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I'm Watching You Dad

Pretty great video at Matthew Warner's site:

Fathers are not supposed to just be providers of stuff for their kids. That is entirely secondary. We are to first provide a flesh and blood example for our families to live by while being a spiritual leader.

This example we set is one that will stick with our children longer and louder than any words, keep them safer than the finest house, teach them better than any university and love them more deeply than any thing we could ever attain for them. It can not be faked, substituted for or bought. Virtually everything else is, in the end, totally unimportant.
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Now Dowd Libels the Pope

Maureen Dowd makes up a story about the Pope because the truth wasn't nasty enough. Check out the Weekly Standard talking about it because I'm not about to link to Dowd:

Via NRO, the New York Daily News editorial page responds to this column by Maureen Dowd:

It has become an increasingly prevailing belief that as a cardinal, before he ascended to the papacy, Pope Benedict enabled a pedophile priest to do enormous harm. This is false.

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd took the accusations against the Pope, whose given name is Joseph Ratzinger, to their most extreme. She wrote:

“Now we learn the sickening news that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, nicknamed ‘God’s Rottweiler’ when he was the church’s enforcer on matters of faith and sin, ignored repeated warnings and looked away in the case of the Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy, a Wisconsin priest who molested as many as 200 deaf boys.”
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159 Ways Obamacare is a Gov't Takeover

OK. Adrienne has officially depressed me.

Here is a list of new boards, bureaucracies, and programs created in the 2,733 page Senate health care bill, which serves as the framework for President Obama’s health proposal:
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How to Know You've Got a Drinking Problem

This was just too weird not to link from Nightfly:

Is your family worried about your drinking?

Is your drinking causing problems at work?

Do you have money problems because of your drinking?

Are there times you can't account for, where you don't remember things you have done?

Have you ever thrown up on the hood of a '76 Volare?

Have you ever woken up in a stranger's backyard?

Have you ever tried to resuscitate a dead animal?
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Will You Watch "The Passion" Again?

It's tough to watch and obviously not for little ones but I wonder how many rewatch "The Passion" during Holy Week?

Every Good Friday after the liturgy, my dad watches Mel Gibson’s 2004 movie The Passion of the Christ. Some of my family members always watch it with him.

I am never one of them. I saw the movie in the theater during Holy Week the year it came out, and I’m glad I did, but I haven’t watched it since then.

There are a couple reasons for this.
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Lt. Gov. Candidate's Mocks Catholics in Song

It's not smart enough to be called anti-Catholic but the song by a Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate certainly doesn't seem to respect the Pope all that much. Check out the story and the lyrics at Right Wing News:

For those of you still wondering what sort of tangled mess that is Obama's Illinois... On March 27, Jeff Finley of the Pioneer Press made an interesting discovery when looking up info on the Democrat's new pick for Lt. Governor, Sheila Simon. Apparently Sheila's 5-piece, all-girl band named the Loose Gravel Girls has an anti-Catholic, Pope bashing song in its play list.
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Dana Loesch Schools Matthews and Guest

I never heard of Dana Loesch before but she really whoops up on Chris Matthews and some Ivy League professor who insists on calling conservatives racist. Newsbusters has the vid:

Pivoting off a New York Times column by Frank Rich that accused tea partiers of being more afraid of "a black president and a female Speaker of the House" than by oncoming big government, Chris Matthews, once again, accused tea partiers of sexism and racism, on Monday's Hardball, and even brought on a Princeton professor to buttress his charges. However conservative talk show host Dana Loesch was on hand to rebut, point by point, Matthews and his guests' ugly accusations..
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So Netanyahu is Krushchev?

The media is now trying to pain Obama's deplorable treatment of Netanyahu as a profile in courage. Victor Davis Hanson ain't havin' it. Not even a little:

Roger Cohen wrote this in the New York Times of Obama's putdown of Netanyahu: "The former Soviet leader [Khrushchev] thought he could browbeat Kennedy only to discover, in Vienna, that the Kennedy charm was not unalloyed to steel ('It will be a long, cold winter'). Netanyahu was the first foreign leader to think he could steamroll Obama. He earned a frosty comeuppance."

The paean goes on to praise the new steely Obama who used Netanyahu, like Kennedy did Khrushchev, to establish his fides.
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Is Matthew Modine Volunteering?

Is Matthew Modine volunteering to go chat up Bin Laden or is this just pie in the sky stuff. Check out Big Hollywood:

Imagine if somebody were to really sit down with Osama Bin Ladin and say, ‘listen man,what is it that you’re so angry at me about that you’re willing to have people strap bombs to themselves, or get inside of airplanes and fly them into buildings.’ That would be the miracle if we can get, sit down and talk to our enemies and find a way for them to hear us. – Matthew Modine
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Stupak's Statement Ignored by Media

Bart Stupak said Pelosi had "votes in her pocket" and that many Dems who voted "no" would have voted "yes" if they needed to. The media, of course, didn't ask him to name names but I'd think the chances of Stupak doing something brave at this point are...um...zilch. Newsbusters has the story:

This item may not surprise those of us who have watched politicians take the safe way out at any opportunity, but it will give any voters who come across it reason to doubt any Democratic congressman who says that he or she voted no on principle against Obamacare on Sunday, March 21.
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Obama's Overpriced Student Loans

Just what young people needed. More expenses and crushing debt. Pundette has the story:

Another way to stick it to the young. Sen. Lamar Alexander:

“As Americans find out what it really does, they’ll be really unhappy,” Alexander predicts. “The first really unhappy people will be the 19 million students who, after July 1, will have no choice but to go to federal call centers to get their student loans. They’ll become even unhappier when they find out that the government is charging 2.8 percent to borrow the money and 6.8 percent to lend it to the students, and spending the difference on the new health-care bill and other programs. In other words, the government will be overcharging 19 million students.”
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How About Steele Out and Palin In?

I've wanted Michael Steele out for months. So I'm all for this idea from Kathleen McKinley:

When I first saw the story on The Daily Caller about RNC money being used at a "bondage themed club," my first thought was, "what the hell is a bondage themed club?" Yeah. I guess I don't get out much.

I held off writing about it because the first stories seemed to suggest that RNC chair Michael Steele had been the one at the club. I just didn't buy that, and it turns out it wasn't true. Michael Steele was not there, and says he had no idea of the expenditure. It seems there was an effort to recruit members to its "RNC Young Eagles" program (a fundraising sub group which targets younger donors). What this says about our younger generation is troubling enough. But what it says about Micheal Steele is just as bad.
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Reid Supporters Threaten, Throw Eggs

Harry Reid supporters throw eggs and threaten Andrew Breitbart. Media still very concerned about right wing violence (which hasn't actually happened):

Here is a smidge of our video from Saturday’s Tea Party Express coverage in Searchlight, Nevada. The AP calls this a hospitality tent. We call it destruction of property and assault. Either way, this is Harry Reid’s Democrat Party. So tolerant. So enlightened. So Progressive. With friends like these, Senator Reid, who needs enemies?
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Finally! Atheist Writes Book About Jesus

I think I'll be skipping this book which Carl Olson takes apart.

Philip Pullman apparently missed the entire 20th century in at least two ways.

The background: The author of the His Dark Materials books has now written a book about Jesus. The Guardian reports:

Using the four Gospels as its source, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, which will be published on Wednesday, has the naive young Mary giving birth to twins after a visit by a mysterious stranger claiming to be an angel.

Hmmm, how clever: Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde meets the Four Evangelists
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The Official Obama's Broken Promises List

Wow. That's quite a list. Jim Geraghty's done a great job compiling the list of Obama's broken campaign promises:

By popular demand, a comprehensive list of expired Obama statements...


