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Nella Cordelia: A Birth Story

Must read of the day. Beautiful.

This is probably the hardest thing I've ever had to write in my entire life. The hardest and yet the most beautiful. As I even just begin to type here, late, in the dark in my room alone with my girls sleeping next to me, their little faces barely visible from the glow of the the same candles that flickered in a very special room one week ago, my heart starts aching thinking of where I was at exactly this moment last week.

A week. How can it already have been a week? I've thought a million times what I'm going to write here and how I'm going to begin and what order I'll put it in and I think I've been so afraid to come back here...so afraid of not doing justice this very precious night...of leaving something out...of attaching simple words to an event that is so far from simple, it might just not be possible. But I need to get it out. I don't know how it's going to come or if it will make sense, but I'm just going to write. And when I get stuck, I will pick up this tiny blessed life beside me and hold her tight. I will breathe her in and remember...
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elm said...

Newsweek should pick this up and tell the world that the unexpected and un-"normal" can be the greatest gifts of all.

We live in a world where brides pick out their own gifts and parents know the gender before birth so there are no surprises or unwanted curves thrown at us.

How wonderful to learn to be happy and blessed with what God wants for us. To come up to the mark as human beings and take responsibility through love with the life we are given, and not try to live in fairyland where we have complete control.

Brendan said...

I admit that I, a 20-year old male, cried reading this. Thank you for posting it.

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