good. But I am afraid she is stuck in the past with regard to the Catholic Church's response to sexual abuse (Wall Street Journal, April 17). She charges Vatican officials with complacency and declares, the "more relaxed the institution, the less likely it will reform."
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Earth Day Founder, Murderer

Michael Tremoglie of the Philadelphia Bulletin has some info about the founder of Earth Day. By the way, did you know the founder of Earth day was a murderer?

Today is Earth Day, a holiday created to honor the planet and to raise the consciousness of man’s effect on the environment. Philadelphia has a very strong tie to this day. One of its native sons, Ira Einhorn, was a co-founder of the environmentalist jubilee.

But Mr. Einhorn has another line on his resume. In addition to being a environmental guru, he is the Unicorn Killer.
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What Steele Should Have Said

Patterico wants to tell Michael Steele what he should've said instead of criticizing the GOP again:

This is beyond mere incompetence. This shows Steele has no idea what it means to be a Republican:

Why should an African-American vote Republican?

“You really don’t have a reason to, to be honest — we haven’t done a very good job of really giving you one. True? True,” Republican National Chairman Michael Steele told 200 DePaul University students Tuesday night.
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Jesus Didn't Do Comfort

Interesting post from Tim Burke who's comfortable and doesn't like it:

Jesus' whole life, his whole ministry, was about being uncomfortable. He was born in a stable--not the most comfortable place to be born, especially for his parents. His ministry was centered around doing the uncomfortable--talking in front of large crowds, enduring ridicule of others, answering the non-stop questions of the church leaders. His passion and death was uncomfortable--enduring ridicule, torture, and being murdered. It seems as though there was nothing comfortable at all about his life and ministry.
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Earth Day is Lenin's Birthday?

I found this interesting from Kathy Shaidle:

Did your children celebrate Lenin's birthday in school today?

Don't answer "no" right away.

The first Earth Day "teach-in" was celebrated on April 22, 1970, to protest the Vietnam War, pollution, and littering -- and to commemorate what would have been the 100th birthday of one of history's most notorious villains.

As the father of communism, the deaths of tens of millions of people can be laid at that Soviet dictator's doorstep. That now forgotten fact about Earth Day's origins should place your child's sudden enthusiasm for recycling, saving the panda bears and energy efficient light bulbs in a new, well, light.
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Hope Can Be a Hard Thing

I'm always amazed at the amazing and heartfelt stories people share. Check this out from LavaTea about a very difficult experience:

I finally received a definitive answer yesterday. Since this whole miscarriage misadventure began almost two weeks ago, I've had mixed emotions and weird experiences. I was hopeful that perhaps I hadn't miscarried because the bleeding was lighter than a normal period, but I was doubtful because of the cramping. Then I had two weird pregnancy test experiences where both tests gave me no results whatsoever - not even a control line. I bought a different brand and took two more pregnancy tests, and both of them showed a shadow line where the blue "pregnant" line should have been. So, even though I thought that the bleeding had probably been an actual miscarriage, there was still room for hope. And we all know that sometimes hope is a hard thing.
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Death Trap of Euthanasia

Euthanasia has become the norm. It is only faith and a belief in the sacredness of life which can stop it> This Spero News story is evidence:

Nineteen years in a coma, the case of Jan Grzebski, a 65 year-old Polish man, was reported by various media around the world. He became known for the extraordinary fact that he woke up from a long physical absence, rather than a spiritual one.

A rail worker, in 1988 he suffered a serious labor related accident and fell into a deep coma. However, he regained his consciousness back completely in 2007. He affirms that, during those years of apparent unconsciousness, he was aware of all that was happening around him, even though he couldn’t move nor speak.
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Signs to Watch in Your Kids

File this under funny because it's true. Sherry Antonetti writes:

Signs Your Kid is Sick...

They say any of the following:
1) I'm not that hungry.
2) I think I'll take a nap. (Consider going straight to the ER).
3) But I want to go to school. (again, Consider going straight to...)
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Newest Lila Rose Video

They lie about brain activity of the unborn and they cover up sexual abuse of minors. Check out Live Action:

Student-led pro-life group Live Action has released footage today of Kentucky’s only abortion provider, EMW Women’s Surgical Center, ignoring the sexual abuse of a child and giving misleading abortion counseling. The footage was taken by Live Action President Lila Rose and actor Jackie Stollar who posed undercover as minors with Rose telling the staff that she was 14-years-old and impregnated by her 31-year-old “boyfriend”.
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No Freedom of Speech at NBC?

Look how scared Scarborough and his gang are of saying anything negative about other NBC personalities. You'd almost think that NBC would punish them for speaking the truth or something. It's worth it alone for Mika's scathing imitation of Salon's Joan Walsh who says she can't think of any liberal extremists. Newsbusters has the vid:

Hot sparks flew on the set of MSNBC's Morning Joe today igniting a brief but entertaining firestorm. The cause? Joan Walsh somehow being unable to name any leftwing extremists. This set off an angry reaction from co-host Mika Brzezinski which included a funny impersonation of a conveniently clueless Walsh. It was one of those moments that needs to be viewed in order to be fully appreciated but here is a transcript of the heated exchange:
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Steele: GOP "Mistreated" Blacks

Yeah, this'll help. Check out the latest anti-GOP quote from Michael Steele. I'm still waiting for him to say something derogatory about the Democrats.

The remaining Dixiecrat’s unavailable for comment…
….”We have lost sight of the historic, integral link between the party and African-Americans,” Steele said. “This party was co-founded by blacks, among them Frederick Douglass. The Republican Party had a hand in forming the NAACP, and yet we have mistreated that relationship. People don’t walk away from parties, Their parties walk away from them.
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Heart of the American Soldier

Inspiring read at Cassy Fiano's blog about a wounded soldier:

Today’s tissue warning comes from Soldiers Angels Germany. I read it with tears rolling down my cheeks. I hope MaryAnn doesn’t mind my excerpting the entire thing, because it just needs to be read.