STATEMENT: “We've got a philosophical difference, which we've debated repeatedly, and that is that Senator Clinton believes the only way to achieve universal health care is to force everybody to purchase it. And my belief is, the reason that people don't have it is not because they don't want it but because they can't afford it.” Barack Obama, speaking at a Democratic presidential debate, February 21, 2008.

EXPIRATION DATE: On March 23, 2010, Obama signed the individual mandate into law
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Tea Partier Threatens Congressman!?

A Tea Partier has threatened to kill a Congressman and his family. News at 11. Oh wait. It was actually a gay Muslim Obama supporter who just threatened a Republican. So...never mind. Nothing to see here. Weazel Zippers has the story:

This can't be. I thought Obama supporters believed in love and peace...(CNN) -- A 33-year-old Pennsylvania man has been arrested for threatening to kill Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor, the number two Republican in the House of Representatives, the Justice Department announced Monday.

Norman Leboon, a resident of Philadelphia, was charged in a two-count complaint with threatening to kill Cantor and his family.
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California Students Finally Learn Something

Maybe these kids will start questioning if Big Brother always knows better:

It's nice to see students are taught something besides liberal lies after all. Students at a Southern California high school have learned that nanny state authoritarianism is not good for business:

Tiger's Den, the student-run snack bar at South Pasadena High School, has watched its profit plummet by more than half this year after a law banned junk food sales in California public schools and forced it to yank its best-seller, AriZona ice teas.
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Fr. DeSouza Responds to the NY Times

Fr. Raymond J. de Souza takes on the media's portrayal of the Pope:

The New York Times on March 25 accused Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, of intervening to prevent a priest, Fr. Lawrence Murphy, from facing penalties for cases of sexual abuse of minors.

The story is false. It is unsupported by its own documentation. Indeed, it gives every indication of being part of a coordinated campaign against Pope Benedict, rather than responsible journalism.

Before addressing the false substance of the story, the following circumstances are worthy of note:
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Ah! The Good Ol' Peaceful Days of Protest

Warner Todd Huston reminds us all how sweet and kind the protesters were about President Bush:

With all the tales in the Old Media of the supposed violence committed by Tea Partiers going on since Obama’s takeover of our nation’s healthcare system, I thought it might be instructive to recall how hate-filled the unhinged left is in America today.
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Why Catholics Should Work to Repeal HCare

Deal Hudson at Inside Catholic explains

There are only two facts Catholics need to know about the health-care bill to decide it must be repealed: The bill signed by the president includes federal funding for abortion, and the executive order does nothing to remove that funding.

You don't have to accept those facts on my authority -- they have both been expressly asserted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

For those who have been led astray by the false and misleading statements of Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), the Catholic Health Association, Catholics United, and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, here is how the USCCB explains it:

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Government Messes up Windmills

Wind turbines and government grants don't mix well. Yup. That's right. The government can't even make windmills run right. The blogprof has the story:

To put up a wind turbine, or an array of wind turbines, one would be wise to do a full-blown wind assessment for a minimum of 1 year. This consists of putting up one or several anemometer, or met-towers, to continuously measure wind speed, direction and vertical distribution. From the data there is a determination of economic feasibility and cost-benefit. At least that's the way it is supposed to be done. For the moonbat, however, science need only give a good fuzzy feeling. The rest is superfluous.
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A Bug or a Feature?

You mean there are things in Obamacare that we didn't know about?! Troglopundit wonders whether it was intended.

Dumping retirees off their employer-provided health benefits? All part of the master plan!

Via HotAir: ObamaCare threatens employer-provided drug benefits.

The health care overhaul will cost U.S. companies billions and make them more likely to drop prescription drug coverage for retirees because of a change in how the government subsidizes those benefits.
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Must Read: John Allen The Pope & The Crisis

John Allen set the record straight on some of the media misreporting on Pope Benedict and the historical role of the CDF in the crisis.

This is a MUST READ >>>>

CNN Can't Find One Faithful Catholic

CNN books three Catholic guests, none of whom actually defend the Church, says Matthew Balan of Newsbusters:

CNN's Kyra Phillips brought on three heterodox Christians on Friday's Newsroom, all of whom endorse leftist "reforms" inside the Catholic Church, such as women priests and acceptance of homosexual behavior. Phillips didn't bring on any guests who defended the Church's positions, and actually egged on her guests: "I think all three of you need to head to the Vatican and institute some change."
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Obama treats Netanyahu like the Dali Lama and Great Britain and...:

Does Obama wake up and say "which ally can I tick off today?" He has managed to annoy the Brits and their leaders, including the Queen, multiple times, Sarkozy, Merkel, the Israeli's multiple times, the Pakistani's, Iraqi leaders, Hamid Karzai several times. Now it is Binyamin Netanyahu's chance to meet Obama's bus, which is a double wide and stretched at this point
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Andrew Klavan on Extreme Extremists

Pretty funny stuff from Andrew Klavan:

Angry or furious? Threatening or deeply, deeply sinister? From their angry pickup trucks to their extreme extremities, Mainstream Media News anchor Andrew Klavan delivers a hard-hitting, objective report on America’s angry tea party of anger. Watch the latest Klavan on the Culture and comment here
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ND Observer At It Again

Carol Olson has found people to the left of the Notre Dame administreation. Unfortunately, it's the student run newspaper:

The Notre Dame Observer, having recently refused to run an article about Church teaching and homosexuality by Dr. Charles Rice, long-time columnist for the Observer and Professor Emeritus of Notre Dame Law School, is now calling for professors to "join the ongoing conversation about L(esbian) G(ay) B(i-sexual) T(ransgender) Q(ueer/Questioning) issues":
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Religious Order for Downs Syndrome Women

Now this is amazing. Check out Danielle's story: and video:

I was touched when I recently read the story about Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb, a contemplative order made up of women with Down syndrome. The French community was founded in 1985, canonically recognized as a public association by the Archbishop of Tours in 1990.

“Guided by the wisdom of St Benedict, we teach our little disabled sisters the manual labour necessary for their development. We live poverty in putting ourselves at their disposal. With them, we share the work of everyday life.
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No Sin? No Jesus?

Taylor Marshall's brain is on steroids. His blog posts are just so much better than what so many of us are doing in the Catholic blogosphere. This question is a fascinating one:

Happy feast day of Annunciation. Today we remember and celebrate how the angel Gabriel came to Our Lady saying, "Hail full of grace!"

Our Lady pronounced her "fiat" or "amen," and the divine Word of God was made flesh in her holy and immaculate womb. God became man. He who was rich became poor so that we might become rich.

A common question in scholastic discussions centered on whether the Divine Logos would have become man, even if Adam had not sinned.
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Father Trigilio on the Treatment of the Pope

Father Giovanni Trigilio believes the media isn't treating Pope Benedcit fairly:

CNN relentlessly attacked Pope Benedict XVI today. Anderson Cooper and Jack Cafferty wasted no time making illogical inferences that the Holy Father was guilty of covering up a pedophile priest while he was a German Archbishop in 1980. That Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger was Archbishop at the time is not de facto empirical evidence he knew everything nor that he was told everything about Fr. Peter Hullermann. Furthermore, the press and media which love sound bytes loathe long explanations even if they clarify the truth.
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Shouting Racist in a Crowded Country

Andrew Breitbart offers $10,000 for evidence that the N- word was hurled at congress members:

As I have said over and over and over, the left has one trick that it will use again and again when its back is in the corner: shout ‘racist’ in a crowded country.

On Saturday, during the peaceful and patriotic tea party protest at the Capitol, the Democrats staged a series of symbolic acts meant to manipulate the media to do its bidding. The Congressional Black Caucus pulled the Selma card and chose to walk through the crowd in the hopes of creating a YouTube incident.
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Fr. Z is Really Angry. And Right.

This whole thing just kills me. It's like getting punched in the stomach. Over and over. And over. Check out Fr. Z:

I have been struggling through the day with this post. I haven’t known precisely what to do about my anger.

