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Georgetown Funds "Sex Positive Week"

I would say you're not going to believe this but, of course you will. It's Georgetown. American Papist has the story:

I’ve been blogging long enough and have witnessed enough scandals that it’s pretty hard to take my breath away anymore.

Well, “Sex Positive Week” at (Jesuit-founded, Catholic) Georgetown University did.

Folks, looking at what activities this week included, it’s pretty clear we’re not even on planet earth anymore. I can’t write about what they talked about, because I don’t want Google to blacklist my blog as pornographic.
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Barbara said...

This isn't the first time. What's odd is the lack of heterosexuality. All the positive stuff is towards perversion and inversion.
Prayers to St. Ignatius Loyola needed. Gotta get Fr. Mitch on it too!

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