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This is Disturbing

Reading this will not help you sleep tonight. I warned you. So don't blame me. Ace has this disturbing story:

Eric Holder: Okay, So Maybe Nine Justice Department Political Appointees Previously Worked for Terrorist Clients... And Your Point Is...?

Oh this is just wonderful, isn't it?

Oh -- by the way, that is just the number of lawyers who have worked directly as terrorist advocates, or who have submitted friend-of-the-court briefs on their behalf. (Amicus curae briefs allow interested third parties to submit their own briefs for consideration on points of law particularly influenced by public-policy questions.)
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Amy Giglio said...

John Adams defended the British Soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre (they were acquitted). When he was asked why he took the case when no one else would, he said that no man in a free country should be denied the right to counsel and a fair trial (David McCullough, John Adams, p. 66). Adams became our second president. With this in mind, maybe someone can explain to me why we should be alarmed about these Justice Department lawyers who defended terrorists. Please tell me what I missed.
Didn't see room to comment at Ace's place.

matthew archbold said...

I don't question a person defending terrorists. I question the administration that's going around collecting them all together.

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