The online edition of Hell’s Bible, in its relentless hectoring of the Catholic Church (ignoring the prosecuted sins of other groups) has a story about a priest who abused many children decades ago and about the way he was dealt with by the hierarchy. This recent round deals with a monstrously sick priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee (where one of the great liberals of the USA was in command, Archbp. Weakland) but who resided in the Diocese of Superior (where another great liberal, Bp. Fliss was in charge). The priest has since gone to his eternal, I repeat eternal, reward.
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Ruled by the Many? Or the Few?

Obamacare is a departure from the American way, according to What's Wrong with the World?

From the moment man was self-conscious (or, if you like, from the moment he emerged out of the state of nature) he faced a political choice something like this. He could have rule by the one, rule by the few, or rule by the many. Those exhaust the options. This is a basic question of political science.

America, almost alone among nations, has sent forth a bold cry for rule-by-the-many, which means self-rule, since her earliest days. Our political tradition stands emphatically for rule-by-the-many, for popular government, for democracy; our nation is a republic.
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Family Guy Mocks Terry Schiavo

There is an all out assault on the disabled in this country that I just don't understand. Quite frankly, it scares me. Wesley Smith has this disgusting story:

In the five years since Terri Schiavo was slowly dehydrated to death, her loving family has been subjected to repeated callousness and intentional cruelties–canards about their motives, personal vituperation, etc.. That’s life in the public eye. But now a new line of despicability has been crossed that cannot be allowed to stand.

Fox’s Family Guy stooped even beneath its usual scatological obsessions to literally mock a dead woman, whose only “crime” was to have been profoundly cognitively disabled.
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Obamacare is Sexist and Anti-Mom?

You know, I'm starting to think we may have been lied to about what was in the healthcare bill:

When Nancy Pelosi uttered the ridiculous comment the other day that “being a woman will no longer be considered a pre-existing medical condition”, I chalked it up to simply being the further rantings of an out of touch Stepford Feminist, always walking in lockstep with some perceived victim mentality. I thought to myself “No, Speaker, being a woman was never a pre-existing condition. It is, however, awesome, even though you and your Feminist buddies have tried to diminish just how special it is, for years.”
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Miss Me Yet?

Gotta' see the new billboard at Moonbattery:

One thing about us right wingnuts, we're a damn sight funnier than our opposite numbers. You would think the people at the socialist-crank-blog-that-hates-my-guts would be delighted that they got their 'Spite the Right' health care bill passed, but they seem more bitter than ever. And the trolls that show up here don't seem happy either.
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Fr. Longenecker on Modernism

Fr. Dwight Longenecker discusses the problem beneath the pedophilia:

What's the real cancer at the heart of the church? Not pedophile priests...they're a symptom of a much deeper problem. Gerald Warner at the Daily Telegraph let's fly in this article about the real problem underlying the child abuse scandals. I think he's on target in much of what he says.

The secular press are fond of saying that the child abuse problem is caused by the demand for priestly celibacy. There is an underlying cause, but it's not that. The underlying cause is that too many Catholics have lost the plot completely. For the last forty years the church has been infected with modernism, and the key tenet of modernism is that there is no such thing as the supernatural. What you see is what you get
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Anatomy of a Racial Smear

Never mind the fact that there's no evidence, the tea partiers are racist. American Thinker has the story:

For the last year, the media have been desperately trying to hang the "racist" tag around the Tea Party movement as a way to discredit it. This past weekend, they would seem to have finally succeeded.

The McClatchy newspaper chain, whose slogan is "truth to power," launched an opening salvo on Saturday, March 20 with the inflammatory headline -- its exact words -- "Tea party protesters scream 'nigger' at black congressman." That is "protesters" in the plural who "scream" a racial epithet, "nigger," at a particular "congressman."
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Who Can't Come to Obama's Easter Egg Roll?

Great catch by Pundette:

Last year, in order to "present a realistic mosaic of American families," tickets were set aside for families headed by two mommies or daddies. This year the realistic mosaic favors public school kids over parochial, private, or home educated. Doug Powers is sure this was an oversight:
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Social Science Proves Humanae Vitae

Marcel from Mary's Aggies believes science has finally caught up with the Pope.

It is common to hear Humanae Vitae referred to as a "prophetic" document. This is because Pope Paul VI made several predictions as to what would happen to our society if contraception became the norm. He hit each one spot on.
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You Can Kill Babies at Any Age

Why don't we get it over with and just have abortion clinics in high schools. Hey, it beats having to do homework. Subvet has the story:

The mother of a Ballard High School student is fuming after the health center on campus helped facilitate her daughter's abortion during school hours.

The mother, whom KOMO News has chosen to identify only as "Jill," says the clinic kept the information "confidential."

When she signed a consent form, Jill figured it meant her 15 year old could go to the Ballard Teen Health Center located inside the high school for an earache, a sports physical, even birth control, but not for help terminating a pregnancy.

"She took a pregnancy test at school at the teen health center," she said. "Nowhere in this paperwork does it mention abortion or facilitating abortion."
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Pelosi and Fr. Hesburgh.


A year after the infamous Obama invite, the Golden Dome continues to tarnish. From today’s Los Angeles Times:

In the tense hours Sunday leading up to the House vote on a historic healthcare bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took time to call the former president of Notre Dame, Father Theodore Hesburgh.
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Stupak Still Waiting for Great Pumpkin

Epic fails should just be called Stupak's for now on. Michelle Malkin has the story:

Sorry to overdose on Charlie Brown references, but those were the first things that came to mind when I read about Bart Stupak’s “deal” with President Obama that exposed Stupak as such a giant sucker that the Tootsie Pops people are considering suing him for copyright infringement.

Via HotAirPundit — Stupak might end up waiting longer for Obama to sign that executive order on abortion (or more importantly for it to actually mean anything) than the average American will be waiting to see a doctor in a few years:
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Cassy Fiano, one of the strongest pro-life voices on the internet, wants to get rid of Pelosi but she also doesn't trust Republicans. What's a girl to do?

It’s no surprise that Americans are furious about this health care monstrosity passed on Sunday and signed into law by Obama today. Democrats know this, but I think that they were banking on quiet complicity from the citizenry. I don’t think that many of them believed they’d actually be held responsible for it. And which Democrat probably feels safest at all? Nancy Pelosi, Madam Speaker herself. She’s in a safe district, after all. But even if she can rest assured that she’s likely to be reelected, we can ensure that we never have to hear the words “Speaker Pelosi” ever again.

And with that in mind, the RNC had a stroke of genius and launched FireNancyPelosi.com. Twitter has been ablaze with the hashtag #FIREPELOSI, and the website has been an amazing success. It’s really caught on.
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How To Repeal Obamacare

A realistic solution to the question of the moment from John Hawkins:

The problem with doing a full repeal of Obamacare is that it will take a majority in the House, the presidency, and 60 votes in the Senate.

Were I a betting man, I'd say condition one is very likely by 2012, condition 2 is definitely possible, but condition 3 is basically out of reach given that we only have 41 Senators right now. By 2014? Maybe, but under any circumstances, getting to 60 Senators is always extraordinarily difficult. Of course, we may be able to peel off some Democratic votes, but there's no guarantee that will happen.

So, how do we kill Obamacare?
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Balanced article on Pope Benedict

From Hermeneutic of Continuity

John Hooper has written a lengthy article for today's Guardian about Pope Benedict. Entitled Is the pope a reactionary or a prophet, it gives a fair-minded and balanced assessment of Pope Benedict. It is by no means a hagiography and I wouldn't agree with everything he says, but it is a relief to read something from a commenter in the secular press who knows what he is talking about. John Hooper has done us a service...

