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Danielle's 5 Reasons She Loves Twitter

Danielle gives the reasons she loves Twitter but she leaves out mocking Obama in 140 characters or less. Well, she was always nicer than me. (Or at least she pretends to be):

1) Speed and Ease.

It’s the fastest, easiest way I’ve found to jot down the funny things my kids say, the delicious moments that flit past so quickly: the things I want to remember forever—but won’t, if I don’t record them. I used to use little slips of paper stuck to the fridge, or notebooks that were never at hand when I needed them. A friend recently referred to these home-life tweets as “the art of Twitter-as-time-capsule” and that’s exactly it.
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Elizabeth M said...

Just a correction though...

It's actually Melissa Wiley guest posting at Faith & Family. But Danielle did also link to the post from her blog.

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