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Lindsey Lohan vs. Jesus

Fr. James Martin writes a very funny post concerning Lindsey Lohan's latest publicity attempt. Read the whole thing. It's quite well done:

Lindsay Lohan, the actress-cum-fashionista, has posed provocatively on the cover of Purple, a French fashion magazine (to which--zut alors!--my subscription just ran out) as Jesus Christ. (H/T to David Gibson at Politics Daily.)

Sort of. Ms. Lohan is wearing a crown of thorns and holds her arms outstretched, in a cruciform pose. On the other hand, her white dress seems decidedly more Marian, appropriate for today's Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. (Doubtless the "stylist" Christopher Niquet had a liturgical calendar handy.) Not so Marian, though, is her decolletage, which descends to roughly her navel. Too bad that the editors of Purple couldn't have timed this cover closer to Lent since that's when it would have the most shock value, and offended the maximum number of...oh wait, Lent begins next week. I get it.
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