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Our Overlords Are Just Getting Started

Pundette on Stupak and our new overlords:

They passed it. The poor fools who yearn to surrender the conduct of their lives to their government are gleeful and their overlords are gloating.

Yesterday Rep. Bart Stupak made up new definitions for "protecting the sanctity of life" and "standing on principle." Video of his statement here. I don't know exactly what is wrong with the man but may God have mercy on his soul.
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I Blame Bush

As angry as we might be we have to remember that Democrats did what Democrats do. Republicans have much of the blame as well:

They did it.

Despite an overwhelming public backlash and the likely political ramifications, Democrats cut deals and twisted arms and got the votes they needed, winning by a 219 to 212 margin. While the reconciliation process still remains, it’s a sideshow at this point. The United States is a presidential signature away from having national health care.

Suffice it to say, as somebody who has spent the past year working to expose the devastating consequences of this legislation and who values individual liberty, this is a sad day. And I’m working on a longer piece right now for tomorrow’s site about the ongoing fight against its provisions, which just got a lot harder. But as upset as I am, I can’t pin the blame entirely on Democrats.
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So Obamacare Passed. What Next?

William Teach asks what's next for the fight against Obamacare?

First, the supporters, also known as Constitution and freedom haters, most of whom do not even understand the legislation (including those Congress people who voted for it,) will get to gloat a bit. Fine. You won. Barely. I'm not quite sure how one can call a 219-212 vote a victory, when the bipartisanship was on the side of voting against the bill (34 Democrats vote in favor of less government and more freedom). Has there ever been such a sweeping piece of legislation passed that affects every American's life passed with such a narrow vote? No.

What happens now?
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Silver Lining?

John from Power Line has a sunny disposition because he's seeing some silver lining. Me? Just cloud.

With Stupak's collapse, passage of the Democrats' government medicine bill is assured. This is a dark day in American history; one of the darkest. But there are many reasons for optimism. Here are a few:

* The health care battle is just beginning. Next, the Senate will try to enact the House's "fixes" to the original Senate bill. Some Senators say that won't happen. If not, then President Obama has the option of signing the original Senate bill--now passed by the House--Cornhusker Kickback and all. I assume he would do that, but the resulting blowback from House Democrats, not to mention the American people, would be something to behold.
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Media Lies About Racist Tea Partiers

Sickening. They'll stop at nothing, even making up lies. Gateway Pundit has the video that proves they're lying:

It’s come to this…
The state-run media is now pushing their anti-tea party propaganda from sources at the anti-military Jew-hating conservative-hating Huffington Post. And, they’re reporting this propaganda without a single piece of evidence.
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Where's Edna Mode When We Need Her?

Gotta' love Edna Mode:

The Democrats want you to believe it's all over. And really, if they didn't suck so bad, they'd have the votes. But this vote and their philosophy and their means and their actions DO suck that bad and so, still, after all these months, DO NOT HAVE THE VOTES.

If they had the votes, health care would be firmly in the hands of the government right now.

But it's not. And until it is, it's not over.

This whole situation reminds me of a scene from The Incredibles. It's not a perfect analogy, for sure.
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My Little Multiplier

Another great piece from Arwen:

You know how parents of a single child are sometimes scared that if they have another one, they won't be able to love their second child as much as they love their first?

Before I had my own kids, this bewildered me. I grew up in a big family and there was so much love, more than enough to go around. Love multiplies. That's just the way it is.

Then I had Camilla. While I still knew intellectually that "love multiplies" is true, and was sure that I would love any future children just as much as I loved her, I suddenly understood why parents struggle with this sentiment.
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32 Dem Quotes

After reading all these quotes from Dems on why not to pass Obamacare I'm just wondering why they're going to pass it at all. Check out all these quotes at Right Wing News:

The problems with health care reform are legion. It'll raise premiums, unconstitutionally force people to buy health care, cause the deficit to skyrocket, slash Medicare spending to create a new entitlement, lead to rationing, cause a significant number of doctors to quit or retire early, and destroy the quality of care in America.

The process has also been illegitimate. We have a bill that represents a takeover of 1/6 of the US economy, but there are no Republican votes on board and Democrats are using arcane procedural tricks, reconciliation in the Senate and the Slaughter rule in the House, to pass a bill the American people have clearly said that they don't want.

Of course, I can point those things out all day long, but it doesn't matter to Democrats because I'm a conservative. Ideology trumps truth with them. So, I decided to put together a series of quotes from Democrats.
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Is The Slaughter Rule Unprecedented?

Darn fine research and analysis from Chip Bennett on the Slaughter option:

Congressional democrats promoting the use of the so-called “Slaughter rule” – a self-executing or “deem and pass” rule that would allow the House of Representatives to “deem” as passed the Senate health care bill without bringing the bill to the floor of the House for consideration are attempting to rationalize their actions by claiming that Republicans have used self-executing rules in the past, and that, therefore, their opposition to the Slaughter rule is hypocritical.

On the surface, their claim sounds rather damning for Republicans, such as Mike Pence, who oppose the Slaughter rule. However, upon closer inspection, the democrats’ claim proves specious.
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Good Nun/Bad Nun?

Some faithful nuns strike back. Check out Acts of the Apostasy:

Yesterday, a coalition of nuns - represented by the LCWR - issued a letter in support of Obamacare, in complete opposition to the U.S. Bishops.

It just so happens that these nuns and religious communities are vehemently opposed to the Vatican's ongoing apostolic visitation, and have been obstinately obstructionist.

Now, just this afternoon, the CMSWR (the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious) issued a statement opposed to Obamacare, in support of the U.S. Bishops.
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Conspiracy is Not a Bad Word

Adrienne smells a conspiracy:

The old Google Reader has ratcheted past the 1000+ mark in just a few hours. I think we've all heard enough about the so-called Slaughter rule to have figured out the dems will probably use it, or any other under-handed means available, to pass this monstrosity of a bill.

To put it in perspective, I've lived through the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I watched as Jack Ruby shot Oswald on live TV. I sat through days of non-stop coverage as JFK was laid to rest. I objected as Johnson ushered in the "Great Society" promising to "raise up the bottom one third of poor people" (think about that stupid statement for awhile.) The Nixon years were interesting, to say the leas
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This Vid Explains it All in 90 Seconds

Thanks to the NRCC for making this video which explains the craziness in just 90 seconds:

How We Got To Gov’t Run Healthcare in 90 Seconds
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Is Obama Protecting Iran?

You know, I'm starting to think that Obama doesn't actually like Israel all that much. Weasel Zippers has this very disturbing story:

Is Obama protecting Iran?
WASHINGTON — The United States has diverted a shipment of bunker-busters designated for Israel.

Officials said the U.S. military was ordered to divert a shipment of smart bunker-buster bombs from Israel to a military base in Diego Garcia.
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Coburn Warns Bribed Dems

Senator Coburn is warning Dems to not switch their vote on healthcare for some cushy government gig:

Tom Coburn (R-Okla) has signaled that any Congressman who flips from a "No" to a "Yes" vote on Obamacare should not expect a federal appointment after he or she gets voted out of office:

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., is putting wavering Democrats on advance notice: If President Obama is trying to reassure any of them of future federal employment in return for coming over to his side on health care, fuggedaboutit.
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WaPo: 59,000 Nuns Support Obamacare

Media malpractice:

E.J. Dionne is pretty excited that NETWORK, an organization of Catholic nuns, supports the Senate health care bill and says it doesn't use federal dollars to pay for abortions. That claim isn't true (more on that soon), but the endorsement is supposed to give Democrats cover to vote for the bill. The Post's news report by staff writers Lori Montgomery and Paul Kane shows you why Dionne thinks this is such a big deal:
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The Cost of Stupak's Integrity

As a Catholic, Bart Stupak must have known that standing up for life would come at a cost. Pundette reports::

From The Hill:
Leading a revolt against President Barack Obama’s healthcare legislation over abortion has been a “living hell” for Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.).