He’d gotten blown up. Sustained burns to the face and hands and suffered blast inhalation. Breathing in superheated air is not good for the bronchial tubes and lungs. He’s being mechanically ventilated.

I watch him struggle even when completely sedated, but some patients have a real rough patch before extubation. To make sure a patient can breathe on his own, first the docs need to dial back on the meds.

This is called “waking him up”.

Still out of it, he gradually becomes more and more aware of his pain and the discomfort of the breathing tube. He feels like he’s choking. Constantly. And he’s too out of it to understand why.
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Barack Bingo

This is pretty funny stuff over at Moonbattery:

Friday night is "Game Night" at the MaryHunter household. I can't wait for the week to end, so we can dig up some old Obama speeches on the web and play a few rounds with the kids.
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American Idol and Abortion

Mary's Aggies has a story on how last night's Idol gave lots o' money to Big Abortion:

From the Christian Newswire.

Once again, "American Idol" is aligning itself with pro-abortion groups. Among the groups benefiting this year's "Idol Gives Back" fund-raising campaign are Save the Children and the United Nations Foundation. "Idol Gives Back," which airs tonight, will feature several celebrities who will urge Americans to make a donation.
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Sharia Healthcare Coming to America?

Warner Todd Huston sees political correctness taking priority over healthcare:

Recently the British health services ruled that Muslim nurses and doctors didn't have to wash their hands before handling patients. Why did they reverse a hundred years of sanitary medical practices? Why, because the Brits didn't want to upset their Muslim citizens who think that washing themselves is some sort of crime against their religion. What else could it be, eh?
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I Heart China's Forced Sterilizations

Mary Meets Dolly wonders why so many liberals are espousing admiration for China when news is coming out of rounding up thousands and forcing sterlizations:

Lately it seems that some people are having a love affair with China's draconian policies. From Diane Francis who wrote the following in the Financial Post:
The "inconvenient truth" overhanging the UN's Copenhagen conference is not that the climate is warming or cooling, but that humans are overpopulating the world.

A planetary law, such as China's one-child policy, is the only way to reverse the disastrous global birthrate currently, which is one million births every four days....
China has proven that birth restriction is smart policy. Its middle class grows, all its citizens have housing, health care, education and food, and the one out of five human beings who live there are not overpopulating the planet.
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Why 64% Believe Priests are Perverts

Al Kresta talks about the alarming numbers:

A new round of reporting on Catholic clergy sexual abuse in Europe has generated a new climate of revulsion toward the Catholic Church. In spite of, I suppose some would say, because of, all the media attention, however, the public has a grossly distorted picture of clergy sexual misconduct. No one denies that great evil has been done by the likes of John Geoghan, Paul Shanley, John Birmingham, and Marciel Maciel Dellgado and a thousand others. Not to mention the shocking neglect of authorities like now Bishop John B. McCormack and Cardinal Law.
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Chris Matthews Is Insane

Gabriel Malor writes that Chris Matthews accuses Tea Party of Stalinesque purges and calls conservatives unsophisticated. What a jerk. (Chris Matthews not Gabriel Malor)

Democratic Buffoon: Republicans Engaged in "Stalinesque" Purge. That's Chris Matthews' latest description of the Tea Party-flavored GOP kicking Charlie Crist and Arlen Specter to the curb. Also McCain, but that seems more like wishful thinking...
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"Justified" A Review

I'm definitely going to give this show a try. Catholic Key has a review:

When we say that a television show is “realistic,” we usually mean dirt and broken sentences. The dirt is both literal and moral; the sentences always “sound like people talk.” The sets look grimy and lived-in, and the actions taking place in them are ambiguous—they arise from multiple intentions, and whether they are right or wrong is something that we should be able to contemplate for a long time after the credits roll. The conversations which convey this ambiguity do not sound like they have been crafted and polished by writers, even though they have been; their artistry lies in that they sound artless.
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Racism in the NFL Draft

Will race play a factor in the NFL draft. Trog says it might:

When NFL scouts look at Gerhart, they see a 6-foot, 231-pound power back who ran for 1,871 yards and 27 touchdowns last season, getting edged out by Alabama’s Mark Ingram in the closest Heisman vote in history. When they look at Gerhart’s numbers from the NFL scouting combine, they see that he ran a 4.50-second 40-yard dash and registered a 38-inch vertical leap, both impressive numbers for a player his size.

Yet they also see a white guy trying to make it in the league as a feature back…
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Embrace Your Inner Alan Alda

The fact that they're using the word "macho" should actually tell you a lot. Check out Moonbattery:

Funny thing about politics: you can be a conservative and be all woman, but how can you be a moonbat and be any kind of man? Germany's Green Party offers a glimpse of what progressives think you should be instead:

A new manifesto from the German Green Party aims to banish macho men for good. … "We no longer need to be macho!" is the title of their manifesto which deals with "equality and male feminism."
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Mom of Preemies on Fetal Pain

Melissa Clouthier has something to say about fetal pain:

I have written about this before, from a very personal place. My sons were born at 24 weeks, could feel pain, and felt pain more than the doctors and nurses wanted to admit. Not long after my son left the NICU, the hospital changed a policy on heel sticks (given repeatedly and daily without anesthesia) because they were so painful to the child.
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Bishops Strike Back

This is an interesting turn of events. Pro Ecclesia has the story:

Yesterday, I reported my Bishop's response to the "Catholic" groups, including the women religious who signed the Network statement, who worked overtime to undermine the Bishops authority and pro-life witness during the health care debate.

