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NRO on Archbishop Dolan

Mike Potemra of The Corner is impressed with Archbishop Dolan:

I have long had a high opinion of the man who (since February 2009) has been the new Catholic archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan: I have read some of his writings, heard anecdotes about his joviality, and seen him occasionally on TV. But I wasn’t quite prepared for the splendid impression he makes in real life. Today, at the 10:15 Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, he radiated a genuinely folksy exuberance combined with theological candor that makes it clearer to me than ever that New York Catholics — and New Yorkers generally — are fortunate to have him in our civic life in this dark period for our politics and our economy. I stress the word “genuinely,” in “genuinely folksy,” because there are few things as dispiriting as watching someone try to be “folksy” because his campaign consultants/professors/church superiors/etc. have told him he has to be in order to get the job.
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