The telephone lines in his Washington and district offices have been “jammed” and he’s gotten more than 1,500 faxes and countless e-mails — most of which he says don’t come from his constituents.

The fight has taken a toll on his wife, who has disconnected the phone in their home to avoid harassment.
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Where are the feminists on this?

When society rejects life it is always the women who feel the impact. From the exploitation of women's bodies for embryonic stem cell research and cloning to forced abortions in China, from the aftermath of legal abortion to gender selection, girls get short end of the stick.

It makes sense that women would be marginalized in a pro-death world. We grow life. If life isn't desired, than neither are we.
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Does All This Activism Matter?

A halftime pep talk from The Other McCain:

When I saw this linked by Dan Riehl, I was frankly stunned that an impressive turnout for a rally in St. Paul inspired Powerline’s John Hinderaker to suggest citizens protesting against ObamaCare ”won’t stop the Democrats from doing whatever they have to do to pass a government takeover bill.”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Mr. Hinderaker: No coach ever went into the locker room at halftime and told his team they were doomed to defeat. No general preparing to lead troops into battle would begin by telling them their fight was futile.
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NPR: Patriots are Dangerous

NPR cites leftist violence as reasons to fear the right wing "patriots." Right Wing News has the story:

Public supported National Public Radio (NPR) posted a report on March 17 during its "All Things Considered" radio show that warns its listeners that "patriot groups" are dangerous and are apparently increasingly prone to attacking government officials and facilities. Oddly the two examples it uses to prove its case have no ties whatsoever to any "patriot groups."

Headlined, "Hostility Against Federal Workers Troubles Officials," NPR blames "patriot groups" on these attacks and worries that "anti-government hate groups" are on the "upsurge." And what does NPR use to prove its case? Nothing but the say so the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center and a misconstruction of two recent attacks on government facilities by disturbed individuals.
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Dems OK Slaughter Option

It seems to me that if a Dem votes to OK The Slaughter option, why wouldn't they vote to "deem" the healthcare bill passed. This is bad news. Check out Michelle Malkin for the latest update:

You’ll recall that House Republicans unveiled a resolution two days ago that would force a vote on the Slaughter Solution and call out the Deem-and-Pass-ocrats.

The vote on that resolution had been anticipated at around 12:30-1pm Eastern this afternoon. The time came and went. The vote is now expected at around 2:00pm Eastern. Is Pelosi scrambling to make sure she can defeat it? I said yesterday on Hannity that there’s so much arm-wrestling in Washington right now it looks like a yoga convention.

We’ve graduated from yoga to full-scale WWE wrestle-mania.
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What NCR Didn't Say About the Pope

Attempts to tie the Pope to the sex abuse scandal in Germany are not telling the whole truth.

I was going to wait on this, but NBC News and the National Catholic Reporter can't seem to help themselves today, in spreading drivel that has already been authoritatively refuted. A segment of this video clip, from today's edition of Gloria.tv News, is enough to set the record straight.
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Vid: Obama Gaffetastic

This is classic. Obama defends the Louisiana Purchase because...wait for it...Hawaii is suffering from a devastating earthquake. Except Hawaii didn't have a devastating earthquake. Hey, give Obama a break he has 57 states to worry about. Check out the short vid at Viral Footage:

Obama says health care bill's "Louisiana Purchase" would cover the earthquake in Hawaii. You remember that earthquake they had? Yeah, me either
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ACLU Puts Troops in Danger

You know, if I didn't know any better I'd start wondering if the ACLU wasn't all that fond of America. Check out the latest lawsuit that could put our troops in danger:

ACLU. American Civil Liberties Union. Really? Because it sure appears that they are (still) doing everything possible to not only protect Islamic jihadis, but, to make sure they have the information necessary in order to not be captured and killed by the US government. In my mind, this would be the very definition of "giving aid and comfort to the enemy"
The American Civil Liberties Union sued the federal government Tuesday to learn the use of unmanned drones for targeted killings by the military and CIA.

“In particular, the lawsuit asks for information on when, where and against whom drone strikes can be authorized, the number and rate of civilian casualties and other basic information essential for assessing the wisdom and legality of using armed drones to conduct targeted killings,” the ACLU said in a statement, announcing its action.
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Hypocrite Hoyer!

You've got to see Steny Hoyer go nuclear on the "Slaughter option" a few years ago at Verum Serum. Do these people have no shame?

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has been all over the media the past couple of days defending he and Pelosi’s apparent decision to use a procedural rule to “deem” the Senate health bill passed as part of the reconciliation package, rather than holding an actual floor vote on the bill. This “deem and pass” strategy, also known as a self-executing rule (or the “Slaughter rule”), could be critical for the House leadership to corral enough votes from reluctant Democrats.
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How Ignorant are Journalists?

This one blew me away. Click the link at Instapundit to see exactly how ignorant many journalists are.
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How a Bill Shouldn't Become Law

Pundette has scoured for the best internet stories on the healthcare debacle. She has them for your perusal. I'm lazy so I'm grateful for these kinds of posts:

Tea-time tab dump. This will help a lot:

While Speaker Nancy Pelosi talks “Deem and Pass,” President Barack Obama is going a different route – he’s talking to Fox News.

In an “extended, exclusive” interview tomorrow he will sit down with Special Report anchor Bret Baier to make his health care reform pitch to the FNC audience. What a long, strange trip it’s been.
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An Unconstitutional Solution?

The word "deem" just rubs me the wrong way as an American. And it turns out that "deeming" healthcare passed might be unconstitutional too. Check out Powerline:

Michael McConnell, a law professor at Stanford and a former judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, argues that the "Slaughter solution" for enacting Obamacare is unconstitutional. The argument, which appears in the Wall Street Journal, is straightforward:

The Slaughter solution cannot be squared with Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution.
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WaPo's On Faith: Beck Just Like Hitler

Anthony Stevens Arroyo embarrasses himself with each column he writes. This one is no exception. Normally, Patrick and I usually have a good guffaw over the phone as we read Arroyo's columns and then one of us takes a turn ripping his work up so I'm thankful to Newsbusters for doing it this time so Pat and I can just laugh and do none of the lifting:

Apparently, March 15 was “get Beck” day at the Washington Post. Columnist Howard Kurtz criticized Fox News’ Glenn Beck for “dividing” Fox. He pointed out that companies have boycotted the show, and noted all the controversial things that Beck has said. Yes, Beck is wildly successful, “But that growth has come at a price, at least for those at Fox who believe that Beck is beginning to define their brand.”

That same day, Post religion writer and leftist hack Anthony Stevens-Arroyo attacked Glenn Beck on March 15 in a “Catholic in America” entry to the Post’s On Faith blog.
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They're Going to "Deem" It Passed

This is sickening:

Leftist House Speaker and tyrant Nancy Pelosi said she likes the Slaughter Rule because “people don’t have to vote on it.”

This way democrats can take over chunks of the US economy at a time and won’t even have to vote on it.
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AP Conflates Catholic Group with Church

The media has been doing cartwheels about the Catholic Health Association's endorsement of Obamacare and underreporting the bishop's opposition. Anything for dear Leader:

Here is one of the sneaky tricks that the Old Media plays in order to support a cause. In this case it's the Associated Press coming to the aid of Obamacare with "news" that a "Catholic" hospital group is coming out in support of Obamacare. Of course, the AP does not inform the reader that this purported Catholic group is not associated with the Church and is not authorized to speak for Catholics but it conflates this "Catholic" group with Catholics as if they do anyway.