Today, I read where Bishop Lawrence Brandt of the Diocese of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, has denied a group of Network-statement-signing women religious the use of diocesan resources for which they had asked to utilize for promotional purposes:
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Parents Want More Control over Media

OSV has a post about the common problem of watching television with kids:

One of the only prime-time shows we allow our children to watch is American Idol. They love it, and it has become family TV night for us. While some of you might consider this show offensive in general, it is not offensive in the usual sense. No bad language, no sexual situations, no violence, no drug or alcohol use. Every once in a while you might get a slightly suggestive comment or guest performer, but overall we have found it to be fairly wholesome.
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Pulling No Punches

C'mon it's just a little journalistic malpractice. Mulier Fortis has the video from Gloria TV:

I love the way Gloria TV tells it like it really is..."In a remarkable display of journalistic ignorance of Catholic teaching..."
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Bringing Humanity Into Abortion Debate

Marc Thiessen writes an interesting piece for the Washington Post about how the fetal pain bill upends the established arguments over abortion:

Can an unborn child feel pain?

That question will dominate the abortion debate in America for the next several years thanks to Gov. Dave Heineman of Nebraska. Last week, Heineman signed the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act into law, banning abortions in Nebraska at and after 20 weeks based on growing scientific evidence that an unborn child at that age can feel pain.
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Peter Hitchens Suspects Anti-Catholicism

Peter Hitchens asks whether much of the outrage is really over protecting children or is some of it simply anti-Catholicism:

Nothing – especially facts and logic – seems to be able to stop the ill-informed frenzy of rage against the Roman Catholic Church (to which I don’t belong).

A few thoughts for those who are taken in by this.

First, what do they think happened to small boys and girls in the pre-Christian world, when the molesting of the young by the old was considered normal?

Haven’t they also noticed that one of the main campaigns of the sexual ­liberation front is the reduction of the age of consent? For whose benefit is this?
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Now There's Not Enough Pollution?

Now some environmentalists are warning that there's not enough air pollution. Yup. That's what they're saying. Check out Weasel Zippers for the story:

Confused yet?…
(LA Times)- Aerosol pollution, which is now on the downswing, has helped keep the planet cool by blocking sunlight. Tackling another pollutant, soot, might buy Earth some time.

You’re likely to hear a chorus of dire warnings as we approach Earth Day, but there’s a serious shortage few pundits are talking about: air pollution. That’s right, the world is running short on air pollution, and if we continue to cut back on smoke pouring forth from industrial smokestacks, the increase in global warming could be profound.
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Christie Remains Unintimidated

Governor Chris Christie is really bringing it. Kudos. Check out Jammie Wearing Fool for the story:

They're really going to wish he were dead now. Talk about lobbing a nuclear salvo their way.

A day ahead of school budget elections statewide, Gov. Chris Christie today escalated his war of words with the state teachers' union, accusing union representatives of "using the students like drug mules" to carry information about whether their parents planned to vote.
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Atheist Author Blasts "Secular Inquisition"

Ignatius Insight has a great story up with an atheist author from Great Britain saying that atheists are using the clergy abuse scandal to attack the church:

Yeah, yeah, yeah—yet another hyper-reactionary papal apologist whining and complaining about how the Pope is being treated:
It’s worth asking why otherwise fairly intelligent thinkers get so dementedly exercised over the pope and the Catholic Church. What exactly is their beef? What are they objecting to? Very few (if any) of the pope-hunters were raised Catholic, so this isn’t about personal vengeance for some perceived slight by a priest or nun. And despite their current lowdown, historically illiterate attempt to equate a priest fondling a child with a state’s attempt to obliterate an entire people – under the collective tag ‘crime against humanity’ – the truth is that some of these pope-hunters don’t really think child abuse is the worst crime in the world.
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Stunning Photos of Unborn Animals

Faith and Family Live has a link to amazing photos:

Isn’t this photo of a baby elephant in utero amazing?

I found all these photos of unborn animal babies in the womb/egg astonishingly beautiful.

Isn’t God good?
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Wow! Morality in Sports?

Pretty amazing story at Patterico's Pontifications:

I grew up playing golf. The way I learned it, the game of golf is about doing your best and playing by the rules:

“[Brian] Davis’s approach shot on the first hole of the playoff bounced off the green and nestled in among some weeds. (You can see the gunk he was hitting out of in that shot above.) When Davis tried to punch the ball up onto the green, his club may have grazed a stray weed on his backswing.

So what’s the big deal?
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Gird Those Loins. Tighter

Pundette's all worried that this President doesn't seem to think it's a big deal if the country which is sending people to kill Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan right now gets a nuclear bomb. She shouldn't be so worried. Sheesh, doesn't she know Obama's gonna charm those nukes away. You just watch.

The alarms are sounding loudly that our debutant president is in way over his head, crippled by his own conviction, sharply contradicted by reality, that his personal charisma is irresistible to all and will effectively deter a deadly enemy.
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Don't Trust the Government

John Hawkins points out polling that says hardly anybody trusts the government anymore.

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." -- Ronald Reagan

If the Gipper were alive today, I'm sure he'd at least be pleased to see that a staggering percentage of the American public agrees with the sentiment expressed in that quote:
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In Defense of Non-Singing Catholics

New Liturgical Movement defends non-singer types:

If you think your Catholic congregation sings well, take a visit to the local Baptist congregation. The song leader announces the song. Everyone, without exception, grabs a hymnal. They intro plays and the hymn begins. A sound comes out that nearly knocks you out of your chair. You join the singing but no matter how loudly you chime in, you can't really make a dent in the sound. It is just another day for the Baptist, but for the Catholic it is mind blowing.

