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WaPo's On Faith: Beck Just Like Hitler

Anthony Stevens Arroyo embarrasses himself with each column he writes. This one is no exception. Normally, Patrick and I usually have a good guffaw over the phone as we read Arroyo's columns and then one of us takes a turn ripping his work up so I'm thankful to Newsbusters for doing it this time so Pat and I can just laugh and do none of the lifting:

Apparently, March 15 was “get Beck” day at the Washington Post. Columnist Howard Kurtz criticized Fox News’ Glenn Beck for “dividing” Fox. He pointed out that companies have boycotted the show, and noted all the controversial things that Beck has said. Yes, Beck is wildly successful, “But that growth has come at a price, at least for those at Fox who believe that Beck is beginning to define their brand.”

That same day, Post religion writer and leftist hack Anthony Stevens-Arroyo attacked Glenn Beck on March 15 in a “Catholic in America” entry to the Post’s On Faith blog.
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Brian said...

I concede that perhaps the columnist was over-the-top. Still, please allow me to offer these links.





John Hetman said...

It's good to see that you still have a job, Brian, in these hards times, albeit with George Soros. Your links have more acorns than Anthony Stevens Arroyo's own swamp oaks. But I admire your chutzpah in lining them up for those, unlike me, who bear a semblance of charity and innocence. Many thanks for adding to the laughs on this post on WaPo's loose cannon, Arroyo.

Brian said...

I won't even dignify that remark with a full response.

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