With a headline that screams, "Catholic Hospitals Support Health Care Bill," the AP's Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar reports that the Catholic Health Association has come out in support of Obamacare despite the federal funding of abortion.
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Rep. Jim Jordan on Obamacare

Never heard of the guy but pretty impressive. Check out the vid at The Other McCain:

The House Budget Committee has voted down a Republican motion in support of the abortion language favored by Rep. Bart Stupak on a 19 to 17 vote, with three Democrats voting in favor of it. . . .
Rep. Jim Jordan offered the motion for Republicans . . .
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Baseball Manager vs. Sean Penn

Check out Moonbattery for what White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen had to say about Sean Penn's Chavez defense:

Being a useful idiot may earn scorn from all decent Americans, but it's not a totally thankless role. By endlessly praising socialist tyrant Hugo Chavez, going so far as to demand that his critics be imprisoned even outside Venezuela, Sean Penn has earned himself a doggie biscuit and pat on the head:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is grateful that actor Sean Penn has defended him against his critics within the U.S. media. In an appearance on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" last week, Penn slammed Chavez critics who refer to the socialist leader as a dictator.
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Obamacare: Weekend at Bernie's Edition

John Hawkins does a bang up job detailing the status of Obamacare. All I can say is I hope he's right. And instead of going with the overused zombie meme, Hawkins deserved mad props for switching it up and dropping an Andrew MccCarthy movie reference on us. What's next? A "Pretty in Pink" metaphor?:

All week-end long, we've been treated to House leadership and the White House confidently asserting that health care is going to pass. "We'll have the votes when the House votes, I think, within the next week," said Robert Gibbs. Yahoo's headlining an article "Pelosi confident House will pass health care bill.". David Axelrod says Democrats "will have the votes to pass this."

So, things are looking good for the Democrats? No, to the contrary, the news has been Hindenburg-crashing-into-the-Titanic bad for the Democrats.
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New and Improved Stations of the Cross?

Catholic Caveman asks if this is Trashing the Passion?

It's all I can take to make it through just the minimum of this blasphemy from the allegedly-Catholic University of St. Louis. Jesuit-run. Why am I not surprised?
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Holy Sand?

This is just weird. So, of course, there are priests out there doing it. Father Z, as you can imagine, has a strong opinion about it.

To all the priests out there still… unbelievably still putting sand in holy water fonts during Lent…


And if you go into a church where you see this sort of idiocy… for the love of God, DON’T bless yourself with SAND.
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Bait & Switch & Switch & Then Switch

Melissa Clouthier is calling everyone who cares about stopping this healthcare bill to fight. NOW!!!

Public option: In

School loans: In

And yet, it's called a "shell" bill that will be stripped. Philip Klein explains it all. Here's a bit:
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No Greater Love

Chelsea Zimmerman does what many considered impossible. She mentioned Christopher Hitchens and St. Gianna in the same piece...and NOTHING EXPLODED!!! It's a really fine piece concerning Peter Hitchen's conversion. Check it out:

This article by Peter Hitchens, on his conversion to Christianity and relationship with his brother, atheist author Christopher Hitchens, is a must read! A good bit:
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Abp. Chaput and the Pro-Life Movement

Hugh Hewitt introduces Archbishop Chaput and then reprints the Archbishop's great remarks. Definitely worth a read:

It was my honor on Tuesday night to introduce the Archbishop Charles Chaput of the Denver Archdiocese to the Cleveland Right To Life dinner. In my introduction and in remarks earlier in the day, I pointed to the long-standing tradition of Christian intellectuals in church leadership engaging the broader culture with arguments and noted that this tradition had fallen on hard times in recent decades, especially among Roman Catholic leadership who chose in the past few decades to speak almost exclusively through the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, which especially in the Reagan years, led to staff-driven, left-of-center exercises that often allowed the Church's central teaching on the dignity and value of the not-yet-born to be eclipsed.
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United Breaks Guitars

This is why YouTube was invented. Revenge. Jimmy Akin has the great and amusing story:

Basically, here's what happened: United Airlines baggage handlers recklessly damaged his $3,500 Taylor guitar and then the company refused to pay for repairs. After exhausting his options with United, he told them he would write three songs and put them on YouTube. Reportedly, he was told, "Good luck with that one, pal."

The first has eight million views, one million of which happened in the first week of release. He was quickly contacted by United with an offer of compensation in hopes of his pulling the video. Reportedly, he replied, "Good luck with that one, pal."
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Catholic Fury over Coverage of Pope

At some point, the London Times thought it was OK to lie about the Pope. Damian Thompson has the story:

There is international outrage in Catholic circles over a headline in The Times this morning that many people regard as utterly misleading and part of the newspaper’s reliably biased coverage (reinforced by vicious cartoons) of anything to do with Pope Benedict XVI.

The headline, over a story by Richard Owen, reads: “Pope knew priest was paedophile but allowed him to continue with ministry.” A universally admired Catholic journalist contacted me this morning and accused The Times of (and I am toning this down for legal reasons) an extremely serious error of judgment.
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Bishops: Just Say No To Obamacare

Good news. Might be too late though.

Richard Doerflinger, associate director of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD that the USCCB is sounding the alarm to vote against the health care bill.
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Stupak Mocks House Leadership

Stupak says he doesn't see how healthcare will pass. Check out the vid at Gateway Pundit:

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) met with Greta Van Susteren last night and mocked the House leadership on their attempts to ram through Obamacare.
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Harry Reid's Wife and Child Injured

Say a prayer or two. Adrienne has the story:

Harry Reid's Wife and Daughter Injured in Car Crash

This is really quite serious. Altough the injuries are not "life-threatening" it is reported that Mrs. Reid has a broken nose, back, and neck. She is 69 years old. Those are very serious injuries for a person of that age.

Please pray for both Mrs. Reid and her daughter Lana.
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There's a Socialist in the White House

Kinda' funny at Troglopundit:

Victoria Jackson, former Saturday Night Live star, rabid conservative. I didn’t know that about her.
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Another School Sings Praise to Obama

Wow. This ode to O has an orchestra and everything. Check out the vid at Right Wing News:

It's a veritable cornucopia of Obamagandistic musical agitprop. You'll recall the militaristic, fascist-styled Obama youth corps from 2008 where a line of inner city youth stamped out their obeisance militia-like to The One like good little automatons? Perhaps the slickly produced exploitation of sweet faced children from Hollywood that same year will ring a bell? Or maybe your favorite is this misuse of class time in Georgia? Or per chance you'll recall "Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm"? These are excellent examples of the Obama version of Leni Riefenstahl's art.
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Georgetown Funds "Sex Positive Week"

I would say you're not going to believe this but, of course you will. It's Georgetown. American Papist has the story:

I’ve been blogging long enough and have witnessed enough scandals that it’s pretty hard to take my breath away anymore.

Well, “Sex Positive Week” at (Jesuit-founded, Catholic) Georgetown University did.

Folks, looking at what activities this week included, it’s pretty clear we’re not even on planet earth anymore. I can’t write about what they talked about, because I don’t want Google to blacklist my blog as pornographic.
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Dems Obamacare Problem

A good summation of what is a very fluid situation from the Axis of Right:

Despite talks of optimism from Nancy Pelosi, all the signs are there that the Democrats don’t have the votes to pass ObamaCare, and don’t even have a plan on how to procedurally do it. The fact of the matter is that the House doesn’t trust the Senate to push through the reconciliation fixes, and most members of the House do not want to be left with just the Senate bill.
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Sick Numbers from Planned Parenthood

These are some sickening numbers about Planned Parenthood from Cassy Fiano.

Feminists like to say they’re fighting for women’s right to choose. The abortion lobby says they just want women to have all of the options, to make the choice of whatever is best for them.

Don’t believe it.
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A Hate Crime? Really?