For many generations, people have wondered why Catholic congregations do not do this. We keep trying and trying. You will read no more vociferous rhetoric than to read the writings of music leaders in the Catholic Church and their frustrations at their own congregations.
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"On Faith" Catholic Hates Pope

Tim Graham of Newsbusters takes on the Newsweek/WaPo "On Faith" site. Direct hit:

It's quite clever and misleading for Newsweek and The Washington Post to name their religion site "On Faith." It's a little like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals starting a website simply called "On Meat."
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Atheists Welcome

Troglopundit says atheists are welcome to join the National Day of Prayer:

Americans must be protected, lest our feelings be hurt. Our tender, tender feelings, and our lightly-held core beliefs.

Or, at least, you'd think that:
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Man Gets 50 Yrs. For Aborting Child

Maybe if he had a medical degree things would've been different. Check out Verum Serum for the details of this horrific story:

He used a knife:

A Sacramento Superior Court judge sentenced a 32-year-old man to 50-years-to-life imprisonment today for killing his girlfriend’s unborn baby by stabbing her in the stomach.

That’s after Danny Ray Poplin Jr. serves 12 years for corporal injury and assault with a deadly weapon in connection with his Dec. 31, 2006 attack, Judge Greta Curtis Fall ruled.
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Hillary Scolds Israel, Praises Palestine

Does the White House know what "ally" even means? Weasel Zippers has this sad story of a foreign policy gone mad:

Something seriously wrong with this picture…

WASHINGTON: The United States called Thursday on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to prove his commitment to a Palestinian state, warning that prolonged conflict only strengthened extremists.
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Spanking in the Classroom

Subvet thinks bringing back the paddle to the classroom might not be the worst thing in the world.

In an era when students talk back to teachers, skip class and wear ever-more-risque clothing to school, one central Texas city has hit upon a deceptively simple solution: Bring back the paddle.

Most school districts across the country banned paddling of students long ago. Texas sat that trend out. Nearly a quarter of the estimated 225,000 students who received corporal punishment nationwide in 2006, the latest figures available, were from the Lone Star State.
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3 Parent Embryos

Mary Meets Dolly explains why three parent embryos isn't what the media is telling you it is:

Previously, I blogged about 3 parent monkeys that were created to "cure" mitochondrial disease. I warned that there was a push to create 3 parent human embryos for the same purpose. Well less than a year later, scientists in the UK announced they have created human embryos with 3 genetic parents.

Why would scientists want to engineer an embryo with the genetic material from 3 people? To "prevent" the inheritance of mitochondrial disease. Not all of our DNA that we inherit is in the nuclei of the egg and sperm that join at conception. In the cytoplasm of our mother's egg are mitochondria. Mitochondria have their own DNA called mtDNA. We inherit our mtDNA only from our mother because sperm's mitochondria are dumped at conception. There are genetic mutations that cause disease in mtDNA and a woman with a such a mutation cannot help but pass this mutation on to her children.
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4 Reasons You Might Be Aborted

Open letter to fetal humans from Joe Carter at First Thoughts. Pretty great stuff:

To my fellow humans who are entering that most precarious stage of human development.

Let me begin by congratulating you on making it through the embryonic stage. Too many of our fellow humans don’t even make it as far as you have now. Many died of natural causes. Others were cut down prior to implantation by an abortifacient. Still others are trapped in the freezers of IVF clinics, in suspended animation awaiting their fate.

You have made it to the second stage of life. But you’re not out of the woods, as they say, until you’re out of the womb. In America there are roughly 250 abortions for every 1000 live births, which means that you have (all other things being equal) a one in five chance of still being aborted. Here are four reasons you might be aborted and what you can do to avoid this gruesome fate.
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Duct Tape and a Stick of Butter

Suzanne Temple writes great little family stories at Blessed Among Men. If you like stories about those great little family moments check her out and just scroll down. Here's the one on top but check them all out.

Nicholas: Why do we call him Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

Me: Because that's his name.

Nicholas: It's a weird name. When I am a great composer, I want people to call me "Nicholas Justin Tinfoil Ding Dong Temple."
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Happy Dance

This is a pretty fun video:

A hospital put this video together for breast cancer awareness. In all honesty, I’m not sure I’m more aware, but I’m definitely more cheerful.
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Bill Clinton Ties Tea Party to Terrorism

These people will stop at nothing to prolong their utopian schemes, even insulting millions of Americans. Weasel Zippers has the story"

Bill Clinton Ties to Tea Party to Oklahoma City Bombing… Using the Oklahoma City tragedy for political purposes in reprehensible beyond belief…
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Tea Party Infiltrators Fail

Some of these are just hilarious. Check out Moonbattery:

Patriots were more than ready for the moonbat vermin who attempted to sully yesterday's historic rallies for liberty.

Here's the reception a clown with Nazi symbols on his shirt got in St. Louis:
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No 'seamless garment' for late Father Marx

from Matt Abbott at RenewAmerica

The following is an impressive letter recently sent to Abbot John Klassen of St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minn. — do you realize that if I were to be the head of a monastery, I would be the Abbot Abbott? ... but I digress — by Andrew Scholberg, veteran pro-life activist and convert who has appeared on EWTN. Mr. Scholberg, who gave me permission to print his letter in this column, worked for the late Father Paul Marx, founder of Human Life International, an organization now headed by Father Tom Euteneuer.

March 31, 2010
Rt. Rev. John Klassen, O.S.B.
Office of the Abbot
St. John's Abbey
Collegeville, MN 56321

Dear Abbot Klassen,

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Darn! Cross Dressing Day Cancelled

The school which tried to make boys dress as girls is saying they were misunderstood. Warner Todd Huston doesn't think so.

I hate it when the Old Media gets all mad at me, and stuff. But, here is the vaunted AP scolding me for "skewering" a grade school over the story of the canceled cross-dressing day that was to be held at the Maude Wilkins School in New Jersey.

