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The Pill Turns 50

Until we all realize fertility is not an affliction and babies are not punishments we'll continue down this rotten road. Headline Bistro has a great piece on the damaging effects of The Pill:

Recently three major health stories appeared in the Washington press in less than two weeks that were an occasion to pause and reflect.

First, the Potomac Conservancy made headlines about the contamination of rivers and drinking water in major metropolitan areas, including Washington DC. Contaminants include not only bacteria, industrial chemicals and agricultural pesticides but also potentially endocrine-active pharmaceuticals, such anti-depressants, contraceptive sex hormones, antibiotics and personal care products.
Next came the report of US Preventive Services Task Force, an independent body which studies mortality from common diseases, issuing new guidelines for mammographic screening for early detection of breast cancer. Breast Cancer remains the second highest cause of mortality of American women since it began to rise in the 1970s.
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