This is ridiculous from Moonbattery and will likely have the effect of making people afraid to call police and keeping a rapist at large:

Race hustlers want a Good Samaritan jailed for alerting the police when he thought he'd seen a rapist. Via Council of Conservative Citizens
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Why Don't Christians Care?

Powerline wonders why nobody (including Christians) seems alarmed that Christians are being slaughtered:

In a number of places around the world, it is open season on Christians. We read of Christians burned out of their homes and slaughtered in Pakistan. Most recently, at least 500 Christians were murdered in Nigeria. The attackers in all cases are Muslims, inspired by the warlike message of their Prophet:
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Obamacare to Bypass...Vote?

I don't even understand what Ace is talking about here but it sounds bad. I've never heard of this legislative move but it looks like they're going to try it:

Constitutional Slaughter: Democrats Attempting Rule Change in House That Would Pass Senate Bill Without An Actual Vote on the Senate Bill. Bizarre, and would, I imagine, almost immediately be undone by the Supreme Court.

Guess what? The Supreme Court requires that bills actually be voted on to, you know, become laws. You can't make up some absurd rule that says a bill has been voted on when in fact it has not.

But that is precisely what they're attempting.
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Danielle's 5 Reasons She Loves Twitter

Danielle gives the reasons she loves Twitter but she leaves out mocking Obama in 140 characters or less. Well, she was always nicer than me. (Or at least she pretends to be):

1) Speed and Ease.

It’s the fastest, easiest way I’ve found to jot down the funny things my kids say, the delicious moments that flit past so quickly: the things I want to remember forever—but won’t, if I don’t record them. I used to use little slips of paper stuck to the fridge, or notebooks that were never at hand when I needed them. A friend recently referred to these home-life tweets as “the art of Twitter-as-time-capsule” and that’s exactly it.
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Don't Count on GOP to Repeal Obamacare

Melissa Clouthier. We need to win this fight. is right:

One of the most maddening arguments from overly-optimistic friends of mine goes like this: Even if the Democrats pass health care reform, Republicans can run against it and say they'd repeal it and then look like heroes when they do it.

The only problem with this flawed logic? The veto pen of Barack Obama for two more years. The only other problem with this flawed logic? David Harsanyi captures it:
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I'm Not a Hyphenated American

Cassy Fiano is a little upset about a number of questions in the Census referring to race.:

I haven’t received my Census questionnaire yet, but I already know the answer to question number nine:
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Tom Hanks Proves He's an Imbecile

You know, for years I've suspected it. But now I'm sure. Tom Hanks is a dope. Hot Air has the story:

Tom Hanks on WWII: We wanted to annihilate the Japanese because they were “different.” Well, true enough. They were different, all right. In fact, some lucky GIs got to experience the difference firsthand.

If you were expecting an island-hopping reprise of “Band of Brothers” in this new miniseries, expect otherwise.
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Amazing Pro-Life Story

This is an amazing pro-life story from Jen's Pen:

A young woman in Indianapolis, Indiana -- we'll call her Erin -- woke up, saw her kids off to school, dropped her preschoolers at a friend's house ... and
noticed that she was late for an appointment... at Planned Parenthood ... for an abortion.

So Erin picked up her phone and called to see if she could still come in. She thought she was calling Planned Parenthood. In her haste, she dialed a wrong number.

Instead of Planned Parenthood, she got Joseph ... who was answering the cell phone that's being used by ...get ready for this ...40 Days for Life in Indianapolis!
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"Mommy, You Said..."

Alice shares a cute story about her "letter of the law" children:

So I've been trying to train my two youngest daughters out of asking for things by beginning, "Mommy, you said . . . . "

"Mommy, you said we were going to the park."

"Mommy, you said we were going to read books after dinner."

"Mommy, you said you would come downstairs with us and play dollies."
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No Tax Exemption for Religious Orgs?

Catholic Fire has the story on what seems to me to be a blatantly unconstitutional law:

The Kansas House of Representatives is debating legislation that would compel religious nonprofits to pay sales taxes.

“As originally drafted, House Bill 2549 would have repealed the sales tax exemption enjoyed by all non-profits, as well as a host of other organizations,” the Kansas Catholic Conference noted in a March 4 statement. “However, the bill was amended in committee so that only religious non-profits, including churches, would lose their tax exemption.”
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Stupak "Optimistic" on Health Care?

Uh-oh. This is not good. Hot Air is reporting that pro-life stalwart Bart Stupak is saying he's optimistic about passing healthcare reform:

Remember, the Stupak bloc voted for Pelosi’s bill in November so she wouldn’t be picking up any new votes if they made a deal this time. They’d be right around 216, still with no margin for error and plenty of fidgety Blue Dogs thinking hard about November.
But let’s face it. With the main pillar of opposition having crumbled and maybe one or two votes the difference between passage and defeat, it’d take more courage at that point to vote no than to vote yes. Gulp:
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Did He Just Say That?!

Yup. Dan Rather just said Obama couldn't sell watermelons. Yeah, you think I'm commenting on that one. TheBlogProf has the video:

2 things: 1) Note how Chris Matthews jumped in there to stop Rather in his tracks, something he wouldn't have done for a Republican, and 2) imagine if instead of Dan Rather it had been Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Sarah Palin. It would have been the scandal of the century! For liberals like Dan Rather, are there still 5 'a's in raaaaacist?
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America Less Respected Now?

Americans feel less respected in the world now? Well, maybe we should send everyone in the world an IPod with Obama's speeches on them. That'll make it better.

Well, whaddya know? What happened to all of the hope and change? What happened to “smart” diplomacy? According to Obama and liberals across America, electing Obama would undo all the damage to our reputation that Bush supposedly did. Only, in reality, the United States is less respected under Obama than it was under Bush. Shockah!

A majority of Americans say the United States is less respected in the world than it was two years ago and think President Obama and other Democrats fall short of Republicans on the issue of national security, a new poll finds.
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What's Sin Got to Do With It?

Adrienne reminds us to watch out for sin. Everywhere. Even...gasp...us ourselves:

Last Friday I was so overwhelmed by the amount of news that an automatic shut-off valve in my brain slammed into place. If you study the Cloward-Piven Strategy or Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, you'll notice one of the key components for the lefties of the world, that of "overwhelming the system" to make their plan work, is in full operation. Looking at the multiple sources of information available to us today with more of a discerning eye leaves me with the distinct impression that we often play right into the hands of those who wish us harm.
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Abortionfest at Jesuit School

Sad but typical for the University of San Francisco.

The University of San Francisco, a Jesuit institution, will host the “Global Women's Rights Forum” from today through Thursday, March 11. The forum is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good, the Sociology Colloquium, the School of Nursing, the Politics Department, the Gender and Sexuality Studies Department, and curiously, the Theology and Religious Studies Department.
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Who's Right on Abortion Funding?

American Papist asks the question "Who's Right on Abortion Funding?" I would tell him that as is typical, I am. (Just kidding) But in this case Papist and I are right and the media and the pro-abort Dems are lying to the country by insisting that the healthcare plan doesn't cover abortion. It does.

The commentary I posted yesterday has prompted more than a few folks to ask me to back up my claim that the Senate health care legislation is indeed pro-abortion. Rep. Stupak is also in the targets now for his identical claims. Look at ABC World News try to claim he’s a liar:
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Terrorists? Cool. Conservatives? No Way.

Colleges have really gone off the deep end. One must really be careful in sending our children there:

We send our young adults to university to be educated in the ways of the world, we all know. Following that well-worn path, young James Schackleford decided on the publicly funded Florida Atlantic University for his edification and boy did he learn a lesson about modern education last week. Mr. Schackleford learned that the FAU administration prefers on its campus Islamic terrorist supporters over representatives of the conservative Young Americans for Freedom organization. He also learned that it’s open season on all conservatives at our American universities.
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Awesome Stuffed With More Awesome!

