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32 Dem Quotes

After reading all these quotes from Dems on why not to pass Obamacare I'm just wondering why they're going to pass it at all. Check out all these quotes at Right Wing News:

The problems with health care reform are legion. It'll raise premiums, unconstitutionally force people to buy health care, cause the deficit to skyrocket, slash Medicare spending to create a new entitlement, lead to rationing, cause a significant number of doctors to quit or retire early, and destroy the quality of care in America.

The process has also been illegitimate. We have a bill that represents a takeover of 1/6 of the US economy, but there are no Republican votes on board and Democrats are using arcane procedural tricks, reconciliation in the Senate and the Slaughter rule in the House, to pass a bill the American people have clearly said that they don't want.

Of course, I can point those things out all day long, but it doesn't matter to Democrats because I'm a conservative. Ideology trumps truth with them. So, I decided to put together a series of quotes from Democrats.
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Anonymous said...

The link to "continue reading" isn't working...

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