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New and Improved Stations of the Cross?

Catholic Caveman asks if this is Trashing the Passion?

It's all I can take to make it through just the minimum of this blasphemy from the allegedly-Catholic University of St. Louis. Jesuit-run. Why am I not surprised?
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Cathy said...

I work at this school. I have to walk past these on my way to the office. Pray for me. Pray for us.
There are many holy priests and teachers here, but they aren't in charge of the stations of the cross.

TomE said...

Station #6 is particularly moving (Barbie and blood spattered women's garments having everything to do w/Veronica wiping Jesus' face). I remember when Alan Keyes caught flak for soaking fake blood in baby strollers at the Notre Dame/Obama fiasco. Yet somehow when imbecilic liberals do it, it's A OK (go figure).

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