Run, don't walk to Mark Shea's place to watch this incredible music video. Wow!!!!

Is Google Evil?

This is stupid of me to link to this as Google could take my blog out with a few keystrokes. But I think this is an interesting question that should be considered. Melissa Clouthier at Right Wing News wonders about Google's lack of search neutrality:

Google skates the edge. Persistently, relentlessly invading our lives. We want Google. We need Google.

Then, they go and do something like Buzz and we feel violated. They cow-tow to the Chinese government and allow censorship to the Chinese people. Or strangely, no matter how you enter "Islam" into Google, you won't get negative word associations.
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21 Key Democrats for Healthcare Vote

The Weekly Standard has all the facts on who we should be watching in the upcoming (?) healthcare vote:

ObamaCare supporters are trying to take encouragement from a new Associated Press survey, which shows that nine of the 39 House Democrats who are in the enviable position of having voted "no" on ObamaCare the first time around have now either "declined to state their positions or [have] said they were undecided about the proposed legislation" this time around. These nine Democrats, on average, represent districts where Democratic presidential candidates have done 11 percentage points worse than the national average over the last three elections, and 35 points worse than in Massachusetts. They are not likely to jump aboard the good ship ObamaCare, which sits ablaze in the water after having been fatally struck by a Scott Brown torpedo.
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Canada Considers It May Be Too Butch

File this under really bad Canadian ideas:

Believe it or not, Canadians actually fret over whether they're too butch. There is a movement in Canada to metrosexualize the national anthem by removing gender references.
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Greydanus Saw Alice in Wonderland

Steven Greydanus saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. So you don't have to.

Early in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland comes the Lament of the Corset. What, you ask, is the Lament of the Corset? This is the scene in a period piece, from Titanic to Ever After to Pirates of the Caribbean, that reminds us how cruelly constrained women have been by patriarchal expectations, how roped in and squeezed into society’s mold.

It’s the scene where women say things like, “Of course it’s unfair! We’re women. Our choices are never easy.” Or, “If one cannot breathe, one cannot eat.” (Like it was a good thing.) Or, “You like pain? Try wearing a corset.”
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Socialism Makes U Stoopid

This is a great photo from that out-of-control campus protest.

As you may have heard, yesterday there were protests at universities in several states over tuition hikes and funding cuts for schools. Well, University of Washington student, Nick Jacob, headed out to get some snaps of the UW protest and got an absolutely hilarious shot:
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The House Vote is THE Vote

Pundette sounds the warning that perhaps many people aren't understanding. This healthcare bill is very close to getting passed. Right now. The only question is whether the House believes the Senate will do them a solid afterwards.

Rich Lowry: Only the House Vote Matters

This is an important point. I don't think people understand that reconciliation isn't really that important except as a promise to members of the House. Even Charles Krauthammer, if I understood him correctly, said last night that he thinks the bill will pass the House but fail during the reconciliation process. But if the bill passes the House, the same bill has passed the Senate and the House and Obama can just sign the thing
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Tales from a Bad Tooth Fairy

I can really relate to this story from Danielle Bean at Faith and Family Live. The Tooth Fairy that comes to my house is very very inconsistent:

Pardon me, but I have something I just need to share ...


I thought about sharing this exciting news in this week’s Small Successes but it feels just a bit too monumental for that.

You see, the Tooth Fairy remembered that a child had lost a tooth, found a dollar bill, and actually placed it under the sleeping tooth donor’s pillow before going to bed herself.

This is huge.
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Jim Geraghty Has the Score

Jim Geraghty of the Campaign Spot details who needs what to win the healthcare vote and where everyone's standing now. As is becoming typical, our fate lies in the hands on Bart Stupak:

Here's what we know...

Last time, the health care bill passed the House by a vote of 220 to 215. Since then, Robert Wexler of Florida and Neil Abercombie of Hawaii resigned, and John Murtha passed away. All of them were "yes" votes, and none of their replacements have been elected yet, so that moves the numbers to 218 to 215.

Rep. Joseph Cao of Louisiana, the lone Republican to vote for it last time, has indicated he's not doing that again, and that he'll oppose the bil. This moves the vote to 217 to 216.
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Katrina Victims Sue Big Oil

This would be funny if it weren't so sad. Jim Hoft has the story at Gateway Pundit:

It was all a lie. The Top Climate Scientist Admitted in February That Man-made Global Warming Was a Farce–

* The data for the vital ‘hockey stick graph’ had gone missing
* There had been no global warming since 1995
* Warming periods have happened before – but NOT due to man-made changes

And, statistical analysis of raw data shows that the claims that global hurricane activity has increased due to global warming cannot be supported.

But, that won’t stop Hurricane Katrina victims from suing oil companies for causing the storm.
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Look Out! Fifi's Got a Lawyer!

Animals with lawyers. Doesn't sounds like a good combination. LarryD has his own humorous take on what could be a very serious story in years to come:

Swiss residents will be voting Sunday March 7 on whether or not "domestic animals" - pets and the like - will be afforded legal rights whereby they could have human counsel in the court of law. Crazy, eh?
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The Human Powered Car? Really?

Yeah, this'll catch on. I fear the tether that links wacko environmentalists to the rest of humanity has been severed.

Ecomoonbats are closing in on the cutting edge technology seen in fictional Bedrock, which seems to have inspired their vision of utopia. Behold the HumanCar:
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Judgeship for Obamacare Vote?

This is disgusting. Politics at its worst. Michelle Malkin has the story:

There are no coincidences in Obama world, I’ve joked many times on this blog.

This one looks like a quid pro quo, smells like a quid pro quo, and quacks like a quid pro quo:
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The Consequence of Aging Abortionists

Amy Proctor writes about the abortion industry going increasingly towards at-home abortions since there aren't enough abortionists:

If women will not bring their abortions to Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood will bring their abortions to women, in the privacy of their own homes. Aren’t they so considerate?
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Satanic Influence in the Vatican

I'd file this under not good from Catholic News Agency:

A renowned exorcist in Rome recently released a book of memoirs in which he declares to know of the existence of Satanic sects in the Vatican where participation reaches all the way to the College of Cardinals. A second demonologist, also residing in Rome, entered the debate this week, clarifying the origins of the information and defending the Vatican's clergy as an "edifying and virtuous" collection of prelates.
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St. Pontius Pilate?

Pretty funny from 44:

I was talking to a woman today who told me she was from Havertown, PA. Figuring she was one of us, I asked, in Philly-speak, to which parish she belonged -- Sacred Heart or St. Denis?

She replied that she was on the border between the two, but went to Sacred Heart, although she knew some families who went to Pontius Pilate in Media.
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Counting Obamacare Votes

This Obamacare thing has come back from the dead more times than Jason Voorhees and I'm thinking this might be the final battle like when Freddy Krueger and Jason faced off or something. Ace is counting up yes votes and no votes.

Another Democratic House Member May Switch from Yes-to-No
Because the new Obama plan is... too conservative?

Shyeah, right.
An influential House progressive says he’s less likely to vote for the final healthcare reform bill now that the White House has incorporated Republican ideas — which could indicate a serious problem is brewing among liberals as Democratic leaders try to figure out a way to finish work on the legislation.
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This is Funny

You got to click over to Moonbattery for the punchline. Funny.

The media and FAA bureaucrats are having conniption fits because an air traffic controller in at New York's JFK airport was heard conveying take off instructions to pilots.

I don't understand the hysteria.
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Global Warming = Less Snow, More Snow

So I think I've got it. When it's cold we call it climate change and when it's hot we call it global warming.

Setting up the narrative for why jobs aren't being created and why unemployment likely is continuing to remain high, Larry Summers is hinting the economic data is going to be bad from February, due to global warming in the form of winter blizzards. And yes - liberals have been blaming the winter blizzards on global warming:
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