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McCain Skoolz Obama

Did Obama really think that his presence would make Republicans run scared. Well, it doesn't look like they are. In fact, John McCain practically dunked and posterized Obama by charging him with political corruption. The look on O's face was priceless. Check out Ace for details:

Pretty good moment. After mentioning the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback, McCain noted, to Obama's grimacing face, the deal with Phrma, in which Phrma agreed to cut costs $80 billion and run $150 million in ads supporting ObamaCare in exchange for an agreement to limit competition on prices in Medicare and opposition to drug re-importation from Canada.

Obama's answer? "We're not in campaign mode anymore."

He doesn't answer the charges. He just claims that to talk about how corrupt the process is would be unhelpful.
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Anonymous said...

Truth is we're in this mess today because McCain was in "country club mode" while Obama was in "campaign mode." McCain couldn't bring himself to talk about anything unpleasant to save the country, which is what happened.

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