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So Netanyahu is Krushchev?

The media is now trying to pain Obama's deplorable treatment of Netanyahu as a profile in courage. Victor Davis Hanson ain't havin' it. Not even a little:

Roger Cohen wrote this in the New York Times of Obama's putdown of Netanyahu: "The former Soviet leader [Khrushchev] thought he could browbeat Kennedy only to discover, in Vienna, that the Kennedy charm was not unalloyed to steel ('It will be a long, cold winter'). Netanyahu was the first foreign leader to think he could steamroll Obama. He earned a frosty comeuppance."

The paean goes on to praise the new steely Obama who used Netanyahu, like Kennedy did Khrushchev, to establish his fides.
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Anonymous said...

I remember JFK. The current resident of the white house most assuredly does not qualify for the same pay grade.

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