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Priest to Wounded Soldiers

An inspiring story about a priest who went from being a corporate lawyer to a priest administering to wounded soldiers:

To watch Capuchin Father James Stump at work is to see a Christ-centered “ministry of presence” in action as a matter of daily routine.

A chaplain at the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Palo Alto, Father Stump makes his rounds with one purpose in mind: to invite sick and wounded veterans to encounter the living Christ.

Father Stump is quick in his step and quick with a joke as he goes about his work.

Watch the speed limit, he jokes to a wheelchair-bound Marine on the move in the hallway. They chat about the Marine’s spinal reconstruction surgery. But in a moment, without a break in the informality, the priest is praying over the patient and asking that Jesus “show his face to you, have mercy on you.”

And as the two part, the priest, simply says: “Heal up.”
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