On the morning of April 12 I came across a story posted on my FaceBook page by an incensed mother of a grade school boy from the Maude Wilkins grade school. She was upset that her school had planned an event for women's history month wherein students would come to school dressed as a famous woman from history, or dressed in representative historical women's fashion from American history… yes, they even expected the boys to dress as women.
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Review of "The Perfect Game"

From Leticia @ Catholic Media Review

When is the last time you saw a great baseball movie; the kind which inspires you to go outside and play ball? How about a rags-to-riches story about the underdogs who made good despite bigotry, poverty, and family drama? When is the last time you saw a film which made your heart swell with pride about being a Latino or belonging to the Catholic Church? Would you believe there is a film out there like this? And that this film stars Cheech Marin, as Padre Esteban, a devout, old-fashioned priest?” This would take a miracle”, you say, well, in this film, Padre Esteban says “Sometimes God gives us the ability to make them.”

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Dismantle and Demolish the Tea Party

Liberals are attempting to portray themselves as Tea Partiers and yell racist things and hold up "Birther" signs. Check out Right Wing News for the story:

On March 6, former George H. W. Bush speechwriter Michael Johns was speaking before a tea party gathering in Philadelphia when someone from the audience took exception to the fact that during his address he did not say "President Obama" but merely called him Mr. Obama. The heckler screamed a racial slur at Mr. Johns calling him a "white boy."
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Fr. Pfleger Apolgizes. Kinda'

Always Catholic reports on Fr. Pfleger's almost apology:

From the Website of the Archdiocese of Chicago:

Statement of Rev. Michael Pfleger
Pastor, St. Sabina Parish
April 14, 2010

On Sunday, April 11, while preaching a sermon on the power of fear, I was referring to the fear that paralyzed the apostles, locking them in a room, leaving only John and the women at the foot of the cross. I stated that is why I believe women ought to be able to be ordained, as well as priests ought to be able to get married...
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Crisis Leads To 3rd Secret Questions?

From Michael Brown

The news that high Vatican officials played roles in aspects of the current abuse crisis (however indirect the roles may have been) could cause skeptics to cast a new look at the third secret of Fatima -- one of the greatest mysteries of the Twentieth Century.

The reason is simple: these officials were also involved in the preparation, interpretation, and public revelation of that famous prophecy, which some still doubt was revealed in full, as too abuse cases were shielded from full public perusal.

We don't think that's the case. We believe it was revealed in full. Moreover, there is absolutely no reason to believe that high Vatican officials ever did anything untoward in priest-abuse cases.

But if nothing else, it has provided fodder for those who wish to revisit assertions that the Fatima secret was never revealed in full and who long have believed that it may have had to do precisely with a coming Church crisis or scandal.

Those notions are put forth most poignantly by Italian journalist Antonio Socci, who...

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NY Times Puts Americans in Danger

Great article from Big Journalism about how the New York Times is hurting America and putting American lives in danger:

I have just received word that the New York Times is preparing to go public with a list of names of Americans covertly working in Afghanistan providing force protection for our troops, as well as the rest of our Coalition Forces. If the Times actually sees this through, the red ink they are drowning in will be nothing compared to the blood their entire organization will be covered with. Make no mistake, the Times is about to cause casualty rates in Afghanistan to skyrocket. Each and every American should be outraged.
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"Catholic" Schools Ignores 11,000 Requests

Another Catholic school is way off the rails and actually promoting abortion, says Pewsitter:

At least 11,000 students and concerned parents have petitioned the Catholic University of Detroit Mercy to remove links to abortion promoters from its web site. So far the request has not been granted. Links to Planned Parenthood and the National Organization for Women (NOW) are still listed in two places: “career & professional resources” and “external sites of interest.”

The average internet savvy webmaster could remove these pro-abortion links with ease in less than five minutes. Yet this Jesuit-Mercy university has not removed them so far, thus giving scandal to students who are faithful to Catholic teaching on abortion. The university’s seeming unwillingness to remove these links might be related to another troubling discovery.
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Palin at the Tea Party

Check out the vid at Adrienne's Catholic Corner:

We need a Sarah Palin to keep us energized and alert. Attending a tax day Tea Party? Take your camera and watch for trolls making mischief.
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Ordinary Miracle by Michael Moriarty

Michael Moriarity writes at Big Hollywood about the Democrats affection for death:

For me the human being is a miracle.

For Progressive Americans, however, because of the particularly Progressive Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade Decision of 1973, the human being has become less than ordinary.

The human being is now an easily disposable or aborted threat to the ideals of a Progressive New World Order.
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Hmmm. That Logo Looks Familiar

Oh no he didn't...But he did. Again. Check out Weasel Zippers for the new logo for Obama's big meeting:

Logo For Obama’s “Nuclear Security Summit” Looks Oddly Familiar…
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Safe, Legal and Rare is a Joke

Any questions about abortion must be silenced by pro-aborts who call themselves pro-choice. John Hawkins has the story:

When conservatives point out that liberals believe in killing children for convenience sake, what do liberals usually say? Typically, it's some variation of, "Why, nobody wants more abortions. We just believe that abortions should be safe, legal, and rare!" Of course, then they follow that up by trying to make sure that as many children are aborted as humanly possible.
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Yup. There's an App for the Unborn

This is pretty cool from the Curt Jester:

Sometime my geek side and my Catholic side get to met. I just noticed a new app for the iPad called Hello Baby – Pregnancy Calendar done by P&G Productions for Pampers.

The app is rather cool in that as you click along the timeline you see the progress of the baby and you can enter your baby’s name and due date. You can also just swipe across the screen to move along the timeline. Clicking on the image brings up a zoomed in image. Clicking on the book icon brings up textual information on child development.
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When Does a Fetus Become a Baby?

The Other McCain is befuddled by liberal's belief that language changes reality:

Salon again, this time Tracy Clark-Flory, emphasis mine:
On Tuesday morning, Nebraska passed a bill outlawing abortions at 20 weeks based on the belief that fetuses begin to feel pain at that stage.
Couple of questions: By what magic means does a fetus become a baby?
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Chris Christie For President?

