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Time Mags Warped New Way to Judge Cars

This just shows how warped the mainstream media has become. They now judge best and worst cars based on their own leftist politics. You know, they do this and then they have meetings to figure out why their circulation is dying. Right Wing News has the story:

When you are asked what is the "worst car of all time," what first runs through your head? The Le Car, the Corvair, maybe the Edsel? Cars that had horrible sales records, bad safety or engineering records or were just all around failures? Aren't these the sort of cars that first runs through your head? Doesn't worst equal failure or unsafe?

Well apparently a common, sensible thought like that doesn't run through the heads of the folks at Time Magazine when arranging the list of the "50 Worst Cars of All Time." Time has its own special criteria to determine what a "worst" car is and it isn't just sales or safety records like one would expect.
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