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Cassy Fiano, one of the strongest pro-life voices on the internet, wants to get rid of Pelosi but she also doesn't trust Republicans. What's a girl to do?

It’s no surprise that Americans are furious about this health care monstrosity passed on Sunday and signed into law by Obama today. Democrats know this, but I think that they were banking on quiet complicity from the citizenry. I don’t think that many of them believed they’d actually be held responsible for it. And which Democrat probably feels safest at all? Nancy Pelosi, Madam Speaker herself. She’s in a safe district, after all. But even if she can rest assured that she’s likely to be reelected, we can ensure that we never have to hear the words “Speaker Pelosi” ever again.

And with that in mind, the RNC had a stroke of genius and launched FireNancyPelosi.com. Twitter has been ablaze with the hashtag #FIREPELOSI, and the website has been an amazing success. It’s really caught on.
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