I'm not where Pundette is on Christie but I've got to admit I've been impressed. But the dude's gotta' hit the stepmaster if he wants to run for the big seat:

Chris Christie for President. In, like, 2016. Or 2020, after he's turned New Jersey around.

He's smart, funny, and immune to the flak (even when union members are urging their fellows to pray for his death). He understands that 1 + 1 = 2. His wife's name is Mary Pat. He can't be as good as he seems (can he?) but if only we had forty-nine more just like him. The Gormogons are smitten, too, and have a video of the governor on today's Morning Joe. William McGurn likens him to Reagan:
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Church in the Lede, Not in the Story

Wow. This media story goes out of its way to knock the Church. Check it out at Nightfly:

Sorry, Spider... the narrative must endure.
In a sex abuse scandal that some victims compare to what happened in the Catholic Church, at least 36 swimming coaches have been banned for life by the USA Swimming organization over the last 10 years because of sexual misconduct with teenagers they coached.
Yup... that's the lead. The comparison is not incorrect, and that's the horror and shame of it - but the lead? "Hey, thousands of young girls are being exploited by scumbag swim coaches, let's have a go at the Church!"
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Media Ignores This Sex Abuse Scandal

Moonbattery sees that all abuse cases aren't equal in the media's eyes:

The media works itself into a lather over sexual abuses in the Catholic Church which --- abominable though they were and horrific though the church's handling of them was --- occurred 20 or 30 years ago. These cases have already been litigated, the guilty have been punished or are dead, and the church has paid hundreds of millions to the victims. Most importantly, the church has cleaned up its act, which is why current cases of abuse are far more rare than what happens in, for example, the public schools.

Or the halls of Congress, for that matter. A Democrat Congressman, Eric Massa, resigned under a cloud of scandal, but you won't hear even 1/1000th of the media hype of his recent scandal as you will about Catholic Scandals from the Disco Era.
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Female GOP Official Beaten For Palin Pin

Remember. The right wingers are the violent lunatics. Gateway Pundit has the story:

The governor’s office said Monday that Allee Bautsch suffered a broken leg and her boyfriend suffered a concussion and fractured nose and jaw in the alleged incident.

A Republican activist and her boyfriend were savagely beaten in New Orleans on Friday for wearing Sarah Palin pins.
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Epic Fail for Gay Marriage Supporters

This just made me laugh. Check out Moonbattery's Happy Dance and click on their link for the full story:

A petition drive to repeal Proposition 8 in California failed to gain enough signatures for a place on the November ballot.

Happy dance, everyone!
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School Forces Boys to Dress as Girls

This country is nuts. And the schools are funny farms. Check out this crazy story from Right Wing News:

To celebrate women's history month this year, grade school boys are being forced to dress up like women at the Maple Shade School District in Burlington County, New Jersey and some parents are none too happy about it.

According to Beth F. Norcia, Principal of the Maude Wilkins Elementary School, the cross-dressing scheme was set up as a contest to celebrate women's history month among the Burlington County schools.
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Let's Politicize Medicine

When government takes over healthcare, healthcare becomes politics. Check out these two disturbing stories from Powerline blog concerning the politcization of healthcare:

If you have government-controlled medicine, as the Democrats want to institute here, then every health care decision becomes political. Is that really what you want? The Telegraph reports on what inevitably will happen. The government uses its health care database to try to retain power:

Labour has been accused of using a Government database to target cancer victims with party political messages.
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Justice Stevens Retirement? Adv. Dems

Some are saying that a Supreme Court nomination process works to the GOP advantage but Troglopundit disagrees:

Is Justice Stevens’ retirement really a bad thing for Democrats? Ed Rollins – former Reagan advisor – thinks maybe so, but I’m not so sure. He writes: Justice John Paul Stevens’ widely anticipated announcement Friday morning of his retirement after 35 years on the court, gives the president and his party another challenge going into the fall elections. Who the president nominates and how ferocious the...

Ed Rollins former Reagan advisor thinks maybe so, but I'm not so sure. He writes:

Justice John Paul Stevens' widely anticipated announcement Friday morning of his retirement after 35 years on the court, gives the president and his party another challenge going into the fall elections.
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The Real Scandal and the Real Story

Ignatius Insight writes a great piece:

A fly-by hater sent the following comment regarding Fr. Fessio's explanation of what really happened in the mid-1980s regarding the situation with an abusive priest from the Archdiocese of Oakland and the supposed failure of then-Cardinal Ratzinger to respond swiftly and effectively enough:

Maybe you should stop trying to justify child-rape. Just an idea.

If I thought this was just the half-cracked spitting of an isolated hater, I'd not bother to mention it. But having spent too much time the past couple of weeks reading numerous comments on dozens of sites (news sites, blogs, etc.) attached to stories, reports, and commentary about the ongoing papal saga, I know it isn't isolated or rare.
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The Elites Hate the Duggars

Great post at Big Journalism on the crazy reaction that secular progressives have towards the Duggars:

Leave it to PETA to push the envelope.

“Doggies Multiply Faster Than Duggars: Be Responsible. Always Spay and Neuter.” That was a billboard campaign that the controversial animal-rights organization wanted to launch in Springdale, Arkansas, near where America’s most fertile homeschooling family resides. But the company that rents the billboard space (wisely) backed out.
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Maurisa's Got an IPad

A self declared non-techie has an IPad and she's talking in non computer jargon. Check out Maurisa's Half a Dozen Productions:

I am not a lover or a consumer of technology. I just don't understand it. If it weren't for my technophile hubby, I truly would still be in the dark ages, before cell phones, the internet and GPS. Wingnut is a Mac addict through and through. And while I did not allow him to stand in those ridiculous lines waiting to purchase an iPhone two years ago, we do own three of them now. We own two desk top Macs and a laptop, plus, Wingnut was able to convince his place of work to purchase all Mac laptops as they can boot into Windows as well as the Mac platform (OS something or other).
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Rock On Papa, We Got Your Back

Always Catholic sees some good ol' fashioned bullying in the media vs. the Pope:

It’s no wonder kids bully other kids. As I sit and go through the stories of the day, I have invariably come upon a common thread–a link.

Today, 9 April 2010 A.D., the common link or LCD (remember Lowest Common Denominator from grade school mathematics) is once again, the bullying of one child or children to another.

As I read these stories, (several in the last week) I pray for the victims and their families and then my gut instinct begins to kick in. What is so familiar about the tone and specifics of the bullying attacks? Why are young people willing to vilify each other over gossip or made up information?

I could give the usual opinion of parents not listening, yada, yada, yada… but I won’t. You are not surprised, I am sure. My theory: When young people see that media and “celebs” from all walks of the social strata beat up on a old guy well …all bets are off.

The NY Times, (insert finger in mouth as if to simulate barfing) barely hanging on financially and becoming the “Old Grayer Lady” by the moment has decided that Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI needs to be beaten to a pulp. The ironic thing is that supposed, enlightened thinkers have joined in the pile-on.
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Sacre Bleu: French Brains Defend Pope

From Andrew Cusak

A number of prominent French men & women have written a ‘call to truth’ supporting Pope Benedict XVI in the current media storm and pedophilia scandal. As the Appeal’s about page says, Pope Benedict XVI “is the first pope to address head-on, without compromise, the problem. Paradoxically, he is the subject of undermining and personal attacks, attacks relayed with a certain complacency on the part of the press”.

The list of original signatories includes writers, essayists, literary critics, bloggers, professors, philosophers, businessmen, senators, members of parliament, mayors, publishers, comedians, a Protestant minister, a Fields medal winner, and even a sexologist.

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Anti-Obama is Heresy

Socialism is the media's religion and Obama is their...

If media people like David Gregory don't want conservatives to mock Obama as the liberals' idea of the Messiah, then perhaps they should steer away from accusing those who discount Obama's powers as committing "heresy." From Sunday's Meet the Press:

Here's a question about his style of leadership. To say that President Obama is not an inspirational figure would strike a lot of people, especially defenders, as almost heresy. But my question is, has he found a way to reach people's hearts when it's not about him and his historic journey, when it's about them and their struggles?
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Mail Fraudsters Target Pro-life Group

This is pretty sick. Check out EWTN for the story:

The Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League has announced that it was the target of a mail fraud scam of national proportions. People calling the League alerted the organization to mailings that list an organization called “American Women’s Health,” accompanied by the League’s mailing address and phone number. The mailings attempt to sell at-home abortion kits. The mailings, which have appeared in various mailboxes from California to Minnesota and Kentucky, advertise “the Home Abortion Kit.” The kit, which the brochure says retails for $400, allegedly contains a secret combination of chemicals that “break down the fetus into bio-waste in a mere ten minutes.” The brochure states that the “bio-waste” can then be disposed of “down the toilet, down the drain, or into a compost heap because it is completely safe for the environment.”
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Maureen Dowd is Not Catholic

The New York Times says she doesn't believe in transubstantiation. Check out the Gormogons:

Maureen Dowd righteously plays More-Catholic-Than-Thou in today's New York Times op-eds on the topic of the Roman Catholic Church's pedophilia scandal. Some of Ms. Dowd's criticisms are fairly made (i.e., pedophilia has damaged the Church's reputation; certain individuals covered up these crimes). However, her words belie her Catholicism.

Kathryn Jean Lopez does a nice general takedown of Ms. Dowd's polemic over at NRO. Go read it. It's good stuff.

But what really caught 'Puter's eye were these two nuggets of Ms. Dowd's wisdom:
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Former Atheist's Thoughts on the Scandals

Jen F. is always worth reading:

When I was first exploring Christianity, I was enchanted with the idea of Jesus walking among us and performing miracles. I'd come to an intellectual acceptance of the concept that miracles could happen, so it was exciting to hear about instances where they supposedly had! The more my research led me to conclude that Jesus really was who he said he was, the more delightful it was to transport myself back to those times long ago, and imagine the wonder and appreciation the gathered crowds must have felt.

When my studies started leading me to the Catholic Church, though, things got a little weird.
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An Underwhelming Lent?

Maggie's worried about her lack of feeling about the Death and Resurrection of Christ this Lent:

Now that Lent is over, I've been thinking back to these past 40 days and assessing how fruitful Lent was for me.

It is always the same with Advent and Lent- I have these grandiose plans to grow spiritually by leaps and bounds. Sometimes the blog-o-sphere can be a bad thing, because I find that I compare myself to my fellow bloggers and thinking, "Gee... it sounds like they are having a very spiritually fulfilling Lent and here I am watching Dancing with the Stars getting annoyed that Kate Gosselin is crying yet again. Shouldn't I be doing something a little more spiritually productive with my time?"

Sometimes I feel that I'm somewhat emotionally immune to the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
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Excommunicating Oneself for Other's Sins

The Anchoress writes a pretty great piece about those who are excommunicating themselves due to the sins of a small minority of priests:

On Good Friday, NPR ran a piece of mine wherein I discuss why I remain a Catholic.

This week, they present the flip side, showcasing an essay by author Julianna Baggott, who writes about leaving the Catholic Church, but not the identity:
I am deeply Catholic and always will be, but I’m no longer a member of the church. I left in 2003 because of the sex abuse scandal.

One day at Mass, I couldn’t put money into the offertory basket. Was I paying for lawyers of pedophiles? I wanted to protest, but that’s easy. It’s called being Protestant. I thought of it as a boycott.
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Bad Economic Ideas 101

The tax changes could actually harm some much needed growth right now, says Troglopundit:

If you believe that large (25+ employees) companies are bad for America, then this is a great policy. If, however, you believe the phrase “economic growth” kind of depends on the growth, then, maybe not so much.

Via Kiplinger.com, a listing of tax changes in ObamaCare. Amid the cacophony of government greed:
The new law gives small firms tax credits as incentives to provide coverage, starting this tax year.
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Nobody Knows What Sarah Will Do Next

Melissa Clouthier says don't underestimate Sarah Palin or try to figure out what she's going to do next:

The only thing predictable about Sarah Palin: The revulsion she inspires by those "in the know". The whole schtick is tiresome. For months, now, Palin's demise has been foretold in ominous tones and what amounts to cluck-clucking church gossip.

Sarah Palin is still here.
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Deepak Chopra- Supervillain.

Don't mess with the Chopra man. He'll kill us all with the super powered meditations. Gateway Pundit has the story:

Leftist fruitcup Deepak Chopra knows what caused the Baja earthquake on Sunday…
His powerful meditation.
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A Jew Defends the Church

The goal of many in the media is to destroy religion. They don't like it. They're not comfortable with it. Inforum blog has a piece by a Jewish man defending the Church. Definitely worth a read:

Jewish businessman Sam Miller first wrote an article smacking down media bias against the Catholic Church in June 2008. He originally wrote it for the Cleveland Diocese’s ‘Buckeye Bulletin’. It has suddenly started circulating again, and seems more timely now than ever.

I received it in pdf form in emails. Here’s a blog that ran it in 2008, and it’s interesting that the comments section generated activity then, and has picked up more now.
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Queer The Census?

Newspaper encourages "queering" the Census. Check out Newsbusters for the story:

The Seattle Times needs a refresher course on impartial journalism. Staff reporter Lornet Turnbull didn't even try to cover her liberal tracks as she embraced the LGBT agenda in a March 31 article: "Census Will Count Gay Couples Who Check 'Husband or Wife.'"

Turnbull's article about the LGBT community's anger toward the Census Bureau tilted in favor of the homosexual agenda with sources stacked 3-to-1.
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Hanoi Jane Vs. Sarah Palin

It's amazing to me that Jane Fonda must truly believe she did nothing wrong by embedding herself with the communists in Vietnam. And then to attack Sarah Palin is just idiocy. Click over Weasel Zippers for the transcript:

Lefty gutter trash versus American patriot....

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Monday, April 5, "Larry King Live" on CNN:

LARRY KING: Twitter question, King's Things got a number of Tweets referring to you as "Hanoi Jane." There's a new book coming out, get this, "Hanoi Jane: War, Sex, and Fantasies of Betrayal."

JANE FONDA: Yes, it's a good book.
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O Come Let us Adore...Obama?

Kathryn Lopez calls out the media on their adoration of Obama in a sstory about pastors "singing praise" to Obama:

This sentence actually appears in the Washington Post, in a piece about black pastors meeting with President Obama today (I give you the whole graph for context; bold is mine):
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Advice to Action Heroes

Verum Serum has some good advice for action heroes. Fall in love or get a sense of humor. Preferably both:

I just read John Nolte’s review of Clash of the Titans. I was struck by this bit:
As Perseus, Worthington is a problem. Hollywood has embraced him as the Next Big Thing, and while it’s nice to see masculinity making a big screen comeback, he’s a bit of a blank slate. It’s like someone grabbed a faceless henchman out of the chorus line of a James Bond movie and made him a star. “Titans” is a film in desperate need of a leading man with personality. 25 years ago, Schwarzenegger would’ve turned this into an instant pulp classic.
This touches on some things I’ve thought about for a while now. Why do some action movies work and some just suck? It seems like it shouldn’t be that complicated, right? So why are so many of these films terrible. Well, I think I know and I’m going to lay it out.
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Libertinism or Libertarianism on Porn

Every time someone says we shouldn't do something you always get libertarians screaming that you're infringing on their rights. But it's not always about legality but morality. Cranky Con takes on the defenders of porn:

Read this column from NRO last week on pornography. Now read Helen Smith’s response to it, and in particular this paragraph.

I am very sorry that Anonymous’s marriage did not work out. However, while blaming porn for every social ill and for her marriage dissolving may make her feel better, crusading for laws to make other men pay for this failure will not lead to better marriages. It will lead to even more men going underground to view porn — and feeling resentful while they do.

If you have read Anonymous’s column, do you feel that this is a fair representation of it? I will concede that the “blaming porn for every social ill and for her marriage dissolving” line is a bit of rhetorical excess on Dr. Smith’s part, so I will let that pass. But where in Anonymous’s column does she speak of “crusading for laws?”
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Moonbats Dream of Imprisoning Pope

Never mind that the Pope didn't do anything wrong, he must be frog marched before an EU Court and imprisoned:

The Easter propaganda blitzkrieg the liberal media has been waging against the Catholic Church went into hyperdrive when AP started fantasizing about arresting the Pope:

Protests are growing against Pope Benedict XVI's planned trip to Britain, where some lawyers question whether the Vatican's implicit statehood status should shield the pope from prosecution over sex crimes by pedophile priests
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What Was In Jeremy's Egg?

This is one heck of an Easter story by Sister Toldjah:

Jeremy was born with a twisted body, a slow mind and a chronic, terminal illness that had been slowly killing him all his young life. Still, his parents had tried to give him as normal a life as possible and had sent him to St. Theresa's Elementary School.

At the age of 12, Jeremy was only in second grade, seemingly unable to learn. His teacher, Doris Miller, often became exasperated with him. He would squirm in his seat, drool and make grunting noises. At other times, he spoke clearly and distinctly, as if a spot of light had penetrated the darkness of his brain. Most of the time, however, Jeremy irritated his teacher.
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